One year birthday club session in the park

Welcome to the club Matthew, the red head club! Mom and dad were surprised a bit by Matthew’s red hair but there is some in the family so it makes sense. During his last birthday club session he was still pretty bald, but the moment he arrived for his 18 month session we could see the red. Not only had he gotten more hair, Matthew is basically running now, as well as, talking a bit too. He definitely knows all the little boys words, dirt seemed to be his favorite. He was very quick to point out all the sticks and dirt he found in the park. We actually had to take a few photos with sticks in them since that is what he loves right now. During the 18 month session it is really more about letting them show some personality. We played peek a boo, looked for dogs, ran around a bit and even put his feet in the pond. We try to have the children sit for a few photos but really what 18 month old wants to sit down, very few!  He did sit with mom and dad for some amazing family photos. Matthew has a very big smile that sometimes is just wide mouth open when he is super excited. Both mom and dad also have perfect smiles so we see where that comes from. He was really giving all the expressions during his session. Super happy and sweet smiles were shining through most of the time, but we did get a few “looks”. Mostly, that “seriously I just want to go the opposite way of you and the camera look”. We let Matthew show us what was interesting to him in the park. We had plenty of time to capture photos, as well as, take some time to smell the roses – or the big shinny mirrored ball in the park! In just a few short months Matthew will be 2 and we will see him again. He is probably going to be talking so much by then.   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #birthdayclub #parksession #boyphotos

Grow with us by joining the Birthday Club

Please let us know how it’s possible that time has gone by so fast that we are already doing 4-month sessions for some of our newest birthday club members. These babies are just growing so fast! This session is the time they really start showing off some personality. Each session during the birthday club helps us capture the little faces and personality as the children grow. Sometimes it is hard to fit in 4 sessions during babies’ first year, but you won’t regret doing it once they are older. You can always do some family photos too! Little Steel has an amazing smile with a cute dimple and eyes that just light up a room! However, he is not just giving off that smile to anyone that asks. He was a very serious dude during his 4 month session. Yes, we got some smiles but wanted to see what was going on before he warmed our hearts with that grin. While he was taking it all in, watching us “perform” for him, we were able to capture those big round blue eyes and sweet tiny features. We really can’t go wrong just capturing every little face these babies make when we see them for their 4-month session. There are 4-month-old babies that love tummy time, others that can’t stand it. Some are starting to sit up and some need more support. Whatever the case maybe we are ready to capture those sweet little faces for you to remember. Kids change so much during the first 2 years that having a birthday club membership, complete with print discounts, is really the best way to document the quickly passing time. We are looking forward to what personality Steel brings with him during his 8-month session this summer.   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #birthdayclub #studiosession

Get out on the field and have some fun!

To our birthday club members, we know it can get hard to come up with new ideas for your sessions but we are truly up for anything. We love having fun with your children. Don’t you want them to have fun with us? Yes, we have lots of props in our studio and know all the great spots in the typical parks. But why not go somewhere special for your family or your kids. A favorite park with a playground to use as well, or a snow cone stand that you go to every summer. The options are really endless! This happy little 4 year old just loves football so where did we go for his session? The football field, of course! Mom was able to make sure we could access the field on a day the students were not in school. We took some time doing those “regular” 4 year photos of James using the great school landscaping. But really we were just waiting for the field to clear from practices so we could get out there and have some fun. The look on his face was priceless when he realized he was going ON THE FIELD! James was so happy to tell us all about football and his favorite player. We went to the 40 yard line so he could pose by the 4, and that’s exactly what he did for us. He did some hikes, some tackles, some running and even threw the football a few times. James knew he wasn’t on grass but wasn’t so sure why it looked like grass but wasn’t – his first, but probably not last experience with turf. He was telling us all about how you have to throw then tackle to get the ball. All the while showing us how this is done in the games. The whole time we were on the field he played. We were only there to capture the excitement! I bet he will remember this day for a long time. Let’s get out together to some unique locations with your kids.   Don’t forget to have a look at our socials for other great images from this session.   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #birthdayclub #futurepioneer

Why do kids grow so fast?

Why does time go so quickly when you have kids? I saw Amy while she was at work one day and she mentioned that Nate was already 4 months so she needed to set up his next birthday club session. Seriously, how has it already been 4 months! We were able to quickly find a session time because Steve was going to be leaving town for work and the hope was to do a few family photos, as well as, the 4 month photos of Nate. The second session is always a bit more simple than the newborn session in our birthday club. These sessions between newborn and 1 year are part of the club in order to show how quickly the children change. Family photos were accomplished first and tons of options of Nate as well, hopefully selecting photos isn’t too hard for Amy and Steve. Nate is already lifting his head up and has pretty good balance when propped up, amazing for a little guy that arrived early. He was just too excited to be born to wait for his due date. Of course, each baby prefers sitting in a different position than another. Some love tummy time while others can’t stand it for even a moment. Nate was actually pretty relaxed for all of the posed we did during the session. He only got a bit fussy when he had a wet diaper, but after it was changed he was back to his relaxed mood. He did make us work pretty hard to get a few smiles but even his sweet wide eyed look is just precious. I loved the fox hat and diaper cover that mom brought with her, Nate wasn’t as much of a fan but he looked super cute so that’s all that matters. The next 4 months are going to fly by and if Nate is steady sitting up he will be ready for an outdoor session. So many options for our birthday club members.   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #birthdayclub #studiosession

Birthday Club is perfect for everyone

Did you know if you are in our birthday club and also you refer your friends to our studio who then also join the birthday club you will receive a gift to use at your next session? We truly appreciate our client relationships and know that word of mouth is the best way for our relationships to grow. We post photos from pretty much all our sessions, we have a social media presence, we advertise, we call clients but the only way to experience how we work during your session is by hiring us to take photos. It is understandable to be curious if we are the right fit as your lifetime photographer. Joining the birthday club includes 16 sessions so you want to be sure you are ready to have us become part of your family memories. One way to “experience” our studio is by hearing from your friends and family how much they enjoy their sessions with us. Another way is to have a session with us and when you have the wonderful experience we are known for then you can add on the birthday club membership. Our newest birthday club family decided to go on the recommendation of friends. Despite missing the newborn session the club is still a great deal on sessions and extra perks that are included. The first session went very smoothly in our studio with tons of smiles in perfect photos. Since it was cold outside we did this session indoors but the birthday club offers the flexibility of doing an outdoor session. The options are really endless. We know that the next time we see this little girl she will probably be standing on her own, talking a bit more, and for sure smiling from ear to ear again. See you soon!   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #birthdayclub

My photos are the most important things we have.

Are you trying to decide if a newborn photo session is right for you? Listen to what one mom has to say about the newborn photos we did for her almost 4 year old. “The newborn photos of James is seriously one of the favorite things I own. Like I would run back into a fire for them!” Now of course we wouldn’t want that since we have them saved here at the office but it perfectly sums up how important the photos are to this family. A baby girl was recently welcomed into the family by big brother James. Getting a newborn appointment was top of the list. What about one of our birthday club packages. James is a part of the birthday club. Would that be the right fit for your family? Here’s what she has to say about that “We are for sure doing the package! It’s one of my favorite things ever!” We got a session set up right away to make sure to get all the snuggly, wrapped baby photos. The birthday club package includes an album with your selection of images from the first 4 sessions. We wouldn’t want to miss out on the sweet newborn baby photos! Mom brought a few things to include in the session that were important, a basket that grandma had as a baby-a floral wrap that she got from mom-the blanket from her nursery and various bows. It really gave us so much to work with during the session. We created similar photos to big brother but yet totally different for baby girl. James was a super big brother because he followed directions perfectly, held his sister and smiled for the camera. We are looking forward to his session coming up next month. Little baby Luella, what a relaxed baby. Mom and dad says she is generally chill but already has a bit of sass and an attitude from time to time. She only showed us the relaxed agreeable baby! We were able to move from set to set with ease. Dad was also helping each time because as he says “I just can’t sit, I like to be helping or doing something” We have known them for years with family photos, wedding photos and we even took photos of Alexa when she was little. It’s like photographing close friends since we easily chat the entire session. We are very excited that Luella is now a part of our birthday club and getting an album too because there are just so many great photos. And we will not hold it against her that she made a mess on our blanket, although dad took a photo so that might come out on her first date, haha!   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #birthdayclub #studiosession

Welcome to the birthday club, Charles

Way to go grandma! Charles is now a part of our birthday club because grandma purchased a gift certificate to give to mom and dad. We have done photos for her daughter that lives out of town so the birthday club wasn’t right for them. However, her son lives in St. Louis so she had the idea to give them this gift certificate as a baptism gift. Even though Charles is 6 months the birthday club is still a great deal because it includes 16 free sessions, as well as, discounts on prints and digital files. When mom arrived with Charles he had a smile on his face ready for photos, but we could tell that he was really looking around taking in all the new surroundings. With the snowy weather they had not been out of the house much so mom could see that Charles was so excited to get out and about. He is almost getting to rock star status for sitting up and really impressed us with his skills. But of course, we had some chairs and supports for him to use during the session. He really loved our fuzzy rug and wicker chair – well we assume he did because he kept trying to eat them. It must be those teeth coming in! Grandma was even able to join us for part of the session, which Charles just loved. After capturing some smiles in his first outfit mom changed him and we got started on outfit two. Charles wasn’t really a fan of this one, or maybe he was tired of our tricks. We did however bring out a mirror so he could look at himself instead of us. He loved that! He even gave himself some mirror kisses, it was very cute. We know we got some great smiles during his first session with us. For the next one we talked about an outdoor session this summer. I bet Charles will enjoy the change of scenery and will again be a happy baby.   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #birthdayclub #studiosession

Three boys and all smiles

We started with the wedding to firstborn, to second-born, and now the third baby in the family. We are overjoyed we get to work with this wonderful family over and over. During the last newborn session, mom and dad thought their family was complete, but baby Owen really wanted to be a part of this family. Now with three boys, this mom has her hands full since they are all under the age of three. The grandmas get together and purchase a birthday club membership for each child. Which of course, we think is the absolute best gift that can be given to anybody. The gift of photographs! We were recently at their home doing one-year photos and discussed how soon the new baby would be arriving. So when they came into the office it had felt like we just saw them a few weeks ago because we did!

Oldest brother Jonah did a really great job of listening and following directions. This gave us the opportunity to get some great photos of the whole family together. Then some of the brothers together, of course, one-year-old Miles was just on the go the whole time. We think that mom and dad are going to be very pleased with all of the options that they have from this newborn session. Despite having to continually put Miles back in the photo! Baby Owen was easy to work the whole time. We finished up the session using blankets and props that were meaningful to the family. A hat that has been used on both of the other boys was also incorporated into the photos. Then a few things from his room, which is farm-themed. We know there is a lot going on when you have three children but are also very honored that we will get to watch them all grow since they are part of our birthday club. See you in a few months for the four-month session!

#ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #newbornsession #studiosession #birthdayclub

Happy Birthday

  Sometimes there are sessions that we must schedule during days that we have an assistant, which includes more than one small child, big groups, newborn babies, etc. Sessions that are helpful to have an extra person but they are often times when it is just myself in the office and it works out better for the family to be scheduled on that day. That’s what happened for this one-year-old session. But with such a well-behaved little boy this session worked out perfectly. Except for when dad may have gotten his foot stuck in a hole at the park, sorry about that dad. He suffered in silence for a minute because he knew we were getting some great smiles, such a dad sacrifice! We were able to get some family photos first with laughter and smiles. We threw on some holiday hats to make them really look cheerful and winter-like. Then we decided to focus on baby Matthew who is growing so fast, not sure he can really be called a baby anymore. He is doing very well with standing up not yet walking any steps but to be honest that’s kind of helpful because if he doesn’t get away as fast when you’re trying to take photos. We did use a chair that was made by a family member and Matthews’s dad had his photo taken in it as well. Those traditions are always very heartwarming because we are the ones that get to create those memories. I will say we met in a unique location but you would never be able to tell from the photos and it shows that mom has a great eye when it comes to some cute little spots to do photos. Near their home is a cemetery that had a small pond, some nice trees so we were able to utilize this area. Of course, making sure do not to get any of the headstones in the photo. It’s actually probably going to be a funny story when told where these photos were taken but really you can’t tell. It was a location close to home and worked out perfectly, great eye mom! We look forward to the next session at 18 months where we are sure that Matthew is going to be running around and keeping us on our toes the entire time! #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #birthdayclub #oneyearphotos #outdoorsession

Baby Nate

Baby Nathaniel decided that he wanted to arrive earlier than expected. We did a maternity session a few months ago and knew Nathaniel was going to arrive towards the end of November. But he decided early November was better for him! When they arrived for the newborn session and we were getting started Amie said that he would probably sleep the entire time because that’s what he does at home. Except of course for sleeping at night when he is supposed to be sleeping he is wide awake. They brought with him a few important props to include in their session. We always encourage our families to bring anything that is important to them because we love making the images unique to each baby. Nathaniel is only about 5 pounds, he is such a tiny little newborn that some of the hats could cover his whole head. Dad said he’s been growing quickly and he just wants to know why at 10 days old he isn’t talking yet. We think dad has some very high expectations and also know the Nathaniel will probably meet and exceed all of them – except for talking at 10 day old. A few holiday photos followed by images with the army gear and police badges create a perfect way to honor the service of mom and dad as they take this much needed break to enjoy some time together with the new baby. Each time we moved Nathaniel from one post to another he almost was in perfect position just sitting in our hands and then we sent him down and he stayed exactly as we put, him such a perfect baby model! He even had a big grin in a few photos, some smirks, the sweetness of a sleepy baby and a few with his eyes wide open. There are so many options for mom and dad to pick from when they see the photos. When we concluded they had decided they needed to be a part of our birthday club which is very exciting because we would love to work with Nathaniel again and next time get mom and dad in a couple photos too. These newborn photos are going to make some amazing Christmas gifts for this family.   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #newbornsession #babyboy #birthdayclub