A newborn session is always fun because we like to spend time with mom and dad, as well as, work with such small little clients. When older siblings are involved it can be a bit more challenging. We work with the comfort level of our clients if they want to come into our studio for the session or if they prefer we come to their homes. There are benefits both ways! By coming to the studio they don’t have to put anything together but themselves and just show up. We have all the wraps, colors, pillows and anything we need for the session. We do suggest a treat or toy for the older sibling when they are done with photos. On the other side when we come to the house we do use what is available to us there. Of course we bring a few wraps and things but not nearly what we have at the office. But by coming to the home when older siblings are done they can play in their own environment and feel comfortable. Sometimes these kids are super comfortable with us! That was definitely the case during this session, from them moment we walked in the door Gigi wanted to give a tour of the house and play games. We had a job to do so made a deal that when the photos were done we could look around. As with all of our newborn sessions we try to start off with family or sibling poses so then they could be done to just relax while we work with baby. Gigi started to get super silly with the photos, but when we asked her to lay down and hold baby sister she did just a perfect job! We got great family photos too which is what was important to mom. We did talk about how when you have the second child some photo poses like family, siblings together, mom and baby, dad and baby, are all added to the list of must haves. This leaves a bit less time to do solo newborn photos. In this case we were able to get a great mix of everything, as long as baby Stella was wrapped. She preferred to be all snuggled up for her individual shots. At the end we decided to give it one more try without a wrap and actually got one of my favorite images! We look forward to working with these great girls again. #newbornsession #ravettaphotography #stlouisphotographer #inhomesession  

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