Brooke and Harold had a wonderful wedding

Brooke and Harold had a wonderful wedding and we were honored to be a part of such a perfect event. The day started of simply with us meeting everyone at the church about an hour before the wedding. It is not unusual to start photography at the church, but what is unusual is having everyone there exactly on time. Girls were putting on the finishing touches when we arrived. The boys arrived shortly after, also exactly the time expected, this gave us the perfect opportunity to take photos of Harold with his family. The church didn’t have a place to sneak out back with Brooke to take photos so we thought it would be best to save those until after the ceremony. This way she wasn’t outside as the guests started to arrive. A traditional ceremony started this couple off on the right foot in marriage. They are not the type to want to be the center of attention. However, during these moments they were just smiling and took time to enjoy the words of the priest. Brooke and Harold looked relaxed, ready to become husband and wife, and start the next chapter of their story. But before that next chapter begins they celebrated with an elegant reception at the Sheraton Westport. We had a bit of time before we headed to the reception for photos in Forest Park. The day was beautiful and we found the perfect spots to take some fall photos. The park may have been crowded with other couples or families enjoying the fall weather, but that didn’t stop us from capturing those beautiful memories. Brooke and Harold decided that their kids were going to have a break while they took photos at Forest Park. We wanted to make sure they were in plenty of photos during the day so we planned to arrive to the reception early to give the children time to take photos outside. They were excited to have time to take photos with Brooke and Harold, these are photos they will enjoy forever. The kids packed the dance floor the entire night. They had so much fun celebrating the evening. We enjoyed watching everyone have fun all night long dancing along to the live band. We look forward to working with Brooke and Harold again in the future after such a wonderful wedding. #ravettaphotography #fallwedding #stlphotographer #weddingphotography #weddingphotos #stlwedding #fallphotography

Should you bring your pet, of course!

How often do you have photos taken? A few times a year, once a year or has it been more than a year since your last family photo? Why would you wait that long to capture those smiling faces? We know schedules can be difficult but squeezing in a mini-session is all you need to do. After a few emails back and forth we were able to find the perfect time for this family to take photos. It was only a few days before the session but the timing was great between other sessions at the park. They asked if they could bring their pet, of course we allow pets! It’s encouraged to bring them along to be in the photos. Pets are family members! They are not just part of your day to day life, they are sometimes the best company for you and the kids. Therefore they deserve a space in your family albums. If you’re thinking to bring your pet to your photo session, here are few things to consider. Location options could include a local park or your home. Being outdoors or in a familiar place relaxes most pets more than being in our office. Don’t forget the leash and treats help keep them interested. Lastly, we encourage a few photos of the family without pets. This means we would have pets wait near a bench or tree. Perhaps a toy to entertain them while they wait. These ideas work well for kids too – minus the leash of course! If your pet is not a dog that can go outdoors then let’s talk about the studio options for your family. When a family has older children bringing the pet along gives them a job during the session because they are usually posed close together so the children help wrangle the pets in the photos. Kid love to show off how well pets listen to them, it’s probably likely that they are best buddies. If you have any other questions about bringing a pet to your session feel free to reach out. #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #familysession #photoswithpets #familyphotoswithpet

The History of Us

Since we have a bit of time on our hands we thought it would be a great idea to tell you how we got started. Ravetta Photography has been in business over 45 years! The photography industry was very different back then but we have changed and adapted to the way we run our business over the years.
Lou has always had an interest in photography, even as a young child, so when his grandmother passed away and left him $200 he wanted to buy a camera. He thought it would be a wonderful way to remember her as well as further his photo interest. Lou started by taking photos of his girlfriend, Karen. They went all over St. Louis taking different style images and having fun. Then a relative of Lou wanted him to photograph a small wedding, he said no because he wasn’t sure he could handle a wedding. He just liked taking photos and didn’t want the pressure of a wedding. After some convincing from the family member, Lou actually changed his mind and agreed to photograph the wedding. It turned out that he did such a wonderful job his family started telling other people about him. So Lou ended up doing other weddings and portraits, then those people told other people how much they liked the photos. The ball was rolling…45 years later here we are! Those referrals at the beginning of our business lead to more referrals which is what keeps us going. We wouldn’t be successful without our clients telling others about us.
Remember that girlfriend, Karen, well Lou married her and they have been running Ravetta Photography together since the very beginning. At first they met with people at their home, until they had a daughter…spoiler… that daughter was Rachel! Apparently even as a baby Rachel had a photography interest because she wouldn’t let mom and dad work without being involved. This distraction caused the company to move to its own location. At first it was just an office area to meet with people because all the sessions were on location. The success of the business allowed Lou and Karen to invest in a better camera, attend seminars to learn from the pros, move to a location that had space for a studio and add studio lighting to what they offered.
Years and years later that is exactly what we are doing each day. We have updated our equipment to the best digital cameras, we are constantly learning – however we are the pros now so we often help others too. Social media wasn’t even a thought back when the business opened but if we didn’t use it now then clients wouldn’t be able to find us. Our ability to adapt to the changing photography industry only enhances the fact that we are able to make each client experience with us special to them.
Please keep sharing our name so in 45 years from now Ravetta Photography can still be going strong taking images of the next generations. Think about it for a minute, wouldn’t it be so great to help a business be around for almost 100 years! Each person we photograph that mentions our name becomes a part of our history.
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