We know what to expect during a fun summer wedding and this wedding was no exception. First we start off with the questionable weather. Will it rain, will it be hot, what about a breeze? We got all of those things! The day started with a bit of rain, got pretty hot but then a nice breeze came in during the reception. The second thing we can expect is a fabulous couple ready for anything. We definitely got that in Andrea and Tim. These two were wonderful to work with during the engagement session that we have anxiously been awaiting the wedding day. We arrived at the venue and because everything was taking place in one location we were easily able to go between the girls and the boys getting ready. The energy in each room was very different, but equally as fun. The girls were chatting and enjoying the morning while the boys were in the game room tackling pinball and the pool table. We wanted to get as many photos as possible prior to the wedding to save time later. Andrea and Tim didn’t want to see each other so to save time we did all the photos separately prior to the wedding. This freed up time to focus on the two of them after the ceremony. Despite the heat everyone enjoyed the day and worked with us to get those special moments for Andrea and Tim. They have many photos to review, hopefully that can focus on those and forget the heat from the day. The last thing we can expect from a fun summer wedding is a couple surrounded by love from friends and family.  In addition to the wedding ceremony they also joined together as a family with their two girls. These precious girls we almost the stars of the show because they were so excited for the whole event. They were ready to go from the start and wanted to keep going right until the end of the reception. The reception was filled with people there to celebrate Andrea and Tim. A great moment at the end of the night is when everyone circled around them as they danced one last time on their wedding day. A beautiful summer wedding filled with extraordinary moments! Thank you for letting us capture all of them.   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #weddingphotography #summerwedding #weddingphotos #outdoorwedding #creatingmemories #theysaidyes

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