Here we are again for another birthday club session with Christian. Outdoor sessions are great for those kids on the move. Mom knows her son very well, of course, as most mothers do. She thought that a session at the park with some horses in the background would give him something to look at. Christian is 100% on the move all the time. He has a mind of his own at two and there’s no fooling him when trying to take photos. We started off by taking a couple photos of the brothers together. Their new baby sister will arrive in just a few short weeks so these would be the last photos of just the brothers. However, every time we told big brother to scoot closer to Christian he would just move over. Christian likes his space and couldn’t be fooled by us trying to get him closer to his brother. We did get some photos of the boys watching the horses, as well as, some cute images of them leaning on the fence. Dad was willing to do whatever needed to get them to smile and it totally worked when we focused on Christian after the brother photos. He thinks dad is hilarious which was perfect for us to get the laughs and smiles. Because it was his birthday club session we did lots of photos of Christian, even though we were chasing him around a little bit with the wind blowing through his hair all of the silly things mom and dad did really got him cracking up. Sometimes when mom and dad see the images that we captured knowing all of the running around and silliness that went on during the session they are just ecstatic. Yet again, we got some wonderful photos during this birthday club session.

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