Little girl with lots of sass!

We have worked with this family for so many years now it seems that some sessions become easier and easier. But this sassy little girl tends to give us a run for our money each time we see her. However, we are always up for it and mom is always prepared to get in the photo if needed. To be honest,  the photos we get with mom in them playing with her daughter are just super sweet. So having those is an extra bonus along with all the great photos that we end up with at the end of the session. Some children just take a little bit more warming up to the photos than others. Instead of sitting them down and laughing and singing songs we need to quietly relax look around our surroundings, play with some flowers, or watch some passerby people until the children are ready to smile. That is exactly what we had to do with Adelynn. Unfortunately, when we arrived at the park it started to drizzle a little bit but we looked at the weather and decided we were going to give it a try no matter what. We tucked ourselves under some trees watch the ducks for a little bit. Then moved to some beautiful flowers – looking and smelling those helped calm her down. After that she was all smiles the rest of the session! She sat on her a little bench, she danced and stomped around, and she laughed at the silly sounds mom made for her. With two older brothers this little one needs to stand her own and she definitely does. Mom says she has her hands full and we don’t doubt that on bit. However, this sweet little girl, once warmed up gives us the most precious photos will see you next time Adelynn.

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