Missy and Tony worked with us earlier this year during their engagement session. While we were taking the photos at Forest Park we discussed everything going on with business closing and event capacities being lowered. Their wedding was set for November, with so many unknowns they were not certain of what the wedding day would look like. However they knew one thing – they were getting married on that day no matter what. As the wedding day approached I spoke with Missy and they did have to make a smaller guest list than originally expected. But she and Tony were still very excited about their upcoming wedding day. We made some plans to meet at the hotel to capture the getting ready images. When I arrived everyone was very relax just waiting for the next thing to do. The timing worked out perfectly with everything prior to my arrival so I just had everyone start getting dress while taking photos of the final touches. An evening ceremony in November doesn’t give us any light outdoors afterward so Missy and Tony decided on doing a first look. This way they could spend more time together during the day. Since indoor locations wanted guest to wear a mask it was best for us to do most photos outside. And amazingly we had perfect weather! After a sweet first look in front of the hotel we headed to the park for wedding party photos. A small wedding party of only 4 gave us the opportunity to get to know everyone a bit better. Tony and his best man are quite guys but really know how to give each other trouble and bring out the smiles. Missy and her maid of honor are very close which was easy to show in the photographs by how much they laughed and talked with each other. We could have taken photos all day in the various areas around the ceremony location. However we needed to get to the venue to meet the families. We actually ended up having some extra time before the ceremony which gave everyone a chance to relax. Also Missy and Tony got to spend some time talking with family members, something that brides and grooms often miss out on as they are quickly moving from one thing to the next on a busy wedding day. After an intimate ceremony we headed upstairs to greet some more guests at the reception. Yet again the guest list was cut down a bit, however this really gave Missy and Tony a chance to spend more quality time with each person at the reception. Weddings in 2020 look a bit different on the outside but honestly they are still the same – two wonderful people getting married surrounded by those that love them. We had a great time photographing this wedding and know they will love the photos. #ravettaphotography #weddingphotos #stlphotographer #winterwedding

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