One year sessions with our birthday club members are so much fun because we have seen them 4 times at this point giving us a chance to watch them grow. Some of the kids come in and are walking like crazy while others are still crawling. We see some that are “talking” up a storm or perhaps only saying a few things. Catching up with mom and dad on the new milestones is an exciting way for us to add unique poses into the session. For instance, if they are standing but not walking we need to show that off for sure by having them hold on to a box or chair. If they have gotten a few teeth in we need to make sure to get a great close up of that smile! Caeden arrived with a grin on his face ready to go – we got some wonderful photos within the first few minutes. Lots more perfect photos during the session but he didn’t need any time to warm up to us when he arrived. The more we see our birthday club members the better because they get to know us. The especially remember the toys we have for them to play with while they are in the office! We got the update on Caeden at 1 year, he is doing an army crawl most of the time but quickly getting ready to walk. He likes to stand, always on the move around his furniture while slowly adventuring off of it with a few steps. He loves to clap his hands, smile and imitate mom’s silly noises. He is not a huge fan of changing clothes but we decided since we had some great photos in the first outfit that we should give it a shot to mix up the options. He needed a minute to chill after the change but got right back into giving us some smiles. Even a sweet profile of his little face without a smile is just perfect at this age! Caeden is going to keep mom and dad on their toes after he gets the hang of walking. Perhaps an outside session next time so we can walk with him – looking forward to seeing him again soon. #ravettaphotography #birthdayclub #stlphotographer #stlouis #studiosession

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