Have you ever wanted your photographer to come to your house? We can do that for you! Getting ready is so stressful that when we come to your house it takes a bit of the pressure off of naps, traveling, snacks, etc. We are able to work outside your home using the landscaping or walls. It’s also possible for us to be indoors if you prefer, photo in the living room or kids bedroom with their favorite toys. We arrived at a birthday club member’s home to take one year photos of Christian. It was a very warm day so we knew that we would have to work fast. From the moment everyone came outside they started getting very warm, luckily the spots picked were in the shade. Mom had already picked out a few favorite places in the yard to do the photos. They were beautiful areas and worked great. A simple white brick wall really makes the subject pop in the photos. And of course greenery and trees always looks wonderful in the photos. The evening rain made the grass all wet but a large fan not only helped dry the grass but added a much needed breeze to cool everyone off. The session was mainly for 1 year photo but big brother was ready to go and smiled so we had to do a photo of him looking so cute. Parents usually have an idea of what they want but sometimes it just doesn’t go according to plan. Kids skip naps, need extra snacks, want to play or are really just not in the mood. Being at home does give the opportunity to relax in a familiar area until the kids are ready for photos. Honestly we are able to get a few photos out of any children. It just takes a bit more effort, no problem! Christian settled down and we got some sweet faces of him against the white brick. He really wanted to be held for the family photos but that was alright. I think that after all the chaos this birthday club family will be very happy. #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #birthdayclub #athome #1yearsession

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