Moms of three have their hands full but we are happy to create a session of siblings having fun together. When mom can get three kids ready for photos and out the door on time we step up to the plate. We get as many photos as we can during the session. The goal of this session was photos of the kids individually and then all of them together. We actually started by taking some first communion photos of the oldest because the quick photos done on the actual day were not suitable for the wall. We were happy to create more wall worthy art for the family. Once we completed those in the church we headed outside. The day we selected actually turned out to be quite nice. It was a breezy July morning which greatly helped the attitudes of all children because they were not hot the whole time. Of course we also tried to find as much shade as possible. Photography of the siblings together was fun because we could see how they interact together. We were able to get some perfect smile photos. Then we had to have some fun by jumping around for some photos as well. During the individual photos that gives us a moment to get to know each child. The oldest was doing a great job of keeping up the smiles even though he had been in tons of photos at this point. We were able to talk about Minecraft and underwear to keep the laughs. Middle man is full of personality, he was all wiggles during his photos and quick to say this was going to wear him out for the day. We kept cracking up at the things he would say between photos! Little princess was all about it! She wanted to pose herself, pick some locations and also help her brothers get the perfect photos by fixing hair. Such a joy to work with this crew and we know we will get to see them again!       #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #summerphotography #siblingphotography #locationphotos #kimswickmo

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