Graduation is the best accomplishment

Graduation is such a special time for everyone, not only the graduate but the families that get to watch their children finish such an amazing accomplishment. We received an inquiry about meeting on a college campus after the commencement ceremony in order to take some family photos, as well as, photos of the graduate. The entire family was coming in from Texas for this wonderful occasion and of course it needed to be celebrated with photos! Once we found each other on the campus Michael, the graduate, had a few important spots that he wanted to take photos. They were all wonderful locations – giving us various options for the session. There were many graduates around and as we walked the campus Michael seemed to know many people. He has a great outgoing personality which I’m sure will serve him well at his job position that is set up for him back home in Texas. He came to St. Louis to study and attended Washington University. He has enjoyed his time here in St. Louis. I hope that his family was able to enjoy time here as well and able to have fun while they visited him. During the photos you could really see moms excitement throughout the entire session. She was so proud of her son and all that he has accomplished. As we wandered around there were selfie stations for the graduates to take their own photos as well as professional stations however those lines were very long. Michael had the privilege of having his very own photographer walking around campus with him to take photos in all of his favorite spots and skip the line. What a great idea mom had to hire us to be there for her son! Don’t miss out on having professional photos taken whether it be on the commencement ceremony day or another day. These moments are too priceless to skip – happy graduation to all of the 2021.

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