How often do you have photos taken? A few times a year, once a year or has it been more than a year since your last family photo? Why would you wait that long to capture those smiling faces? We know schedules can be difficult but squeezing in a mini-session is all you need to do. After a few emails back and forth we were able to find the perfect time for this family to take photos. It was only a few days before the session but the timing was great between other sessions at the park. They asked if they could bring their pet, of course we allow pets! It’s encouraged to bring them along to be in the photos. Pets are family members! They are not just part of your day to day life, they are sometimes the best company for you and the kids. Therefore they deserve a space in your family albums. If you’re thinking to bring your pet to your photo session, here are few things to consider. Location options could include a local park or your home. Being outdoors or in a familiar place relaxes most pets more than being in our office. Don’t forget the leash and treats help keep them interested. Lastly, we encourage a few photos of the family without pets. This means we would have pets wait near a bench or tree. Perhaps a toy to entertain them while they wait. These ideas work well for kids too – minus the leash of course! If your pet is not a dog that can go outdoors then let’s talk about the studio options for your family. When a family has older children bringing the pet along gives them a job during the session because they are usually posed close together so the children help wrangle the pets in the photos. Kid love to show off how well pets listen to them, it’s probably likely that they are best buddies. If you have any other questions about bringing a pet to your session feel free to reach out. #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #familysession #photoswithpets #familyphotoswithpet

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