Jenna and Joe

Jenna and I started an email thread about setting up an engagement session and little did we know how many times we would be emailing back and forth. We traded dates a couple times, then had to move because we were not able to operate and Jenna couldn’t find anyone to do her hair and makeup. Then we were on the fence depending on if Joe could get a haircut. Finally we were able to meet and get the session done! I’m glad everything worked out in the end because they really got a wonderful evening to do the photos. We met at the park and I could tell Jenna was excited to get the photos done. I went over some thoughts on where we would be doing photos, types of photos and asked if they had any questions. The only thing they mentioned is they just wanted some nice photos of the two of them together, no need to get crazy with jumping around or silly stuff. That sounded good to me, really Jenna and Joe made the session super easy because they interacted well with each other. Of course all couples need a bit of direction on how to stand or pose but once it was set they handled the rest. They were so happy with the results, but really that was all them making my job easy! A relaxed couple that enjoys spending time together helps make the photos perfect, it captures all the emotions. I knew I had to get the photos ready quickly so they could select images for the save the date cards. I’m sure everyone that gets a card will love the results too since these two are just a great pair. I look forward to photographing the wedding later this year. #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #engagementphotos #stlfaces #outdoorsession

Trish and Dan

Trish and Dan visited the office looking for a wedding photographer. We had a great conversation during the consult meeting. They were moving along with wedding plans but still had some things to get done before the June wedding. Trish seemed excited but overwhelmed by the whole planning process. She would not be alone in those feelings, most brides feel that way. Dan said he was doing alright with the planning stage of things but knows on the wedding day it will pass very quickly. He even said that he expects to only get 13 bites of food during dinner. Let’s hope that is not true! They mentioned that they were just beginning the photographer part in planning and hoped to visit a few other photographers. Of course couples want to compare the styles, pricing and personality of a couple options. I let them know I was always available for questions as they reached a decision. My excitement grew when I realized they wanted to work with me for the wedding! I knew it was a good match, now we needed to get the engagement photos scheduled. We had no idea the city would shut down prior to their session nor did we know when it would open back up. However we were able to find a day to work together outside, a beautiful day for us to keep our social distance from one another. We had a great time talking about what they have been up to recently, wedding details and the plan if those details needed to change. I was so happy to see that Trish and Dan had a plan but were not stressing out about if it needed to be put into place. “We are getting married, that is the important part.” Of course they want all the guest to be there but either way they will be getting married. The afternoon was filled with so many great moments of them laughing and interacting with each other. This gets me very excited for the wedding day because those emotions will only get better when they are surrounded by loved ones. Only a month to go! #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #engagementphotos #weddingphotography #towergrovepark

Starting a family

We got the call…a baby was born! I may not remember what I ate for lunch but I totally remember my wedding couples. When they call to say they have started a family it makes me so happy. First of all, that is a very special moment for them. Secondly, I’m excited that they thought of us to capture the special moments of this new family. Ethan was born late last year so with the holidays and cold weather mom and dad decided to wait a bit before calling for a studio session. We were able to get them in quickly which was good because pretty soon Ethan will not fit in any of our baskets. He is such a long little dude. We started the session with a few family photos because they mentioned the hospital photos were not the best. We understand that all new parents are asked if they want photos while they are in the hospital. Of course this is up to you if you want photos there, however another option would be to call us when you are settled at home. We can come out to your house or you are welcome to come to our studio. You will feel more prepared, fresh and ready to do newborn photos a couple days later. Parents should always be prepared with outfit choices but remember to keep it simple because it’s not all about the clothing. A wonderful onesie with his name on it was perfect for this session. We tried to start off with a basket but at first he was not too sure about the idea, however once mom and dad got him smiling with those silly noises Ethan did a great job. After a few smiles in various posed we needed to get some photos in the Christening gown. This gown was passed down in the family so it was important to get these photos. Well this gown was super slippery so Ethan was a trouper having us mess with him over and over because he kept sliding around. Despite all the moving we got some great photos we are sure grandma will love. We are looking forward to working with Ethan again. #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #studiosession #newbaby #photosofbaby