Becky and Ryan

The wedding of Becky and Ryan started off on a beautiful fall day at a downtown hotel. We arrived to the girls who were getting ready and enjoying time together that morning. The detail shots of the dress looked wonderful with the courthouse in the background. However, the dress was clearly meant to be worn by Becky instead of on a hanger. She looked amazing and we knew that Ryan would have the biggest smile when he saw her come down the isle. But first we got in some photos with the boys at the hotel too. They were joking around from the moment they arrived, fixing Ryan – who clearly didn’t need any adjustments.

A traditional wedding ceremony helped these two start off their marriage. Afterward they did mention the two kisses they snuck before they were actually pronounced husband and wife – yep we have photo proof of it! We were able to take some family photos at the church before heading off with the wedding party. Due to limited time at the church we gathered up some family members later in the evening to do photos too. It’s always a good idea to get photos with those family members that came to celebrate.

The Urban Chestnut is a place that both Becky and Ryan enjoy going so naturally we stopped there to relax with the wedding party. We captured some great candid images of everyone that the couple are going to love. Of course, we had to get some more “posed” photos at the park however this crew was all about the fun. Ryan was picked up by the girls so then the boys felt left out and wanted to pick up Becky, that lead to lots of laughter. The group cheered as they kissed, moved in and out of photos quickly and keep the energy lively the whole time we were at the park. It was a shame we had to leave to get to the reception.

But really the reception was where the party really started. After a few touching and incriminating toast the dance floor was packed the entire night. Great to see so many people celebrating with Becky and Ryan. Thanks for allowing us to capture this moment in your journey together.


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Megan and Mason

An amazing summer wedding with wonderful families! This wedding was fun and excited from the first moment we arrived to the moment we left the reception. Starting off at the house with Mason and the groomsmen gave us the opportunity to get some rare photos of the grooms accessories while the men relaxed. Mason was ready to start the day, despite the heat, he was up for posing outside to get the best photos of his childhood home. The girls were also having a wonderful morning getting ready at the hotel. We met up with them to get those final touches of make-up and putting in the veil. Megan seemed very calm as she got watched everyone getting ready to go. She had her mom and sister at the hotel to help her into the dress, put on shoes and jewelry – perfect photos! A first look with the bridesmaids followed by a first look was a great way to start of the wedding day. Dad’s expression when he saw his daughter was just pure joy!

A traditional neighborhood wedding followed by a stop to the neighborhood hot spot really set the mood for the rest of the day. Fun and excitement! This group truly had a great time all day long and we were there to capture it. Megan and Mason said that even though we were dealing with a bit of hot weather that they knew photos were important, they wanted the best photos they could get, so with a few fans in tow we walked to some shady spots in the park to capture their memories. These two really got more than they expected when it came to the photos of their group. Everyone was looking forward to the reception and we expected nothing but a big party. The dance floor was packed all night long, the guest were enjoying the atmosphere and the time the couple spent talking with them. This wedding was a perfect summer wedding for a perfectly matched couple. We wish them the best of everything!

Girls in the park

A perfectly wonderful day at the park with the perfectly wonderful family. There are sessions that may seem challenging to parents trying to get the kids to cooperate, however we only need one split second to get the photo. We couldn’t stop smiling when we reviewed these photos, just so many to choose from in there. We have done many sessions together and when baby sister arrived the sessions changed a bit. Getting two children to stay in one spot adds another element to the fun. Now that the weather was nice we did the session outdoors, this makes everything a bit easier and harder at the same time. The open area gives the kids a chance to run around instead of having to stay in one spot like when they are in the studio. At the same time, running around keeps everyone on their toes the whole time, but makes it much easier for us to work with the kids in finding a location they want to sit.
We started off with some photos of the girls together because we knew that was something we wanted to accomplish for sure…well we got it! Family photos were great too because the smiles just kept coming from everyone. We did have to put in some bubble guppy trivia, but whatever works it fine with us. We wanted to make sure that each girl got a chance to have photos by themselves. Since Clare is old enough to tell us what she likes we took her photos in front of a door. She wanted “to see who was home” Despite the smiles we got I think she was a bit upset nobody answered the door, haha! Hannah didn’t get to pick her spots for photos however she showed us that no matter where we put her she was going to smile about it. I have no idea how mom and dad are going to narrow down from this session. Get them all!!

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A dinosaur specialist joined us for this session.

Why does it seem like our birthday club members are growing up so fast? After the first two years we see them yearly, which seems like a long time, however the time goes by so fast and then here we are again at the park for a birthday session. James was ready for his session when he got to the park with mom and dad. He had just gotten a hair cut and brought his prize from the salon with him. It was a rubber snake – boy did that come in handy. James didn’t have any trouble smiling but he really cracked up with the snake was dancing around, singing a song or tickling mom or dad. James did swing it around between poses and we quickly realized that it had some bounce to it, making it a sort of rubbery weapon when you got to close to him. It was just great to see him give it up when it was time for him to take photos again. Last time we did photos it was all James alone, so this year it was time to get some family photos. We got so many options because James loved smiling with mom and dad, his favorite was probably sitting on dads back for a photo! After some funny faces with dad, kisses for mom and some wonderful photos of James alone we decided to continue the fun. James really loves dinosaurs so we met in Forest park since there are a couple of dinosaur statues there. We knew that he would have fun playing with them, well he couldn’t exactly play with them, but he was able to hide behind them and sit on their feet. Of course, mom thought of everything and brought some dinosaur toys to play with during the photos. James sat down to play with the statues in the background, a perfect photo. He even gave us a lesson on some of his favorite dinosaurs as well as answered all the questions from dad about the types of dinosaurs correctly. Well, I guess he did because we don’t know much about dinosaurs! It was wonderful to catch up after such a crazy year. See you again next year!

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A spring wedding for Kim and Grant

Kim called in early 2020 during the time our studio was closed to talk about wedding packages. Although we were closed to clients coming in the office we were there to answer the phones and make sure everyone could reach us to schedule upcoming events. We knew that we wouldn’t be shut down forever! We had done a wedding for Kim’s sister so she knew that as long as we were available that she would be selecting a wedding package. Who knows what would be happening in May of 2021 but she was hopeful that everything would be back to normal. As the wedding day approached we talked about the possibility of spaces shutting down again or the mask wearing restrictions. Kim and her fiance, Grant, were so excited that instead of closing all the venues and mask wearing was easing a bit. They were looking forward to celebrating in a way as normal as possible after everything this past year. We arrived to greet a house full of girls getting ready, with 8 bridesmaids and 4 flower girls it was a frenzy of girls all over doing hair and make-up. Surprisingly they were running pretty much on time! Kim and Grant decided that they did not want to see each other prior to the ceremony so instead we did all the photos of the groomsmen first followed by all the photos of the bridesmaids. This way we were able to save time after the ceremony and focus on photos of the newly married couple together. The day just went by so fast that it seemed like we were doing photos of them together before we knew it! A very accommodating wedding party listened to the strict instructions of go behind the venue to the lake and don’t stop at the bar or talk to anyone. They all did as they were told so we quickly were able to get those photos done so they could go mingle. Kim and Grant spent a bit more time enjoying each others company as we did photos and the video guys got some wonderful drone footage. I’m sure there was lots of stress going into this event not knowing what they would be allowed to do, however as Grant stated in his speech it was amazing for everyone to come out and freely celebrate with them. They were so grateful to have such a perfect day. We wish them all the best and know we will see them again. 

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A new family has been born

It seems like only a few weeks ago we were working with this couple in the park for their maternity session. Now here we are doing newborn photos. Baby Bobby had decided he was going to come just a little bit earlier than expected. Mom said it almost seems like he was kicking his way out of there because he was ready to greet the world. We didn’t doubt that for one moment because Bobby is surely strong. Throughout the session he was awake and kicking his legs the whole time. We had asked mom if he ever stayed still throughout her pregnancy and the answer was “not very much.” We do say having newborn photos within the first two weeks is the best because after that the babies are more active and alert. Bobby was already both of those at only eight days! Mom and dad said they totally understand the parents that don’t realize how quickly the first weeks go by and trying to get in before the two weeks is a challenge. But they wanted to try to get in as soon as they could so that they could get these precious newborn photos as he is already changing from day one. The images we captured of the family, mom and Bobby, as well as, dad and Bobby are ones that they will cherish forever. Everyone looks so happy! There even a few photos of body giving us a little smile, which will be great to show family and friends. With many out-of-town family the new mom and dad have had a bit of a chance to relax with just the three of them before some people come in town to meet the new addition. At that point we’re sure that they will welcome some additional hands on deck. Babies change and grow so fast, as mom stated during the session, having these newborn photos and various sessions throughout the first year are really great way to capture all of the little faces. We hope to work with Bobby again in the future and perhaps have a new birthday club member

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A generation photo of the girls

 We met these girls at the park for a wonderful generation photo. Grandpa decided that he wanted his daughter, wife and granddaughter to have a photo taken together for Mother’s Day. What a wonderful idea, we think all families should do this. After rescheduling due to rain we were blessed with a nice cool cloudy day, perfect for photos. Savanna, the youngest of the generations, was all smiles the entire session. It was very easy to get many photos! The matching shirts were a wonderful touch to add some personalization to these memorable photos. After photos of all the girls together we also added in some of Savannah and Nonna, as well as, Savannah and mom. We got so many options in such a short mini session time slot! We had originally wanted to do some pictures of Savannah splashing in the water since it was nearing summer and she is learning to sit up. However, the water was looking a little rough so we skipped that and took some photos with the blooming flowers instead. A perfect spot for a little girl in the park. Honestly these girls couldn’t have gotten any better photos –  cooperation, happy baby, beautiful day, everything was in their favor which is why they decided to get all of the digital images instead of having to choose. We recommend these types of generation photos for all families because looking back at these is going to be extra special. Of course there are lots of photos of baby but mom is often not in the photos and surely grandma is not either so having the three of them together in the same photo is truly just priceless. We will work again with this family sometime soon and know that little Savanna will be a happy baby during all of her sessions.

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Becky and James Finally Celebrate

Becky and James have been waiting what seems like forever to celebrate with family and friends. Their wedding was scheduled for April of 2020. Well we all know what happened in spring of 2020! They pushed the event back to June in hopes that they would be able to continue as planned with the reception. However, sadly that didn’t work out either. These two made the decision to get married with a small ceremony at home and just a few guest in June 2020. Then the reception would be moved to a date that everyone felt more comfortable gathering together. May of 2021 was that time! Finally, Becky got to wear her wedding dress that has been in hiding for over a year. We met this couple at a family home in Waterloo for unique images on the property. The originally venue was no longer available for the rescheduled date so the first plan of taking all the photos in one location had to be changed. I think these images are more special since it’s a family home that Becky and James were welcomed into as they finally got to celebrate their marriage. James gave Becky a “wow” when he saw her for the first time in her dress. A perfect reaction after he has been waiting so long to see his beauty. The weather called for rain but we got in all the photos before a drop hit the ground. We were very lucky with all the locations close together for us to take photos. They are going to have a very hard time picking photos from these images as well as the images taken back in June. I’m sure they will decide to keep many of them as a reminder of two wonderful days that made up their wedding celebration. The reception was filled with smiling faces who were very excited to be there for Becky and James. The toast spoke of how perfect these two fit together, how they have been enjoying married life for almost a year and the excitement that finally everyone was able to be together. They truly deserved this reception and we know they had a great time all night long. Congratulations! 

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Hey what do you say – There is a baby on the way!

What would be a good gift for a mother? What about a mother that is expecting her second child? We think any mother would like photos! They can be photos of dad and the kids, just the kids but better yet include mom in those photos. She is probably often behind the camera so let her have a moment to in front of the lens. We got a call from Steve because he wanted to give Valerie a maternity session for mother’s day. Way to go dad!! We were not only excited about this wonderful gift but also that this great family was expecting another baby. We met at Forest park and talked to mom about what she wanted to do. Knowing her son’s short attention span she was hoping to get a few family photos and a few of him with her belly. Phillip did need a bit to warm up to taking photos but then he kept trying to get so close to the camera that I could only see one eye. We couldn’t stop laughing! He started getting very silly, wanting to just run and play. Mom talked to him about how important these photos were to her so it would make her happy if he stood and smiled for some photos. Well, that is exactly what Phillip did next. Such a great listener! We got some perfect images of him listening to his baby sibling, well he may have been told to listen to the flower on moms dress but hey whatever works, right. We know Phillip is going to be a nice big brother, we are looking forward to seeing everyone again in a couple months for a newborn session. A new birthday club member is always very exciting for us. Thanks for letting us capture these moments for your family.

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Make me laugh mom – show me your belly

A little wind never hurt anybody right. That’s what we had to deal with during this little girls 18 month birthday club session. When mom and Hannah arrived at the park we decided to play a little peekaboo getting her warmed up to the idea of taking some photos. Hannah is very attached to mom so she was never far while we snapped some images of her laughing and playing. Being a birthday club member and also having an older sister part of the birthday club it is sometimes nice for the little ones to just have a session all by themselves which also makes it a bit easier on mom only having to get one child ready and not multiple children and themselves for a family photo. But don’t forget to put in a couple family photos during those sessions! After a few photos Hannah warmed up to the idea of being at the park and we were able to get many smiles and decided that we could even go ahead and change her outfit to get a new look. With the winds causing her hair to be all over a high ponytail with a big bow on top was a perfect alternative and Hannah looked super sweet, go big or go home when it comes to the bows! Other than the great photos and smiles from sweet little Hannah the best part about the session was the things we had to do in order to make Hannah laugh. Moms will really do anything for those wonderful smiles of the little ones and this mom knew that belly buttons crack up Hannah in the best way possible. It started by lifting up Hannah‘s shirt to show us her belly button. We got a great image of her with a bigger smile at her shirt up pointing at her belly button but of course all of the photos couldn’t be with Hannah’s shirt up. So instead mom did a little peek of her belly button in order for Hannah to crack up laughing. We really appreciate the links but some moms will go because they know what will make their child laugh. Will see you again in a few months Hannah for your two year session we can’t wait to see how much you have grown. #ravettaphotography #birthdayclub #stlphotographer #parkphotos