Birthday club members are fun for us because we get to see the children grow. At times parents are looking for something a bit different to do during the sessions. We have done themed milestone sessions, sometimes we are inside and sometimes we are outside to make each visit unique. When you are doing 6 sessions during the first 2 years trying something new helps the parents, children and us enjoy each time we meet. When we scheduled this cutie’s 8 month session and mom wanted to bring along grandma and great grandma. Wow, a four generation photo! This was such a great idea and we were excited to capture it. It is not often that a family has four generations making these sessions even more important and memorable. An outdoor session in July is always questionable because of the heat, however this particular morning there was a nice breeze in the shade giving us a bit of relief. We wanted to start with all the ladies together and quickly got some great images of each generation with the baby as well as a group of all of them together. I know this family is really going to cherish these photos for many years! Of course we needed to take a few photos of the big girl all by herself. She did a perfect job of showing off her standing skills as well as her amazing smile. She is definitely a mommy’s girl because the biggest grins came when she was looking at mom or laughing at mom. With two brothers at home this girl was ready to show off her fancy side with some big bows and ruffle dresses, she had no problem with a few clothing changes. We are looking forward to her fun 1 year session when we’re sure she will be walking and keeping us on our toes following her around! See you soon. #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #birthdayclub #outdoor #parkphotos

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