Michelle and Steven met us at a bridal show. They were searching for vendors to help out with their day. After a brief meeting during the show they decided it was best to come into the office to talk in more detail. When they arrived they had all their parents with them. I knew this was going to be so much fun because of how close the families were. I found out that Steven’s mom is actually Michelle’s god mother. The moms have been friends for years! Prior to the wedding day if the couple has any special request photos I ask that they give them to me so that I can review everything. Michelle had a few things in mind that we were able to capture throughout the day. The most important thing she had in mind was photos in the snow! A January wedding can go many different directions – no snow, too much snow, or just the perfect amount of snow. The day started off very cold with a chance for sleet all day. Not exactly the best option but Michelle was still in great spirits as she got ready for the day. Steven even greeted us with a thumbs up as he waited for his turn to take some photos. The ceremony was beautiful but the most beautiful moment was when we were all packing up to leave and we looked out the window….GIANT SNOWFLAKES! Michelle literally jumped for joy. This wonderful snow had us heading to the park because our original plan was inside due to sleet. Snow is much better for outdoor photos. Everyone may have been a bit cold but we worked as quick as possible getting some amazing photos in the falling snow. So many photographers have to add a filter to photos to make it look like the photos we were getting in real life. It was such a magical moment for the couple as they kissed under a clear umbrella surrounded by snow. We are honored we captured these memories for you, congratulations! #ravettaphotography #weddingphotos #stcharles #frontierpark #winterwedding #snowflakes #happybrideandgroom

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