Sirena and George met one night while she was out with the girls. George didn’t want to go out that night. However, he was glad he did, it was the night he met Sirena. They took their evening far into the night, they didn’t want to say goodbye. He knew that Sirena was his siren of the sea, and they were meant to be together.

A couple of close girlfriends rounded out the wedding party for Sirena. While, George had his two sons stand beside him. Everyone in the wedding party was happy to be there supporting Sirena and George. In this rare occasion the photographer rode with the bride as she drove around St. Louis to take photos. Yes, the bride was driving! There were lots of places where they wanted to take photos around St. Louis. It was easier to drive cars than to navigate a bus downtown. Everyone said Sirena was the best driver and not the best passenger. It only made sense for her to drive! The photographer got to hear all the stories from the girl’s relationship over many years. These three are true friends. While, the boys probably had a great time in their car. Spending some time with their dad was important to them before he got married.

The wedding party finished the photos then went to the ceremony location. Sirena and George knew they wanted to just relax. They didn’t want to think about anything else but the fact they would shortly be husband and wife. They already had hundreds of fun photos around St. Louis along with some family photos. The ceremony is what they had left for the day. Oh yeah, and the party, that was important too. They rented out a whole restaurant for the event because they wanted to let loose after the ceremony. An intimate ceremony with only close friends and family was exactly what they wanted. During the ceremony they shed a few tears, combined the sand, and exchanged rings.  We know these two will have a lifetime of happily ever after with Sirena as George’s siren of the sea. Thanks for letting us share in your moments.

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