Matthew is one and that’s so exciting. It’s not often we get to do a birthday session on a birthday club members actual birthday. When mom contacted us she was hoping we would have his birthday available to do an outdoor session. It worked out perfectly with the weather and time of day. We went early morning and it was wonderful outside. The lighting was amazing with some cloud cover keeping away any heat. Mom brought a few props to use which is a great way to make any session more unique. Matthew was ready to smile for some of mommy’s songs, sounds and smiles. Despite the fact that he is now walking he was willing to stay in the spot we put him. Well at least the first few spots, then he realized it was much more fun to play in the dirt and get away from the camera. A few photos with mom and dad not only kept Matthew still but only enhanced the smiles he was giving. He loved being sandwiched between his two favorite people. We even got a few candid images of him with mom laughing and then walking with dad. These small moments are going to be great memories for him as he gets older. Also a way for mom and dad to look back at how small Matthew is right now as we capture these seconds during his birthday club photo shoot. As we meet a few times during the first year it’s great to watch the personality come out at each of our sessions. This time Matthew laughed at our goofy sounds, and was having fun showing off his walking skills. He has only just started to walk but he will be a master very soon. The next session we will be chasing him around and having fun while we do so! See you in 6 months Matthew. #birthdayclub #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #oneyear #familyoutside

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