Mini sessions are the best way to grab a couple photos of your family. When you have older kids who will following directions and do everything just right why not grab a mini session to capture the family each year! The last time this family had a photo together was actually a few years ago on a vacation in Florida. They were really great photos and since we knew them it was great to see how happy they were with the way they turned out. But of course we want to be the one to capture these memories for them, so when we got a request to do a family photo neighborhood location we were very excited! As we were confirming the session mom had mentioned that she really liked those porch pictures that everyone was doing back when things were shut down but really never had a chance to do that. She wanted to know if it was possible to do a couple pictures on the porch and then head the few blocks down to do photos in the nearby Piazza on The Hill. Of course, we’re always willing to accommodate whatever our clients are wanting to accomplish in their session. Especially when we know that the children are going to completely cooperate and have a great time. Taking a few photos at home also allowed us to add the new family dog to the photos and grab a quick photo with their masks. The families that are embracing the humor behind distance photos, taking images with a mask and just laughing throughout these times are really going to charities photos. The stories they will have when they look back on these images are just priceless. Thank you for allowing us to capture these moments! We will see you around the neighborhood. #family #porchphotos #ravettaphotography #stlphotos

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