Many photographers have milestone sessions, we are no different, however we call ours the birthday club. When you join the birthday club with your first child you have no idea if you are going to want matching milestones with any other children. Our studio keeps your files on record for years. So if you expand your family and decide you want photos to match we have you covered. This works especially well if you do a studio session, because, of course we have no control over what happens and changes at the park. Mom called for this session and said that she wanted to match a few photos from her oldest’s session when he was the same age. We brought up the photos from that session so we were very prepared when they arrived. The kids have matching frames at home so we wanted to be sure to get the exact photo to put in that frame for the family. Since we had just recently done family photos mom decided to keep this session focused on the kids. We knew that big brother wasn’t going to last too long. But also he was so excited that he needed a bit of time to settle in before we started photos. Since baby girl had a couple outfits we started with her. She looked like a perfect little princess her lace and ruffle dress. She has such a sweet smile and bright eyes that she truly looked like a doll in her photos. Brother was ready to join for some photos with his sister. She patiently waited while he wiggled next to her. However, once we put her in his arms he was a wonderful big brother and held her perfectly. Of course these photos were not matching milestones, but perhaps we are creating new photos to match in the future. We will see you next time!     #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #indoorlocation #birthdayclub #studiosession #birthdayphotos #stlouis #milestones

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