Birthday club session with great kids are wonderful! With everything going on we are trying to keep some distance between us and the clients when we are doing our sessions. When we have young children we often have an assistant to help with keeping them in place and doing silly things to make them laugh. However, right now since we are not getting as close as usual the assistant is their best to get those great smiles from behind the camera. Sometimes there are sessions that have no need for an assistant because the kids are ready to smile the moment they arrive. I knew when we set up this appointment that these boys have been so great the past few sessions they would have no trouble. This session was set up for Lucas who turned 6, but his little brother was all about being in the photos too! After some family images, even getting that mask photo to show our lives right now, the brother posed for a few together. They knew exactly what to do, listened to any directions they were given and smiled at the silly faces I made. And being able to play with the monkey we brought was fun for them too. This perfect behavior could be because they are birthday club members we have been taking photos of them since they were newborns. They know us, are comfortable with us and that helps us capture those real smiles as we interact with each other. Mom said there was a bit of bribing before the session, which all parents do, but whatever these boys were promised they deserved every bit of it. We will see them again soon when Charlie’s birthday comes up and we are looking forward to it! #birthdayclub #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #parkphotos #familyoutside

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