Sometimes I wish we could all roll with it like this family. Mom is the favorite so we just roll with it during the session. The plan was to photograph an 18 month session in the park. Mom has some thoughts about flowers in a basket and reading the favority books. However, Luella had other plans. She didn’t care about her favorite books, she just wanted her favorite person – mom. We know it is hard for little ones to sit without mom sometimes. We started of slow by having them play together while mom inched away a bit. She was never able to get too far! Lucky mom knew this might be an issue so she dressed ready to be in photos if needed. This is the personality we want to capture right now, all mom all the time. Most of the session turned into a mom and me session. These photos were quite perfect! Then after Luella warmed up a bit more she was willing to play with her brother for a few photos. These dancing and playing photos are very cute! We had to do a bit of zooming and cropping to get a photo of her by herself. However, what we did get was wonderful because she had a big smile on her face. Of course she did because she was still touching mom. We even tried handing off to dad while mom hid around the corner. All the little tricks we had Luella wasn’t buying what we were selling. This isn’t the first session where mom couldn’t leave and it won’t be the last. We are just grateful that when mom is the favorite everyone is willing to just roll with it. Truely these photos will be cherished because mom is often behind the camera, they will be enjoyed forever. #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #birthdayclub #queenypark #momandme #photoswithmom #babygirl #outdoorphotos #outdoorsession #photographyoutdoors  

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