We loved doing fall sessions but book them fairly far in advance. Kim and Grant knew they wanted some fall colors in their engagement photos so they scheduled months out to be sure that they had a great fall day. They had decided that central park in Chesterfield was the perfect place for their engagement session because there was a particular bench there. They agree this is the bench they were sitting on when they realized their relationship was the real deal! We made sure to stop by the bench and grab a few photos. I thought that some candid images of them sitting having a conversation would perfectly mock up what actually happened during the realization that they wanted to be together forever. As lucky as they were with the weather, considering it didn’t rain, it was very windy that day so we did have to deal with some hair blowing and the chilly breeze. I have been to this park a couple times however they decided to meet me on the other side from where I normally meet clients therefore this is a whole new area to photograph which is always very exciting. A few weeks prior Kim and Grant took some time to go to the park and select some areas that they thought would be great for photos, other than the sentimental bench of course! The rocks, stream, lake, bridges and trees that were starting to turn bright fall colors were all a perfect backdrop for this wonderful Saturday morning engagement session. When I asked them if they have anything in particular in mind as far as poses they really didn’t think about that part, they just knew that they like the locations. That was perfect because it allowed me to take all types of photos for them – romantic, fun, traditional, and even some candid images of them walking in the water. I think they’re really going to love all these images and I look forward to working with them on their wedding next year. #ravettaphotography #stlohotographer #engagement session #fallohotos

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