You want to remember everything about this moment – the silly faces, the tiny features, the curiosity, the innocence. While we can’t help you keep them little forever, we can capture your child’s unique self, as it is right now, by showcasing their individual personality. We are now offering Personality Collection – simple, black & white images, in their purest form – for all ages! Mom contacted us because she saw we started offering these special sessions. She is familiar with our work since she went to a high school that we photograph. When they arrived for the session we saw that her daughter was very attached to dad. These sessions are set up for exactly these situations. We only use one background and no props, this gives us plenty of time to just sit and play. There is no rush to move to the next scene or use up time to change our lighting. It definitely took a bit for her to warm up. But after some songs, toys and dad throwing her in the air, she was ready to show us the smiles. However, smiles are not what this session is all about. We also want to capture the sweet profile, pout faces, silly faces, big eyes and detailed eye lashes, or round cheeks! There are so many other features to capture during this session other than smiles. We love getting to know all the details of a child’s personality. We ended up with great images and hope to work with her again. Maybe next time she will remember us, which will make her session a breeze. With two different packages to choose from, each personality collection includes 6 digital images & a custom 10×10 or 11×14 print. You have the option to add-on more or upgrade the print size for an additional fee. For more information, give us a call, or send us a message! #personality #photocollection #kidswillbekids #staylittle #YOU #stlouis #ravettaphotography

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