Family session in the fall

We see this family a couple times of year. The like our mini session option because it is perfect to just get a few updated photos throughout the year. With two girls that just smile the entire session they usually end up with more than a few photos! This session was specifically for Stella’s one year birthday but when they arrived she was asleep so we did a few photos of big sister. Gigi just posed, smiled and gave us cute photos right away. We all know that when a baby gets up from a nap we don’t exactly know what baby we will get. Will we get a well-rested baby with smiles, a straight faced baby since they are now at a park and didn’t fall asleep there, or do we get a crabby baby since the nap was only about 20 minutes. We hit the jackpot!! Stella was smiles, smiles, smiles. Seriously, do these parents even know how special these two little girls are? They smile, they pose, they pretty much do whatever we want and it is amazing! In additional to some photos of big sister, family and the girls together we knew that we wanted to focus on Stella since she was celebrating her 1 year birthday. It is crazy to think that we took newborn photos a year ago, wow that went very fast. Anyway, when Gigi wasn’t in the photos she did a good job of helping her sister look at the camera. She really adores her little sister, we hope that feeling continues as she gets bigger. Perhaps, this family is so great in front of the camera because we have known each other for years, not only from the many sessions but also as friends. When you think about it the more you see your photographer the better and more “real” the kids become during the sessions. So we suggest that everyone joins the birthday club so we can watch your kids grow! #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #oneyear #birthdayclub

Birthday Club member is one!

We set up the appointment months ago since the fall dates and times book up so quickly. Leo, one of our birthday club members, just turned one! This family got super lucky with the weather for their family session. Those little noses don’t last long in the cold weather, but we had tons of sun. And the temperatures were not terribly cold for November. When they arrived Lisa said she never thought she would be one of those people that did matching outfits. But when she decided she wanted plaid it just worked out better for them to all have shirts that matched. It looked great in the photos, and we think either is good for sessions – matching or not. It really doesn’t matter, as long as, the clothing coordinates with each other. The buffalo plaid that she decided was actually great for the location that we picked. They really popped on any green backgrounds we did and then the fall foliage made the family photos look very seasonal. Leo took a minute to warm up to us, however once he got going he just kept smiling. He enjoyed taking photos with mom and dad but also liked to show off his standing and climbing skills. He will be walking very soon. Mom brought a chair for him but he really just wanted to show us that he could walk around it. Then when we tried some photos on a blanket he preferred rolling around. We did get some cute photos of him kneeling and showing off his balancing skills. Throughout all the options Leo was just happy. Then the cupcakes came out! He was not interested in moving around once those cupcakes were in front of him. He just wanted to stay right there and “eat” them. He destroyed all the cupcakes but really didn’t eat much, he would put it up to his mouth and then just play with the other ones. We never know what to expect when we do the cake smash photos. Leo gave us something new – play with but not eat. It was just a great one year session, we are so happy that Leo is part of our birthday club so we can watch him grow. #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #oneyear #birthdayclub

Family photos in the park

 We have said it multiple times and I will continue to appreciate the referrals that we get from our clients. There was a family photo that we did back in the fall and because they enjoyed their experience so much they referred other family members to also have a session with us. The fall session that we did ended up being photographed in a bit of a rain drizzle because that was the best day that worked. We got some great images that the family now hangs on their wall. Oddly enough when we scheduled a time for the sisters family we did not realize it was also going to be a gloomy and a bit rainy day. However, because yet again it was the best day for the family we opted to have the studio as a backup location if the rain was too much. Luckily we were able to meet outdoors we just had to avoid some muddy spots in the park to capture the best images. This family consisted of a couple teenage girls who clearly have had their photo taken before because they posed perfectly and enjoyed the entire session. We also added in some full family photos because everyone was able to get together at the park including grandparents siblings and nieces and nephews. Don’t ever miss the opportunity to take as many family poses possible when you are able to get everyone together. With the chilly weather and all of the different options that the family wanted photographed we worked quickly and were able to get everything in, as well as, even some candid images of grandma underneath a blanket keeping warm with the kids and the little ones playing with aunts and uncles. It was a pleasure to work with this family again and we hope to have the opportunity to continue our relationship with them into the future.

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Urban Family

A location for your family photos can be a stressful thing to decide upon. Park locations are always great giving you the trees, benches and various structures to use. But perhaps you want something different in your photos, not the same park that everyone uses. Luckily we have a long list of outdoor park locations so we can help give you some ideas. Of course Forest park is big and one of the first that our clients think of, however do you know about the smaller parks? What about a pained wall downtown or in the Grove neighborhood? We only need a small area for photos so why not pick a place that you may have seen on a walk or bike ride. In St. Louis we have so many different areas that are easy to access as well as unique. When Matt and Sarah scheduled a family portrait they were originally thinking something around The Hill area. Using areas like the church, new Piazza and a street scene. This was a great idea because these spots were special to them and the neighborhood. However one day Matt was taking a bike ride and a brick building caught his eye. When I arrived to take the photos he asked if we could switch locations (they were only 2 blocks away from each other). They love the neighborhood but something about this building with the color, loading dock to sit on and doorways really stood out – that’s exactly what we mean when any location can work for family photos. We couldn’t leave out the new family pet so we did a couple at the house and then headed outside. They had a few things in mind that they wanted to accomplish during the session, we are more than happy to get in those photos you saw online that you wanted to recreate. Or let’s just get creative together and have fun during the session! We all had so much fun together that we used every second of the mini session taking photos. Thanks for keeping an eye out for a location that was perfect for your family. #ravettaphotography #familyphotography #stlphotos #minisession

A rainy day

I was excited to photograph this family! We had worked with them before but not since the twins have been born so we were looking forward to meeting everybody. We hoped for a great fall day considering the week we did photos worked out well in mom schedule and also the school schedule. However what we got was a very cold fall day. As we do with all sessions, we confirmed the day before to make sure the plan was still to meet at the park and it looked like the weather was going to be OK. We confirmed to move forward and meet the next morning. When we arrived the rain was still a little bit of a mist but during the session that did stop. Since it had been raining for almost the whole day before and that morning everything was wet. Luckily we came prepared with some towels to dry things off but keeping fingers and nose warm was a whole different story. All the kids started off really strong taking pictures, smiling, doing exactly what we wanted them to do! On the walk to the next location Wesley took a little bit of a spill and needed some time to calm down. That gave us an opportunity to take some individual photos of the other kids. Ewan is totally a pro at this now, he stood smiled and we have many great photos. As with all twins when Wesley was ready for photos Stevie was kind of over it. He wanted his turn to have mom time. We did find a nice bench to sit on with the twins with mom and dad bouncing knees up and down they smiled and laughed at the monkey that we brought with us. These photos along with some walking images give them some great photos to send to their family members. We did try to get a few photos of the three boys together but that just didn’t work out. We do have some really cute photos Ewan playing with each of his brothers separately underneath a blanket. It really shows some great smiles from all of them. After the session the family decided to stop at IHOP on the way home and mom sent us a message saying they were all smiles while they ate their breakfast. Perhaps we should’ve done the session there, sounds good to us maybe some pancake birthday photos the next time we see you. #ravettaphotography #parkphotos #stlphotographer #fallsession

Porch Session

Mini sessions are the best way to grab a couple photos of your family. When you have older kids who will following directions and do everything just right why not grab a mini session to capture the family each year! The last time this family had a photo together was actually a few years ago on a vacation in Florida. They were really great photos and since we knew them it was great to see how happy they were with the way they turned out. But of course we want to be the one to capture these memories for them, so when we got a request to do a family photo neighborhood location we were very excited! As we were confirming the session mom had mentioned that she really liked those porch pictures that everyone was doing back when things were shut down but really never had a chance to do that. She wanted to know if it was possible to do a couple pictures on the porch and then head the few blocks down to do photos in the nearby Piazza on The Hill. Of course, we’re always willing to accommodate whatever our clients are wanting to accomplish in their session. Especially when we know that the children are going to completely cooperate and have a great time. Taking a few photos at home also allowed us to add the new family dog to the photos and grab a quick photo with their masks. The families that are embracing the humor behind distance photos, taking images with a mask and just laughing throughout these times are really going to charities photos. The stories they will have when they look back on these images are just priceless. Thank you for allowing us to capture these moments! We will see you around the neighborhood. #family #porchphotos #ravettaphotography #stlphotos

Family fun

We know that our clients are very busy and often photos tend skip their mind. We don’t hear from them in a while, however we know our clients are loyal to us and will come back when the time is right to do the family photos again. We got a call from this exact client who we haven’t seen in a few years but she knew that it was definitely time to get some updated photos. The original plan was to do something in September however it was actually fairly warm no color in the trees and that’s what they were looking for in a look at the photos. Moving the appointment to October was a good option, it was a beautiful day with lots of colors however we did have to work a lot with the wind. When we arrived it was actually crazy to see how big the boys have gotten since the last time we’ve seen them. In just a few short days mom is going to have a teenager on her hands! Of course when working with two boys, 6 and 12, it is very common that we’re gonna get some of those goofy smiles. However once we got them talking about their favorite things or even just getting them to laugh it was easy to get the more natural relaxed smiles that mom loves. Since the family photos went so smoothly, as well as images of the boys together, mom and dad thought why not snap a photo of the two of them and some head shots that they can use on social profiles for work. It was a great idea to just knock out everything during one session however we hope this doesn’t mean that it’s gonna be awhile before we see them again. Perhaps they can get in a mini session sometime in the spring or even next fall. It was great catching up and we know you will like all of your photos! #ravettaphotography #family #outside #parkimages #stl

Family in Fall

Every day on social media we see people asking for suggestions on a photographer. We often respond to these suggesting our studio in the hopes that of the many suggested photographers we are viewed and selected. One day we threw our name out there for a woman looking to do a family session. She had just had another baby wanted to update photos. She didn’t get a chance to have any pictures with a new baby in the hospital. We talked about the best date and location option, decided to meet at the sculpture park in Sunset Hills. Having multiple children she mentioned that going into a photo session she typically does not have high expectations, never knowing what type of mood the children will be in. She just likes to have updated photos as they grow so it was our mission to hopefully make this the best family session they have had. Giving them too many options on the photos to pick that they just need to get them all. Since this is the first time we had worked with his family when we arrived at the park we did some introductions hoping to get the children a little more comfortable with us. We got started right away and everyone followed directions very well getting into the spots that were requested of them. As soon as we started we could see what mom meant on the cheesy or fake smiles. No problem for us, we just started with our silly tricks and got the children to loosen up a little bit. Mom even mentioned something about one of them slipping and falling one day, of course they didn’t get hurt, but this really had all the kids cracking up with your very best smiles. We did take a few extra moments to get some photos of the baby since up to this point he is the least photographed member of the family, being only five weeks old. The session actually went as smoothly as we could’ve hoped! We would be excited to have the opportunity to work with his family again in the future. Surely they will enjoy all of their wonderful photos that we captured. #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #parkphotos #family #fall  

Family Session Windy Day

Each month at our studio we have a special, whether it be a spring special with animals or a holiday themed set. Possibly even something random that we run throughout the summer! We also sent out a bi-monthly newsletter in order to keep everyone informed of what is going on at our office. We include things such as what we’ve been up to, new products at the studio, or even some upcoming events to watch out for in the future. After sending out our most recent newsletter we got an email from a past client, who we haven’t seen in a few years, looking to take advantage of one of our half-price fall sessions. These are very popular in the to update those photos and grab some pictures with the fall colors in St. Louis. Luckily the day that they had in mind worked out perfectly in our schedule and they fit right between two other previously scheduled sessions. When we originally spoke we were going back-and-forth between doing a mini session or a full session. Utilizing the entire hour was really the best option because they had many ideas in mind that they wanted to take care of at this time. Nobody wants to be rushed or forget a photo they wanted. We often tell our clients the full session will give you more flexibility in posing locations and combinations of your family. We started off doing all sorts of combinations with the older children while the youngest and newest member of the family continued his nap. Of course with everything going on right now there are not very many photos of the baby. Once he woke up we were sure to capture him in many combinations with his siblings, with mom, with dad – all of the moments that were previously missed due to the Covid restrictions. Mom mentioned that these photos are very important to her, of course they’re important to everybody so we made sure to get great images from everything! She’s going to be very excited to see these photos and share them with friends and family. After some serious photos, some playtime photos, even a little song and dance, we had captured pretty much everything that they could have ever wanted! We know that they are going to enjoy these photos surely we’re going to work with them again in the future! #ravettaphotography #family #parkphotos #outside #stlphotographer

Fall Family

We find that often our birthday club family members have multiple children which means we get to see them more than once a year. During that first year we see them many times, something we greatly enjoy. Siblings often have birthdays at different points throughout the year so we can do various combinations at each session to make them unique. This session was for Hannah who turned 1 year old, we saw the family over the summer during the 8 month session. At that time we were also doing photos of big sister who recently turned 3. That session went very well that we were thinking it would be hard to top. We were wrong! Considering we saw everyone only a few short months ago we were surprised how much Hannah has grown. When we originally scheduled the session it was going to be just the girls and then Hannah for her 1 year. We were happily surprised when we arrived to see the whole family ready for photos. Mom thought she would add a few of those in while we were at the park – heck yeah, we are happy to add on some fall family photos. As with any other session with multiple children the key is getting them to both look and smile at the same time. Mission accomplished, and even those photos we got of the girls playing are just the cutest and are sure to make mom smile! Family photos, sisters throwing leaves, a walk with dad, some ugga mugga nose kisses with mom – this session seriously had it all. We had such a wonderful time on a beautiful day in the park with them! Looking forward to seeing them at the next birthday club session. #ravettaphotography #birthdayclub #parkphotos #fallsession #outside #stlphotographer