When we donate a gift certificate to an auction we never know who will end up the lucky winner. This gift certificate was for a park session, but we changed it to a session at home. The weather was going to be questionable and to load up two kids to get to the park only to realize it is raining would not be ideal. There was no problem for us to adjust the session to accommodate our new clients. We were very excited to capture all the combinations this family wanted. We started off with some family photos because we wanted to be sure the kids were comfortable with us first. It’s always a great idea to do that because then they can sit with mom and dad while they get to know our style. We often joke, play and have fun with the kids. So it’s best for them to see that before mom and dad step out of the picture. There was no problem getting big sister to smile. She even picked a few spots that she wanted her photos. She posed, smiled and then helped with little brother. There were plenty of things that she wanted to show us around the house. Mom and dad are very lucky to have such a great little helper. After photos of the family and her we focused on little brother. This was the first time dad was able to get a smile in a photo from his little man, we were there to capture it! The family had taken a couple of newborn photos but this was the first photo session since then. We captured so many different things, including a few photos with the family dog. We hope they were happy with everything included in the session at home. It would be a pleasure and make us very happy to work with them again.   #ravettaphotography #familysession #stlphotographer #locationsession #sessioninhome

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