Kim was getting married and talked to some friends about their experience with a wedding photographer. We know that our couples love working with us so we were not surprised to hear that Kim got our name from someone we recently photographed. We even got to see them at the wedding! A short ceremony at a winery with about 80 guest is no reason to think a photographer is not needed. Sometimes we hear “it’s just a little event” or “family members can take some iphone photos” These words are not music to our ears, we hate to see any event go un-professionally covered. Kim and Dave had the right idea of hiring us, even for just a few hours. We have hourly packages perfect for these types of events. Upon our arrival everyone was also arriving with the decorations, the girls were ready to get dressed and the venue – Wild Sun Winery – was happy to accommodate anything the guests needed. Because we did a first look with all the photos before the ceremony I asked Kim the same thing I ask all the brides. Does she want to tap Dave on the shoulder for him to turn around and see her or does she want him to watch her walk over to him. Kim said that she wanted Dave to pick, he decided he wanted to watch her walk over to him. He knew that he wanted to take a moment to look at her with a giant smile coming toward him. This was not the first wedding for either of these two, but Kim stated in her vows – you may not be the first but you will be my last. These words were so wonderful to hear since this newly formed family of 6 seemed perfect together. Dave’s girls said a few words during the ceremony, it was a surprise to him, and it brought a tear to many eyes. These two look very happy together and I was honored to help celebrate with everyone. The photos are going to be something for them to have forever – but we do hope these are not the last family photos they take. We would enjoy working with them again to do more sometime in the future. Congratulations! 

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