It would be wonderful if we could perfectly predict the weather in advance. However, not even the weatherman can do that! So sometimes we have to take the photos rain or shine. We set up appointments and try to be as flexible as possible. The week of this session we really had no clear expectation for the weather. It was raining then it wasn’t, so we decided to make the call about an hour before the session. Yep, we can sometimes cut it that close depending on our schedule. We decided to go for it and me at the park because it looked like the rain was going to hold off. Well as soon as we started taking photos the rain came pouring down. Luckily there was a gazebo for us to hide under. We actually got a few cute photos under there as we waited. The rain lasted about 15 minutes and then we were off. At a three year session we just go with the flow. These sessions are often best outside because it allows us more flexibility to play than to pose in the studio. That is exactly what we needed during this session! Not only did we basically walk the whole park but we climbed on almost everything while we were there. Rain or shine wasn’t going to stop him from having fun. These photos are just adorable because they show his exact personality. From a couple photos with a giant smile to others with a death stare, we got all the expressions in between. Our favorites are the ones where he is running to play with his car and jumping in the water. He didn’t expect us to say he could do that so he was extremely excited. He was already a bit wet from the rain, and muddy from the grass so whatever, let’s just play. Thanks for having fun with us in the park and we will see you next time. You better bring all those great expressions again, rain or shine!   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #outdoorsession #parkphotos #havingfun #thisisthree

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