One of our birthday club members was getting a new baby sister! During her two-year session a couple months ago we talked about baby sister. She was going to be a good big sister. We know this because ever since we have met her she has wanted to share with us. She is always handing us items she finds in the park, or after we let her play with our toys she gives them right back. Some kids take off running with those toys. We knew even though she didn’t quite understand what was happening she would be a great big sister. When mom knew the date she would be coming home from the hospital. She set up an appointment for us to come to the house for the first session in the birthday club package. The newborn session is always fun because even though the entire family is tired and trying to get used to a new normal, they are all overjoyed with happiness as the family grows. This was the first time we had been to the house. Just as we suspected big sister wanted to share everything. We had a bit of a challenge getting her to sit with her new baby sister at first, but after some playtime and “jumping” off the steps she was ready to sit. When we handed her new baby sister to her she just calmly sat and looked at the camera. It was probably some of the best holding we have ever seen from a new big sister! She did such a great job. Then as we worked to get photos of the baby alone, big sister wanted to help. She held up the backgrounds, gave us blankets and bows and watched as we took care of her new baby sister. She wanted to be sure we were doing everything correctly! We are so excited to have another member in our birthday club. These next months will fly by until the 4 month session. The kids grow so fast in a such a short time. We are looking forward to the journey with these girls!   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #newbornphotographer #stlnewborn #newbornphotos #inhomenewbornsession #babysister #newbornbabygirl #girlnewbornphotography #photosofnewborngirl

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