Of course we were not gone all of spring, we were just busy with silly spring sessions. We only say silly because we must be crazy to bring in animals to take photos with children. Isn’t there a rule that children and animals are the hardest to photography – we are always up for the challenge. It’s a fun change in pace after the lull of winter when clients don’t want to get out for photos. The holidays are crazy so we often don’t see many sessions the first month of the year. After Valentine’s day we are ready to start gearing up for those silly spring sessions. This is an annual tradition that has been taking place for over 30 years. We are now photographing the children of those children that came in years ago to take photos with the baby animals. Each year we either host bunnies, ducks or lambs. This year was actually a year for lambs in the rotation but due to when they were born we were not sure it was going to line up correct to get those babies. We were however to get dwarf goats, they were equally as fun. The kids and families enjoyed meeting them and having time to play. They are very playful animals, jumping from prop to prop kept us on the move. They did enjoy nibbling on those pretty dresses so we made sure they had plenty of other options like flowers and hay. We will continue this tradition as long as we are able to get those baby animals. Next year will be ducks and those are the easiest to get, but they do grow fast so it will be only a few weekends of photos. Be sure to watch out early next year for our announcement on the silly spring session dates. #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #springsessions

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