First milestones

Everyone has milestones throughout life and we are here to capture those first milestones. We started off with wedding photos  for this great couple. They are approaching their first anniversary with a new addition to the family. When they came in to pick up their wedding album we were excited to hear that they would be contacting us for newborn photography. Once baby arrived mom and dad quickly called our office to get an appointment. We know how important it is to get newborn photos within the first few weeks. Those are the days when baby is sleepy and very easy to pose. We were able to find a time that worked out great for mom and dad to bring baby into our studio. An alternative would be to have us travel to your home for the newborn session, whatever is easiest for you. We were shocked to see how relaxed and comfortable these first time parents were when they arrived. Most parents arrive with bags of baby gear, car seats, multiple outfits and anything else they can think of to bring. Of course, we have props and wraps but love to incorporate any personal items into the session. This new family arrived with baby in dads arm and just a small bag with a few items. Wow, traveling light already! We hope that continues because kids start to accumulate many things they expect parents to carry. It was a breeze going through all the family photos because baby slept the whole time. Actually, other than a bit of fussiness between wraps he was a sleepy dude. Definitely one of those babies that has nights and day mixed up! And the roller coast ride from dad calmed him right down when needed. This little many loves to move, is that an indication of how fast he will be as a toddler? We are excited to find out. Welcome little dude and it was great to meet you.   #ravettaphotography #newbornsession #stlphotographer #studiosession #firstphotosession #newbornbabyboy

Find a photographer

We of course love when your online search leads you to discovering our studio! It is crazy to think that it was not always this easy to find a photographer. Whether you found us by chance, word of mouth, the phone book, or a google search, you chose to trust us with capturing your special moments, among the many options available to you. Thank you. As technology advances, we evolve right around with it. We are glad we are able to showcase our work in more ways than one, allowing clients to get a glimpse of our specialties even before becoming our clients! And we appreciate even more the time spent with you during your session, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Right away we knew this sweet little lady, beyond adorable in her beautiful green & gold dress, was going to breeze right through her first birthday photo session! She could not stop laughing at Tigger either. These photos reflect genuine happiness and raw emotion, but they also celebrate turning ONE! Mom and dad could not hold back their smiles while watching their little girl from behind the camera. Again, we are thankful to take part in preserving moments like this. When it comes to a Cake Smash you never know what reaction you are going to get. Some kids dive right in (literally), some do not want any part of it (maybe even kicking or screaming), while most are not sure what to do with the cake (especially when it’s all over their fingers). Regardless, every scenario ends in cute photographs with a funny story to share! The “icing on the cake”? We were able to deliver final images to the family just in time for the birthday party! So they could share all of their favorite photos with their loved ones. They went online to find a photographer and got the best possible outcome.   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #studiosession #oneyearphotos #smashcake #sheisone

Session at home

When we donate a gift certificate to an auction we never know who will end up the lucky winner. This gift certificate was for a park session, but we changed it to a session at home. The weather was going to be questionable and to load up two kids to get to the park only to realize it is raining would not be ideal. There was no problem for us to adjust the session to accommodate our new clients. We were very excited to capture all the combinations this family wanted. We started off with some family photos because we wanted to be sure the kids were comfortable with us first. It’s always a great idea to do that because then they can sit with mom and dad while they get to know our style. We often joke, play and have fun with the kids. So it’s best for them to see that before mom and dad step out of the picture. There was no problem getting big sister to smile. She even picked a few spots that she wanted her photos. She posed, smiled and then helped with little brother. There were plenty of things that she wanted to show us around the house. Mom and dad are very lucky to have such a great little helper. After photos of the family and her we focused on little brother. This was the first time dad was able to get a smile in a photo from his little man, we were there to capture it! The family had taken a couple of newborn photos but this was the first photo session since then. We captured so many different things, including a few photos with the family dog. We hope they were happy with everything included in the session at home. It would be a pleasure and make us very happy to work with them again.   #ravettaphotography #familysession #stlphotographer #locationsession #sessioninhome

Brotherly love

We are always happy to see some brotherly love. This birthday club session was all about Luke but his big brother wanted to be in a few photos too. We had no problem granting the request because Luke also liked having his brother near him. This is the first session that the boys were happy to sit together. It took a bit for them to realize they were best friends, but it happened and mom was happy. We knew these two would be on the move so a studio session was not the best option. Knowing that the kids need to stay in one spot where the lighting is best inside was not ideal for two boys on the move. The jewel box was a perfect location because it gave us many options to move around. We directed Luke to a few areas and bribed with some snack to get those smiles. Now of course an 18 month old would prefer to do everything themselves. So when we or brother tried to help Luke quickly indicated that he did not need any help. He could do it by himself!  We love the independence, but it does keep us on our toes during a session. The brotherly love was much needed when we wanted Luke to go to a particular area. We asked big brother to lead the way and little brother followed. We hope they exhibit this happiness all the time at home. Of course, they will have disagreements but the helping spirit is great! The next session is the big 2 year birthday club session. We are looking forward to what that means for Luke. He is already going so quickly that I think we may need to do the next session on the race track! Haha, we will run with you anywhere Luke, let’s have some fun! #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #birthdayclub #parksession #brothersphotos

Fun-filled session

We always know we are in for a fun-filled session when we make plans with any member of this family! This time around we had the honor of documenting the twins turning ONE! It turned into quite the celebration. Hannah is so great at creating birthday themes for her children – well thought out down to the very last detail. She also makes cute & custom items for them. The twins’ newborn session included handmade outfits by mom, so it was only fitting to have crocheted ice cream cones for each of them at their one year session! Incorporating your own props into your session makes your photos even more unique to you. We always encourage you to bring along anything sentimental to you, to showcase your current interests or better represent whatever the occasion may be. Obviously in this case ice cream was the birthday theme for this sweet little duo! Homemade props, birthday decorations, individual cakes – heck even the crowns & candles were made of sprinkles – all in all created another element of personalization while capturing this important milestone. Now we all know we can plan and plan and plan (location, time, outfits, props, poses, backgrounds, etc), but one thing we can’t know for certain are emotions. Our little Leo arrived all smiles, ready for his birthday party… and eventually became camera shy. Poor guy! Despite not wanting his picture taken, we were STILL able to capture him in the real moments of now. It’s okay to capture ALL the feelings. Beautiful, memorable photographs can still come from it. We might just have to work a little harder! 😉 Sister Blair, on the other hand, was enjoying every minute of being the star of the show! She even ended up with TWO birthday cakes! Seriously though, we also enjoyed every minute of this session with the two of them! Their personalities are really starting to show throughout their photos – sweet & adorable. Working closely with our clients and watching right along with you as your family grows is one of the greatest joys our small business brings to us. Thank you for always choosing us as your go-to photographer! We can’t wait to see what your next fun-filled session entails!   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #birthdayphotos #studiosession #happybirthday #oneyearsession

Family Memories

We often get calls at our office to capture family memories for a variety of reasons, family in town, birthday, just time to update photos or it’s a yearly thing for them. However, even though these are all happy reasons we have gotten some calls to take photos for other reasons too. Perhaps this might be the last time a family member could be in the photos, or someone is moving away. While this is very sad it is no reason to shy away from taking those photos. This family has worked with us before. When they got the news about a very special member of the family they knew a photo might help everyone. They have two senior dogs and one of them might very soon cross the rainbow bridge. With three young children in the family mom knew it might be hard for them to say goodbye. She thought that a photo with the dogs together would help give the children some happy memories that they could look at forever. Of course, when we heard the news we were very sad for them, but glad they decided to come in for a family session. These family memories are a perfect way for the kids to make their beloved pet feel special. While also having the lasting photos of them together. We were sure to let the kids posed themselves a bit with their friends. They each had a photo with him so they could have the opportunity to have a personalized photo with him. Even though it was a sad situation, the family was happy to be creating these last memories all together. We don’t want anyone to feel that they should skip photos because someone in the family or a family pet looks “too sick”. Memories help you heal after a loss. Photos also create nice family memories for everyone involved. #ravettaphotography #overtherainbowbridge #stlphotographer #studiosession #familyphotos #studiofamilysession #family #includethepets #familyphotowithdogs

New Baby Sister

One of our birthday club members was getting a new baby sister! During her two-year session a couple months ago we talked about baby sister. She was going to be a good big sister. We know this because ever since we have met her she has wanted to share with us. She is always handing us items she finds in the park, or after we let her play with our toys she gives them right back. Some kids take off running with those toys. We knew even though she didn’t quite understand what was happening she would be a great big sister. When mom knew the date she would be coming home from the hospital. She set up an appointment for us to come to the house for the first session in the birthday club package. The newborn session is always fun because even though the entire family is tired and trying to get used to a new normal, they are all overjoyed with happiness as the family grows. This was the first time we had been to the house. Just as we suspected big sister wanted to share everything. We had a bit of a challenge getting her to sit with her new baby sister at first, but after some playtime and “jumping” off the steps she was ready to sit. When we handed her new baby sister to her she just calmly sat and looked at the camera. It was probably some of the best holding we have ever seen from a new big sister! She did such a great job. Then as we worked to get photos of the baby alone, big sister wanted to help. She held up the backgrounds, gave us blankets and bows and watched as we took care of her new baby sister. She wanted to be sure we were doing everything correctly! We are so excited to have another member in our birthday club. These next months will fly by until the 4 month session. The kids grow so fast in a such a short time. We are looking forward to the journey with these girls!   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #newbornphotographer #stlnewborn #newbornphotos #inhomenewbornsession #babysister #newbornbabygirl #girlnewbornphotography #photosofnewborngirl

Fall Photo Fun

Fall photo fun may be over but that is no reason to miss family photos. We have an indoor studio that we can use to create memories. We can also go to your house! When we scheduled this session we really had no idea if there would still be any color left on the trees. The best option was to pick a location that would have other choices for the background. We use so many different areas in St. Louis but some of our favorite are the ones that have more than one option without going too far. The art museum is one of these great locations. We are able to utilize the trees, flower beds, but also the steps, columns and other wonderful stone on the building. The day of this session was very busy in the park. However, we were able to get so many photo options by just using one corner of the building. We were fortunate enough that there was still a group of bright yellow trees in the background. This really gave us so many options for fall photo fun. We wanted to accomplish a few things during this mini session, such as, a family photo and photos of the kids together. But a main goal was 2 year photos of Luca, he hasn’t had photos in awhile so getting some great options of him was a must. Luckily he thought we were just hilarious! Anything we did would make him smile from ear to ear. He is such an easy going little dude. His older siblings were very helpful at keeping him in the area we wanted for photos. However, we did see that Luca loves to tell everyone what to do. He was putting his siblings in spots he wanted, maybe we have a little photographer on our hands posing everyone? Overall we had such a great time during this quick session. We hope to have the opportunity to work with them again. It was such an easy session full of smiles and fall photo fun!   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #familysession #familyfallphotos #familysession #photosoffamily #outdoorsession #outdoorfamilyphotos #minisession

Photographing newborns

We have been photographing newborns for many years now. In prior years, professional baby photos didn’t start until around 3 months. We love the change to have the first session within the first weeks after baby is born. If you have kids you know how much they change in the first few months. Those newborn photos show truly how small these little bundles of joy really are when they arrive. This session was the second newborn we have done for this family. Big brother has had his photos taken with us a few times since then and we know we will take more in the coming years. Mom decided to focus on baby girl this time. Perhaps some family or sibling photos next time, but this one was her time to shine. Shine she did! She was awake when we started the session so we were able to capture some photos of her bright eyes before she fell asleep. She slept the rest of the session between wraps, outfit changes and even a few visits from the cat! Dad is a golf enthusiast so baby girl received a swaddle with golf images on it, a must for a few photos that dad can put on his desk! Mom mentioned that she didn’t have many bows or girly things for her, since she figured she wouldn’t  be wearing them much anyway. That is no problem because we have plenty of things we can use during the session. She did, however, purchase a lace outfit with a bow on the back. It was absolutely adorable, probably our favorite photo from the whole session. Although, there are so many other good ones as well, we love photographing newborns. We wanted to keep these photos pretty simple, so a clean white background is where we started. However, we had to add the pops of pink and purple for baby girl. She just let us wrap and re-wrap to our hearts content while she slept. Mom has too many photos to pick from now because baby girl did such a great job. Until next time baby girl, we can’t wait to see you at the next session! #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #newbornphotography #babygirl #inhomesession #newbornsessionathome #newbornphotos #photosnewborn #photographynewborn #newbornbabygirlphotos

Family is together

This family has been part of our studio for many years. We have photographed them at school, communion events, graduations, parks, in our studio and everything in between. The kids have grown up and are off to college, so when the family is together mom is sure to get a photo. It has been a few years since the last session because schedules are so crazy. However, mom was not going to let this year slide by without a photo. She set up a session around Thanksgiving many months in advance to ensure everyone planned for it while they were in St. Louis. The weather was a bit of a factor when it was time to confirm the session. However, the outdoor session was preferred over moving everyone to our studio. It is a very different look and when the fall colors are perfectly gorgeous you can’t pass that up. We braved the cold, but with the sun out it made the temperature feel better. It was important to get all the combinations of family members during the session. Ryan is the baby of the family and it was too funny when everyone wanted an individual photo of them with Ryan. He was getting a kick out of it until he realized he had to be in all the photos. Although, he did love spending time with his older siblings that he doesn’t often get to see. We know it is hard to get the older children in the same place at the same time, but we suggest really pushing it when it comes to family photos. When family is together that is the best time to capture the moments that won’t last forever. Our studio is happy to help make sure you have these cherished memories for a lifetime. Although, the kids make give you a hard time now, don’t give up and get them together for these photos. #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #familyphotos #fallphotos #familytogether #outdoorphotos #outdoorfamilyphotography #fallfamilyoutsidephotos #dontmissthephotos