Family Photos before the rain

Finally! It happened we were able to take a family photo. Sadly we had to reschedule due to rain more than once. It seems that it is always raining on the weekends recently so we set up an evening appointment. It actually turned out to be a wonderful night, clouds in the sky and a nice breeze. When this family found me in the park they said they were up for anything or any area in the park. Kristy said she liked the look of barns so we chose Faust Park giving us plenty to work with. To get started I had dad sit down and then said “now pose, this is it. Didn’t you know this was a photo shoot of just you?” The whole family played along laughing at dad’s reaction. This joke put everyone at ease knowing that we were just going to have some fun during the session. With three older children we were able to get in lots of combinations of photos. The whole family of course, just the girls and then the boys, even individual photos. I wanted a photo of mom and sister giving one of the boys a kiss on the cheek. We got the shot but not before I got lots of photos of them laughing since she probably hasn’t given him a kiss on the cheek ever. We did photos of them walking, jumping and showing off some sassy faces. They were really up for anything so did just that. Working with such a relaxed family all the expressions came through in all the photos. Great smiles, interaction and fun! They said they are hoping to do photos more often and will definitely call for something in the fall leaves. I can just imagine them tossing leaves at each other. I’m so excited!