Missy contacted us by email during the stay at home order. She was looking for a photographer that would fit for a wedding in November. Her email read “Your photos online are beautiful, are you available on our wedding date”. A statement like this makes us happy because to be honest at least 80% of choosing a photographer is their personality. Since we had been unable to meet with couples we had no way to show them how wonderfully we would fit as the photographer for their wedding. We are reliant on the photographs we show on our website and socials. In this case Missy found exactly what she was looking for and decided to contact us about package options. I really like to get a bit of information about the couple when they visit the office but in this case I asked some questions by email and then Missy and I had a great chat over the phone. She and Tony have been together about a year and a half, enjoy being outside and have a dog. They selected Old Stone Chapel in St. Charles for the ceremony and reception. We have been there many times which gave Missy some comfort when selecting us as the photographer. She mentioned she has never planned or had a wedding before so she wanted someone that knew what they were doing. That’s us!! We decided to quickly get an engagement session scheduled. Since they met in Forest Park and then went to the Zoo it was fun for us to get photos with a few of those elements. I notice with all couples when we start the session they are not exactly sure what to do, but as we move from pose to pose and location to location they start to relax and really show their true personalities. The morning was wonderful allowing us to get many different images that they will enjoy forever. Of course we session was enhanced by some great conversation about jobs, dogs, staying home alone as a child, the current state of grocery shopping and even a quiz on Ninja Turtles! We had such a great time that I’m really excited to see what type of conversations come up at the wedding. Congratulations to Missy and Tony for finding the perfect match for you and we will see you in a few months. #ravettaphotography #engagementsession #forestparkforever #springsession #inlove

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