We have been working with this family since the children were very, very, young. They do annual photos typically some sort of theme. One we remember from years ago was the Wizard of Oz. We did the photos in the park and it was so much fun with each family member dressed up as a character. All of the children have gotten older some are out of school while others are still in college, but this annual tradition is really wonderful. They continue getting together to make these photos happen is just very special. Sometimes it is a simple type of a theme, like a sports jersey or it can get a little more elaborate like steampunk or this year the day of the dead theme. The family started the process of getting ready about 8:45 in the morning doing hair and getting the Day of the dead makeup painted on their face. That is commitment!  Everyone always arrives to the studio prepared with costumes props and even make sure to include something for their dog to wear that is in line with the theme. These photos have  decorated their Christmas card each year and I will bet when people open them they are excited to see what theme was chosen this year. We sometimes try to get the photos taken outside but since the best time of year tends to be around Thanksgiving, when all the kids are in town from school, it is chilly outside so we work with the background options we have in our studio. We know that the costumes and props will really bring any background choice to life. We thank them for continually contacting us each year so that we can create these memories for their family. We will see you next year and we can’t wait to hear what the theme is.

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