Not only are we here to capture your family memories we can also create a professional headshot for your accomplishments. Nancy contacted us to update her previous photo from the last time she wrote a book, Rekindled Love. Yep, she wrote a couple of book! We were honored to have the opportunity to photograph the author. The photo is on the back cover of all the books. Nancy also wanted to include a few older photos on the pages. She brought us the original copies and we were able to get them into a digital format. These photos really add another great element to the pages. Even if you didn’t write a book we can help you get those memories into the computer. How exciting it would be to share with the rest of the family. Here is a synopsis of the book. We are excited to read it! A hopeless romantic returns to his country roots; his love has moved on to the big city. Accepting that their relationship would never be restored, he resolves to make a life for himself in the green pastures of Perryville, Missouri. Years pass with a happy marriage, six children, a partner in a family business, and life on the farm until his wife of 62 years passes away. Grieving the loss, he finds solace in a kind letter whose author proves more familiar than he thought. When he realizes his new pen pal is none other than the love of his youth, his heart ignites with the possibility of love restored. But the years and miles between them are stubborn and don’t yield so easily to the renewed desire for a relationship. Will Leon and Ethel find the spark to rekindle the love they once had? This true story combines the best elements of romance, historical fiction, and a human tale of reconciliation. Buy Rekindled Love. It’s never too late to find your happily ever after. If you want to purchase this book here is the link Order on Amazon   #ravettaphotography #professionalphotos #restoration

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