This adorable little family has had us take many pictures for them over the past few years. We started off with a maternity session before their first arrived, some spring sessions with animals, family photos – you name it. They’ve always called us! We know them so well that when I got out of the car little Gigi ran up to me to give a big hug. She said she was ready for photos and time to play. She’s just the sweetest! Gigi smiled the entire session, maybe not into photos the whole time but that didn’t deter her from smiling running and playing in the leaves. Actually that gave us some really great shots of the fall color and her excitement to be outdoors. This session was actually to document a little sister that’s arriving shortly. The whole family is excited to welcome her! It was such a windy day that we did have to find some areas to take photos that blocked the wind keeping mom and Gigi’s hair from flying around. Also they had joked that each family member was almost dressed for a different season. When they woke up it was chilly, they thought to go long sleeves and pants but it warmed up later in the day so mom put on a sleeveless dress. However we were totally able to make it all work in the photos. These images look just perfect! We know when baby sister arrives will get a chance to photograph them again. We are greatly looking forward to this session because Gigiis going to be a perfect big sister. Mom and dad will be so happy to introduce us to a new member of this wonderful family. See you guys soon! #maternityphotos #ravettaphotography #family #fallphotos

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