New Baby Sister

One of our birthday club members was getting a new baby sister! During her two-year session a couple months ago we talked about baby sister. She was going to be a good big sister. We know this because ever since we have met her she has wanted to share with us. She is always handing us items she finds in the park, or after we let her play with our toys she gives them right back. Some kids take off running with those toys. We knew even though she didn’t quite understand what was happening she would be a great big sister. When mom knew the date she would be coming home from the hospital. She set up an appointment for us to come to the house for the first session in the birthday club package. The newborn session is always fun because even though the entire family is tired and trying to get used to a new normal, they are all overjoyed with happiness as the family grows. This was the first time we had been to the house. Just as we suspected big sister wanted to share everything. We had a bit of a challenge getting her to sit with her new baby sister at first, but after some playtime and “jumping” off the steps she was ready to sit. When we handed her new baby sister to her she just calmly sat and looked at the camera. It was probably some of the best holding we have ever seen from a new big sister! She did such a great job. Then as we worked to get photos of the baby alone, big sister wanted to help. She held up the backgrounds, gave us blankets and bows and watched as we took care of her new baby sister. She wanted to be sure we were doing everything correctly! We are so excited to have another member in our birthday club. These next months will fly by until the 4 month session. The kids grow so fast in a such a short time. We are looking forward to the journey with these girls!   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #newbornphotographer #stlnewborn #newbornphotos #inhomenewbornsession #babysister #newbornbabygirl #girlnewbornphotography #photosofnewborngirl

Twice the fun

What is better than twice the fun? We can’t think of anything more exciting than kids with birthdays about a month apart. Of course, this is going to be challenging for mom and dad as they grow but perfect for those birthday club sessions. Baby sister arrived about 6 weeks before Matthew turned 3. When she arrived mom called to set up her first birthday club session in studio. She knew she wanted some family photos but at the same time wanted the first session to be all about her. Matthew sat this one out because mom and dad only brought baby girl into the studio. We started off the session with a few photos of mom and baby, dad and baby and then just a quick photo of the three of them. Knowingly, we don’t want to leave big brother out and were expecting to take photos with him during his birthday club session. Baby girl was a perfect angel the entire session. She slept, smiled and let us change her from wrap to wrap with ease. Mom did have a bit of vitamin D drops on hand to hold her over between feedings. Such a great trick if you want to stay on a feeding schedule. As always mom and dad were surprised by the number of images that we were able to get of baby girl. We were looking forward to seeing her again shortly. Only a few weeks later it was time for Matthew’ 3 year session. Since the family has a bit of a flexible schedule right now they were able to throw everything together on one of these warm December days. When they arrive mom handed us some spot remover because baby girl made a mess on one of our blanket. Oh my, she is too funny and just the sweetest! It was an easy wash but we appreciate the gesture. It was an unusually warm day, so we took full advantage. We walked around the park capturing smile after smile of Matthew. He was having so much fun playing with us. We added in those family photos now that everyone was together, even managed some sibling photos. We love when mom brings in those toys that the kids enjoy because it creates a photo that shows exactly how they were at this age. Matthew loves cars so we made a giant 3 and he had so much fun. Two birthday club members are twice the fun and we are excited to create unique memories for this perfect family. #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #newbornphotos #familyphotos #babygirl #parksession #photographynewborn #photographernewborn #newbaby #growingfamily  #birthdayclub #warmindecember

Welcome Home

Ravetta photography would like to welcome home our newest birthday club member, Lucas. We are not only welcoming him to the studio family but also to the Ravetta family. It might take a bit to figure out his exact relation. But we can make it easy by saying related by marriage, but feels like closer family than that. We grew up with dad going to family parties and being the kids ourselves. Now everyone is married with families of their own. It is rare that we get together anymore but we are looking forward to seeing catching up more now that Lucas is part of the birthday club. The first session can be in your home if that is easier than traveling to us. We are happy to gather up our props and wraps to come to your house. When Lucas arrived mom and dad the family gave mom and dad a birthday club membership. What a great gift! As soon as they knew they were part of the club they called to set up the first appointment. Lucas was only a couple weeks old, which is perfect for newborn photos. They are very cooperative when they are sleeping most of the session. Those are the types of photos mom and dad see online, so an early appointment is always a good idea. When we arrived at the house we were able to find a nice area in the nursery to work. Lucas was ready to go in the outfits mom had picked out. The best part was the giant hat that went along with his Christmas Vacation jammies. He looked great! After a few outfit changes we decided a few simple wraps would round out the session. Lucas of course needed a break to eat, no problem at all. This gave us time to chat with mom and dad about so many things. It is relaxing to be able to talk about family and catch up when you haven’t seen someone in a while. Lucas finished is session strong with tons of photos in the wraps. We are really looking forward to his next session. Welcome home and welcome to the family! #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #newbornphotos #newborninhome #babyboy #sessioninhome #photographynewborn #photographernewborn #newbaby #growingfamily

Fast paced lives, make time for photos

We know sometimes the days seem long but even though we are living fast paced lives, make time for photos. It can be hard to find a time to get everyone together between school and extra activities. As our birthday club members get older the sessions are easier. Putting it together at home with the outfits, timing and maybe a bit of bribing might be the harder part. We were able to squeeze this session in on a perfect fall day. It is always a gamble with the weather and the leaves but they got a perfect weekend. The park was covered with colorful trees and even some leaves on the ground to play in. This family took a moment from their fast paced lives to make time for photos. When we met in the park the kids seems a bit sleepy. I guess we disturbed their normal weekend relaxing. Who are we kidding, these kids are up and going to all sorts of games on the weekends. Perhaps photos are boring to them and put them to sleep. Either way we woke them up with some silly stuff and got going on the session. We had to pack in lots of different things since all three kids are in the birthday club. The plan was to get individual photos, family photos and also the siblings together. We did all those photos with some silly stuff mixed in. Photos with mom and the kids and dad with the kids even made the list since they were doing so well. They had so many photos this time, the sessions are getting easier as the kids get older. They almost pose themselves sometimes, or at least they think they do which makes some great personality photos of the kids. We enjoy working with them each time we meet and look forward to many more birthday club sessions. Of course, we will get them squeezed into the schedule because even though we are fast paces, we need to make time for photos.     #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #birthdayclub #fallphotos #outdoorsession #familyphotos #famiysessionoutside #havingfun #onthemove

Just keeps moving

We are so lucky to have clients like these. Even though they have a 2 year old that just keeps moving they are on top of everything. They live a bit farther from our studio so we planned to meet about half way for this birthday club session. Mom was looking for some fall color and sadly the park she wanted wasn’t allowing photographers the day of the session. However, she found one lone colorful tree at another park. It actually turned out perfectly because there was plenty of room to roam. This little guy is 2 and he just keeps moving! We needed the room to run, entertain and chase him during the session. Mom and dad thought we were not going to get any photos. They were surprised by the number of great images we were able to get during the session. We often have to let people know that it can be frustrating when your 2 year old is not listening, but we want them to have fun. There is a group of people that think indoor photos are better because the kids are contained. However, that means they must stay in the exact area of the studio lighting. Placing a 2  year old back in the same spot over and over can get frustrating for them. When we can go outside for a birthday club session we love it. We can let them roam a bit more and that helps them have more fun with us. We would like for each session with our studio to be fun for the kids. They should enjoy seeing us and want to “play” while we take photos. This way they trust us and truly act themselves, giving us the opportunity to capture the perfect smile. Now this little guy was giving us a few smiles while we played together but the big belly laughs didn’t come until mom got out his favorite video. We think she timed it perfectly, because if you give the video too soon then they don’t want to do anything else. They have so many wonderful fall images that they will cherish forever. We are very excited for the next session!   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #birthdayclub #fallphotos #outdoorsession #familyphotos #thisistwo #havingfun #onthemove

Best friends for life

These sisters are best friends for life and it shows. They love spending time together and laughed the whole session. We met this wonderful trio during a newborn session a couple years ago. Mom found us online and wanted to capture the newest addition along with big sister. These girls are a bit farther apart in age than some sisters, 6 years to be exact. However, that doesn’t matter to them. After that first session we knew these girls were going to be best friends. We have done a few more sessions since that first one but it has been a bit since we saw them. We were shocked to see how much they have grown. Big sister is still just as helpful as she was when she got “her baby” a couple years ago. We knew mom wanted a few photos of the girl together but mainly this was a 2 year session. Luckily mom purchased a digital package because she would never be able to narrow down all the images of her girls. It was just smile after smile from little one! She loved what her big sister did to make her laugh. She even tried to copy a few things, I’m sure she does that often. Big sister is someone to look up to, and she surely does. Despite the 6 year age gap these girls are best friends for life. Sometimes your parents force you to be friends with your siblings. They say you have to be friends because you are family. Well, these girls don’t need to be forced at all, they adore each other. The session couldn’t have been easier, we love working with these girls. Mom and her daughters are just wonderful people inside and out. We hope to continue our relationship with them as they grow.     #ravettaphotography #siblingphotos #stlphotographer #fallphotos #towergrovepark #thegirls #photosinthepark #sisters

Let’s take a walk together

We often go to parks or those typical locations for session. We love when it switches up a bit and let’s take a walk together. When you drive around your neighborhood do you see a nice wall, brick steps, maybe even some interesting landscaping. All of these things create beautiful and unique photos. We can meet near your home or perhaps there is a neighborhood you enjoy visiting. We walk around together and find areas to take photos. Of course, we are not up on porches or trespassing in anyway. Just using the surroundings to create the perfect photo. When you are part of our birthday club we have probably been all over the city. Let’s get out and go for a walk around your neighborhood. This is exactly what we decided to do for this birthday club session. It was decided to take a walk around favorite neighborhood, The Hill. We have been photographing on The Hill for over 40 years, there is always a new place that is interesting. The stone walls and cozy benches are perfect, not to mention the new Piazza has that wonderful water fountain. Since we were doing a bit more walking at this session we had lots of time to talk. We talked about the start of school, what fun travels happened over the summer and we couldn’t forget to talk about video games. All the boys love talking about video games, good thing we know a thing or two. However, they are always happy to teach us more. The weather was warm but not too bad in the shade. We could see that the smiles were getting a bit fake after a few blocks in our walk so we broke out some jokes to get him laughing. We have know him since he was a baby since he is part of our birthday club. There is one more session left in the club, but we know that we will still get a chance to see him. Perhaps around the neighborhood because it is one of our favorite places to go.   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #thehill #birthdayclub #outdoorsession #summerphotos #photosintheneighborhood #letstakeawalk

One year birthday club session

It’s hard to decide which sessions are our favorites during the birthday club. One year birthday club sessions are very exciting. But do we like them more than the newborn session? What about the 2 other sessions in between? There is also the other 13 sessions after one year! The one year birthday club session is definitely up there with our favorite sessions. The kids definitely start to show lots of personality. The session began with some family photos. We knew that we were going to do a smash cake at the end so we wanted to be sure to get all the other photos done first. The family photos went very smoothly, giving them lots to pick from when making selections. We were hoping to get some photos of the brothers but big brother was on the move. He is very fast and since little brother hasn’t quite caught up yet we only got a few of those. No big deal since this session was the one year birthday session and that was the focus anyway. Our big one year old smiled and laughed during all his photos. He even bounced right back after a tumble in the weeds. It was like it didn’t even happen! He is so easy going just like mom and dad. We moved around the park a bit getting different scenery options. He isn’t walking just yet, maybe a step or two. This actually helped because he was fully entertained by use being silly after we gave him a spot to sit or stand. The last thing was the smash cake, or cupcakes. He was definitely more interested in the cake tray than the cupcakes. Big brother wanted to join in this one year birthday club session so we were able to capture a few of them sharing cupcakes – super cute! Even though we didn’t have a smash we still captured this one year session. The kids grow so fast so having these photos will be a great memory. See you in 6 months!     #ravettaphotography #birthdayclub #stlphotographer #portraitphotographer #oneyearsession #oneyearsmashcake #smashcakephotos #happybirthday #outdoorsession

Summer sessions in the park

We have such a fun time during our summer sessions in the park. We know that it is hot and the kids are going to be a mess quickly. Therefore, we pick shade spots and work as fast as possible. Using just  few locations with multiple poses allows the kids to play. Of course, if the kids want to move a bit more we are able to do that. Moving around is a luxury of the outdoor sessions. Indoors we are limited to where the lights are, but outside we can just move to a new location. The boys wanted to climb on the rocks in Tower Grove, all boys like to climb on the rocks. However, it was a very hot summer session in the park and the rocks are in the sun. We made a deal to take photos in the shade first before we did our climbing. The locations we picked gave us the chance to play peek-a-boo and slide down a tree. These areas kept the boys busy until we were ready to get out into the sun. A bit of climbing and then some races together really enhanced their personalities. We know our birthday club members grow fast when we only get to see them once a year. But these fun images help us get to know them even better. Some kids are ready to play with us while others want to just do their own thing. Either way we are able to capture them enjoying the sun during this summer sessions in the park. Since this family is part of our birthday club they know we are able to get those perfect images in only a short time. When working with kids time can be limited, the heat doesn’t help either. We worked quickly and were able to capture exactly what we needed. Looking forward to seeing you again next year boys!         #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #summerphotography #siblingphotography #locationphotos #towergrovepark #hotouthere

Too much fun in one session

There really is no such thing as too much fun in one session. We often only get to see some of our clients once a year when it is time for a birthday club session. When a family has three members of our birthday club we understand that is it sometimes easier to just get everything done during one session. Three kids ready for photos arrived and did everything we wanted. We were hoping to accomplish each kid individually, the three kids together and some family photos. Not only did we get those but we also fit in some photos with mom and kids and then dad and kids. Working with each kid individually gives a moment to talk with them one on one. We learn so much about the things they like or what makes them smile. Getting to know our birthday club members is truly a joy. The photos of the kids together are fun because they interacted so well together. You can tell big sister wants to keep those boys in line! We picked a park near dads works. It worked out perfectly that dad could meet during his lunch to be a part of these photos. We are a big fan of using every opportunity to get those family photos. After a couple locations we could tell the kids were starting to get a bit silly. Great, let’s do it! Some fun jumping photos, tickles, ring-around-the-rosie, and climbing in trees – these photos are a great way to show personality and also let the kids have fun. We like having the nice family photos but adore some time when the kids play together. They might not all be looking in the right direction, or even doing the right thing, but that is the personality we capture. We look forward to seeing them again next year for the birthday club session. #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #birthdayclub #parkphotos #familysession #summerphotos