Oh James, you have grown so much. You surely know exactly what you want and keep everyone around you on the chase…literally! From the moment this wonderful 2 year old stepped out of the car he wanted to run, walking wouldn’t cut it, running only for this guy. Mom thought ahead and brought some favorite items that we could use in photos if needed. Sometimes a running little boy is a challenge but James was also a very curious guy so when we talked about touching the bumpy tree, or sitting quietly to look for a robin’s nest James easily complied. Of course these still moments were quick but that is really all we need to get a great smile, not to mention the help from mom and grandma with some songs and peek-a-boo fun. I enjoyed talking with James about his favorite animals while he also showed off his best cheesy smile. That grin just lit up my day! Yes we have clients that come in only once or twice but our birthday club members are just a joy because we get to watch them grow each time we see them. The personality on this very mobile 2 year old is amazing. He is not a fan of climbing trees or sitting in the grass but he enjoys being outside looking for animals in nature. Or pretending to be one! A small field of grass was a perfect spot for a photo and since we had totally worn out our smile welcome with James I thought we would have a bit of fun. He likes dinosaurs so asked for his biggest roar and stomping through “the forest”. He loved every minute of it and I know this roar face is something mom and dad see often. The next time we see you James you are going to be so much more grown up, but don’t grow up too fast because we like to take some time and just be kids with the little ones, get down on their level and have some fun! #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #parksession #outdoor #birthdayclub #locationphotos

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