Ashley and Ian

  It took us a while to put together a post for Ian and Ashley because we couldn’t decide what to talk about. We could go on forever about this energetic couple and figured that our readers didn’t need a book to read. Ashley and Ian met sophomore year of high school but didn’t start dating until the end of junior year. Ashley is very close to her family – we know because we have known them for years. We have done family photos, weddings, and grandkids photos. Often more than one family member comes to the sessions because they really enjoy spending time together. So on Ashley and Ian’s first date, it made sense they went to a family birthday party and he fit in so perfectly that the whole family knew they would get married. When the time finally came for him to give her the ring he designed for 8 months Ian had his family along with Ashley’s family in on the secret. They were going to take college graduation photos in The Piazza on The Hill but he had also planned on proposing. He knew how special family is so having them there when he asked Ashley was just perfect! After some thinking and changing their minds, they finally settled on an August 2023 wedding. This gave them plenty of time to take engagement photos. We couldn’t wait to finally have our chance to work with them during the session. To say they were fun to work with or easy to photograph is an understatement. We went to a few locations around St. Louis including, of course, The Piazza. How could we be so close to gelato and not get any so we did a few there too! The energy, love, and excitement from the moment they stepped out of the car continued during the entire session. We took way too many photos and we have no idea how they are going to narrow them out. Good luck! The laughter just never stopped because they really don’t take themselves too seriously and that translates great to some amazing candid engagement photos. The wedding next year is going to be amazing and we are counting down the days with them.   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #engagementphotos #forestpark #thehill #gelatostl

Abbie and Colin

Abbie and Colin decided that they would pick their photographer as one of the first things when planning their wedding. We had done Abbie’s sister’s wedding so she knew exactly where to go. During our initial meeting, we spoke of the engagement session that we include with our wedding packages. They were both really looking forward to taking the engagement photos and wanted them to be very special. They met in the grove during Grove Fest. So it made total sense that we started our session in the grove. Together we walked the streets using the colorful murals, doorways, steps and all of the areas that are special to them. Abbie and Colin spent so much time together in the Grove which brought up the conversation about how they met. As he pointed out his old apartment building, Colin mentioned that if he did not live in the Grove area he would’ve never met Abbie. One of his neighbors in his apartment building was a friend of hers. They had all gotten together at Grove Fest, that is when they met. Abbie actually admitted that she almost canceled on going to that event but boy I bet she is happy that she didn’t cancel. They had mentioned that they wanted lots of interacting photos not everything looking at the camera, great we love those images too. Wow, they are really great at having so much fun and interacting with each other. The photos really show their personality! Abbie and Colin really have so much together. It was so much exciting to capture the laughs they had the entire session. Sadly, the time went so fast that it was quickly the end of the session. Truly, we could have spent so much more time together. We are really excited to work with them on the wedding day!   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #engagementphotos #parkphotos #thegrove

Samantha and Josh

I feel that I can speak for most people when I say we are ready for some spring weather. It seems like we might go straight from 50 degrees to 100 degrees and skip all the wonder days in the middle. However, an engagement session with no rain, on a sunny day, in the ever blooming botanical gardens, give us hope of warmer days. It was still a bit chilly, but we were all able to manage as we navigated around the garden. Samantha and Josh were up for whatever during the session. I usually try to do a mixture of the traditional posed photos, candid moments, as well as, some romantic or silly images. This helps us to capture a variety of images for the couple. Most couples don’t often take so many photos together, so this gives them all the options to see what they like best. Do they think laughing smiles are their best look or do they prefer a softer smile? Important to know for the wedding photos!

When selecting a location for engagement photos we have suggestions that we are willing to offer to our couple. However, if there is a particular place in mind we are more than happy to accommodate those requests. Josh proposed in the botanical garden so they thought it would be nice to have the engagement photos in the same location. Not only were we able to use lots of areas throughout the garden. We were also able to utilize the exact bench that he proposed. We recreated the moment, complete with a YES from Samantha. We may not have been there for the actual moment he asked her but this was a great recreation that they will cherish forever.

Even though Josh and Samantha don’t take photos together often they are very photogenic and easily pose together. The true emotions come out in each image which gives us confidence that the wedding photos will be magical!


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Ella and Thomas

Ella and Thomas were looking for a photographer for their 2022 wedding. Ella’s friend has selected us for her wedding which is also in 2022. Sometimes planning becomes a bit easier when you have a friend also planning a wedding. Especially because Ella is currently living out of town and her friend is in St. Louis. After hearing about our studio Ella contacted us to talk about the package options available to her and Thomas. We had one that fit perfectly and now we are excited to be a part of their wedding in June. However, we first needed to get some engagement photos taken. With Ella and Thomas living out of town, as well as, a very tight schedule for Thomas to come to St. Louis, we had limited choices on the dates we could do the engagement photos. The first day we picked while they were in town had rain all day so we moved the appointment to the next day, it was supposed to be cold but no rain so it worked out to fit in the photos before they left town again. Honestly, it was colder than we thought it would be, not awful in the sun but the shade with the breeze was pretty chilly. I was able to capture some sweet photos of Thomas warming up Ella or wiping away a hair that blew in her face. We talked about so many things as we walked around taking photos, we did spend a lot of time talking about skiing in Colorado and Columbia, perhaps we should have talked more about warm locations to make us think it was warm outside! Ella and Thomas met in school and have enjoyed traveling together when they are able to fit it into their busy schedule. We really hope they have the time to travel after the wedding, they will deserve a break. Planning a wedding from out of town can be very time consuming. We are happy the selected us to be a part of their memories. I really hope they were able to get some warm coffee or something after the session because by the end Ella had red hands since it was so cold outside. But in the pictures you wouldn’t be able to see the cold, just the love and happiness these two have for each other.   #ravettaphotography #stlouisphotographer #stlphotos #engagementsession

A little snow never stops us!

Have you searched the internet recently? Of course, who hasn’t! Have you scrolled for what seems like forever and then finally click something that is exactly what you were looking to find. Alexis and Jack were doing just that when they came across our wedding photography information. Not to mention we are located very close to them making it very easy to come visit us. They are getting married in October – we are so happy to be documenting their journey to the altar. Alexis called after the big snow storm wanting to know if we would be willing to take photos in the snow. Heck yeah!!! It is always so much fun to do those unique sessions that not every client is willing to do. We decided to meet at Castlewood park since it would have the potential of paths that were not plowed and still snow covered. The scenery was beautiful, of course it was a bit slippery walking on the melting snow but totally worth it for the photos we created together. A great time of day, easily to pose couple, beautiful scenery and a heart made out of snow were all perfect additions to the photos! Alexis and Jack wanted to include their dogs in the session, these dogs just loved the snow so having them around gave the session even more unique qualities. First. the photos we took were very personal. Second, there was lots of laughter behind the scenes as their friend tried to hold both dogs who desperately wanted to be next to mom and dad. Lastly, after capturing some wonderful photos on top of the bluff Alexis and Jack basically skied back down the hill with the help of their dog team. Yes, we laughed but also had to make sure nobody fell as we descended. It was such an unusually warm day which gave us the opportunity to take our time getting the perfect images. So happy we were able to create the first memories of your journey and looking forward to next chapter – the wedding day.

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Chris and Sarah

Chris contacted us about an engagement session. We worked with him a few years ago for a family session – one we wouldn’t forget because it snowed a few feet that day and we took advantage of some snow photos. Anyway, he was now engaged looking to get photos of him with Sarah. They are both originally from St. Louis but currently live in Boston. They have lived there for a few years now. The plan was to be in town for about a month to enjoy the holidays with family while they started the wedding planning process. They have already accomplished a few things on the long list of wedding stuff. It was also the perfect time to get some engagement photos taken in their hometown. Check that off the list! As we walked around the park I had to know since they were both from St. Louis now living in Boston if they met here or there. They said they have known each other for quite some time, Sarah is friends with Chris’ sister. Then the real question came up, if Chris had to get sisters approval to start dating Sara. Yep! She knew they were great for each other but wanted to be sure they knew it too as they started this wonderful relationship. They really are and it was a pleasure to see how they interacted with each other during the session. They were both very easy going and relaxed during the session. Just like any other couple they needed some guidance on how to stand or pose to get the best photos. Once they got a few hints they were good to go the rest of the session. Just a great couple to talk with, we had conversations about many different topics while capturing these engagement photos, a nice start to a relationship with them. The wedding is planned for October 2021 and we hope to have the opportunity to work with them again on that day to continue our relationship into the future. #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #engagementsessionphotos

Megan and Mason

Engagement sessions are so much fun because we really get to know a couple. Alright, we just have to mention it again, even though we have probably said it over 100 times in our blogs – repeat clients and referrals are what can keep a small business going! Especially right now because we are not able to attend bridal shows or any type of event to show off our work to potential clients. Mason has two siblings and we photographed their weddings. In addition to the photos we took of the three of them as kids! Megan was a bridesmaid in a wedding we photographed so she also knows first-hand how we work on the wedding day. Selecting a photographer for these two was very easy – thank you and we appreciate the fact that you know the quality service you will receive. We set up an engagement session in November but despite the wonderful days during the week, it pretty much rained every Saturday! So the session was moved to December, however you would have never known it because the weather was so nice. Another photo bonus was that we were able to represent pretty much all seasons in the photos. Starting of near the area that they got engaged the photos almost looked spring like with the lighting and simple columns in the background. Quickly it was apparent that when these two are together we are going to get many happy laughing photos – it was great! Since the trees had lost all their leaves we then had the look of winter in the photos we added their dog. It was easy to see that he was pretty attached to mommy! Using some stone walls also gave a different look to these images so really you would have no idea what season it was taken during. The second location we came across a tree that still had orange leaves on it. It was such a surprise that we were able to also get some photos that look like we did them in the fall. A willow tree rounded out the seasons looking like we took them in the summer, without the heat of course. Not only were these two lucky with weather and locations, they really have way too many photos to select from because they were just so easy to photograph. The wedding day next year is going to be perfect. We look forward to working with you again and probably taking too many photos that day too. #engagementphotography #ravettaphotography #stlphotos #forestpark #winterphotos

Kim and Grant

We loved doing fall sessions but book them fairly far in advance. Kim and Grant knew they wanted some fall colors in their engagement photos so they scheduled months out to be sure that they had a great fall day. They had decided that central park in Chesterfield was the perfect place for their engagement session because there was a particular bench there. They agree this is the bench they were sitting on when they realized their relationship was the real deal! We made sure to stop by the bench and grab a few photos. I thought that some candid images of them sitting having a conversation would perfectly mock up what actually happened during the realization that they wanted to be together forever. As lucky as they were with the weather, considering it didn’t rain, it was very windy that day so we did have to deal with some hair blowing and the chilly breeze. I have been to this park a couple times however they decided to meet me on the other side from where I normally meet clients therefore this is a whole new area to photograph which is always very exciting. A few weeks prior Kim and Grant took some time to go to the park and select some areas that they thought would be great for photos, other than the sentimental bench of course! The rocks, stream, lake, bridges and trees that were starting to turn bright fall colors were all a perfect backdrop for this wonderful Saturday morning engagement session. When I asked them if they have anything in particular in mind as far as poses they really didn’t think about that part, they just knew that they like the locations. That was perfect because it allowed me to take all types of photos for them – romantic, fun, traditional, and even some candid images of them walking in the water. I think they’re really going to love all these images and I look forward to working with them on their wedding next year. #ravettaphotography #stlohotographer #engagement session #fallohotos

Katie and Adam

Katie was very excited to work with us for an engagement session. She and Adam both had some ideas of locations but the key was narrowing it down a bit. They had a long list of favorite places in the St. Louis area, we talked on the phone about using some for the engagement photos then the rest on wedding day. This will give each set of photos a unique look! After selecting the locations then we needed to figure out a plan of attack, we didn’t want to be driving around in circles, so putting the locations in order gave everything a nice flow. A few days before the session date, which was actually scheduled well in advance, we got a message from Katie that Adam wasn’t feeling well. It turned out that he had strep throat and was in no condition to do a photo shoot. I’m glad he didn’t try to just make it through because we want our couples to enjoy the moments together as we photograph the session. We found a new date for the session with wonderful weather and some fall colors peeking through. It turned out to be a great alternative to the original date. The Forest park locations that Katie and Adam picked had lots of people around on the evening we were there however we found great areas and ways to hide them. From flowers, to structures, water to fall leaves – they really have everything in these engagement photos. We even took some time to do photos with the arch in the background and give some props to the Blues statues downtown. I think they are going to need an album with all the images so that they don’t have to make the hard decision of narrowing them down. We are looking forward to the wedding day! #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #engagementphoto #parklocations

Kelly and Adam

Kelly scheduled an engagement session for her and Adam a few weeks out so that she could prepare, but of course we can never prepare for rain! The morning of her session we checked the radar and indeed it was going to rain the whole day. We understand that this happens so we did our best to find a new time that worked with both of their schedules as well as ours. The morning of the session there was a bit of rain forecasted again, but we knew it wasn’t going to stop us this time! It had all moved out of the area before the session. Now we just had to work with the July heat, while praying for a breeze to come through the park. We met at a small park in the Clayton area so luckily we didn’t have to walk too far to get some very nice spots for photos. Shade was ideal on this warm evening but despite the temperatures Kelly and Adam were really enjoying time together. After we took about 3 photos they said “that might be the most photos we have ever taken together” I bet they didn’t realize how many more we were going to take! When couples come in to talk about wedding photographer we get to know them a bit but are a bit more focused on the wedding plans. During the engagement session I have a fun time really chatting with our couples to learn more about them. Kelly and Adam were no exception, it was a pleasure talking about our time during quarantine! We know that your December wedding will happen as planned and that we will embrace the cold weather. Now they will have the hard task of selecting photos from the many we took at the park during their engagement session. I hope you enjoy having more photos of yourselves together!