Family is together

This family has been part of our studio for many years. We have photographed them at school, communion events, graduations, parks, in our studio and everything in between. The kids have grown up and are off to college, so when the family is together mom is sure to get a photo. It has been a few years since the last session because schedules are so crazy. However, mom was not going to let this year slide by without a photo. She set up a session around Thanksgiving many months in advance to ensure everyone planned for it while they were in St. Louis. The weather was a bit of a factor when it was time to confirm the session. However, the outdoor session was preferred over moving everyone to our studio. It is a very different look and when the fall colors are perfectly gorgeous you can’t pass that up. We braved the cold, but with the sun out it made the temperature feel better. It was important to get all the combinations of family members during the session. Ryan is the baby of the family and it was too funny when everyone wanted an individual photo of them with Ryan. He was getting a kick out of it until he realized he had to be in all the photos. Although, he did love spending time with his older siblings that he doesn’t often get to see. We know it is hard to get the older children in the same place at the same time, but we suggest really pushing it when it comes to family photos. When family is together that is the best time to capture the moments that won’t last forever. Our studio is happy to help make sure you have these cherished memories for a lifetime. Although, the kids make give you a hard time now, don’t give up and get them together for these photos. #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #familyphotos #fallphotos #familytogether #outdoorphotos #outdoorfamilyphotography #fallfamilyoutsidephotos #dontmissthephotos

Fast paced lives, make time for photos

We know sometimes the days seem long but even though we are living fast paced lives, make time for photos. It can be hard to find a time to get everyone together between school and extra activities. As our birthday club members get older the sessions are easier. Putting it together at home with the outfits, timing and maybe a bit of bribing might be the harder part. We were able to squeeze this session in on a perfect fall day. It is always a gamble with the weather and the leaves but they got a perfect weekend. The park was covered with colorful trees and even some leaves on the ground to play in. This family took a moment from their fast paced lives to make time for photos. When we met in the park the kids seems a bit sleepy. I guess we disturbed their normal weekend relaxing. Who are we kidding, these kids are up and going to all sorts of games on the weekends. Perhaps photos are boring to them and put them to sleep. Either way we woke them up with some silly stuff and got going on the session. We had to pack in lots of different things since all three kids are in the birthday club. The plan was to get individual photos, family photos and also the siblings together. We did all those photos with some silly stuff mixed in. Photos with mom and the kids and dad with the kids even made the list since they were doing so well. They had so many photos this time, the sessions are getting easier as the kids get older. They almost pose themselves sometimes, or at least they think they do which makes some great personality photos of the kids. We enjoy working with them each time we meet and look forward to many more birthday club sessions. Of course, we will get them squeezed into the schedule because even though we are fast paces, we need to make time for photos.     #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #birthdayclub #fallphotos #outdoorsession #familyphotos #famiysessionoutside #havingfun #onthemove

Ready to create memories together

We were very excited the wedding day of Alexis and Brian had arrived. The engagement session we did this summer was magical so we knew the wedding would have equally as much magic. Alexis and Brian are always ready to create memories together. We are happy we were the ones selected to capture these special moments. The day of photography started with Alexis getting ready with her girls. Many weddings we attend have a bunch of girls trying to all get ready in the same place at the same time. However, Alexis opted to only include her children in the wedding party. This made the morning super relaxed since it was a bit more special and intimate. We knew the boys were off getting ready somewhere but we didn’t plan to see them until we arrived at the park. The ceremony was under a gazebo in a park with Alexis and Brian surrounded by close friends and family. She wanted to be sure that Brian didn’t see her before she walked down the isle. She definitely made the right decision because the look on his face when he saw her was magical. They just have that magic chemistry that surrounds them when they are together. We could see it during the engagement session and the wedding day was no different! A quick ceremony led us into the family photos. There were so many family members that wanted to be a part of the photos. The love from all those around them was overflowing. They have so much support in their marriage and also for their family. Alexis and Brian are now a family of 5, the kids enjoyed being a part of the wedding. They even had a small little photo shoot with the second photographer because they had so many poses to do. Once all the family photos were completed, but before we headed to the party, there was a bit of time for just Alexis and Brian to create memories together. Yet again, the photos we got were so wonderful. We only gave them a small amount of direction but they just ran with it. The results were…yep, magical! We hope to have the opportunity to work with them again in the future.   #ravettaphotography #weddingphotography #stlphotographer #fallwedding #weddingphotos #outdoorwedding #photosinthepark #stlwedding

Andrea and Tim are getting married

Andrea and Tim are getting married and we are so happy to caputure the event. Andrea has known Karen and Lou Ravetta, the owners, for a few years now. Her family lives close to them and her parents are often socializing with Karen and Lou. Our studio worked with her for a mom and me session a few years back. It was such a great session because her and her daughter are super photogenic and know how to relax in front of the camera. Karen called the office and told us to hold the date for Andrea and Tim. At that point we didn’t have any information on venue or timing. They are just positive they want us there! Andrea and Tim will have a wedding in June of 2024 so having a fall engagement session was perfect. I had met Andrea many times while out at my parent’s house and during her last photo session with us. However, I had never met Tim and their new little girl. I was looking forward to taking some family photos during the engagement session. The day of the session was beautiful. The lighting was great and the temperature was amazing. We were able to take our time to get those perfect images. Andrea’s oldest daughter was such a big help with her little sister while I took photos of just Andrea and Tim together. We all laughed together when we tried a few “candid” type photos. Andrea and Tim wanted photography in motion but usually, it looks better when the photographer directs the subjects at least a little bit. This way they are facing into the light correctly with an appealing background. It may have taken a few tries to get the directions correct, however the results were magical. The smiles and laughter from Andrea and Tim truly show that they know how to have fun together. It highlighted their love ever moment of the session. Andrea and Tim are getting married and we will create tons of memories for them. We know it will be one to remember! #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #engagementsession #forestpark #familyphotos #shesaidyes #theywillsayido #parkphotos #fallphotography

Growing Families are so much fun!

We really enjoy seeing our growing families. Each time a new child is added we get to meet them and create memories. When a family of 4 becomes a family of 5 we are excited to document the moments. We enjoy seeing our growing families because it gives us a chance to catch up with them during the session. We photographed Abby and Jeff’s wedding many years ago. Then when they started a family we had the honor of capturing those moments. Sadly, when their second was born it was right before everything shut down so we were not able to newborn photos for them. However, this time around we welcomed the phone call saying they were about to have a third child. Abby called to get more information on how to set up the appointment before he had even arrived. It seemed like we heard back from her very quickly because Julian had decided to come a bit early. They were happy to find an appointment quickly so they could get those much needed family photos. We never know what to expect with sibling but these older siblings couldn’t have been any more perfect. They just loved their little brother! They were excited to take any photos with him that we asked and then also requested a few of their own ideas too. We were able to get perfect family photos and sibling images too. These photos are going to be a special memory forever! While the older kids played we focused on photos of Julian. Mom mentioned that he is always moving and she wasn’t kidding. He was either moving his arms or legs, then when those were all wrapped up he was moving his head or eyes. Such a curious little man! Since his best photos were him all wrapped up we focused on those, getting some definite wall worthy images. Of course, big sister came back into the studio a few time to check on her baby brother to be sure he was doing alright. She is just as talkative as Julian is wiggly – mom is going to be very busy with these two. Good thing big brother is around to help too. They are three great siblings who are very lucky to have each other for a lifetime. Thanks for letting us capture these memories of your growing family!   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #newbornsession #studiosession #familywithnewborn #babyboy  

A perfect fall wedding schedule

Such a beautiful wedding day for an even more beautiful couple! We were happy to help them put together a wedding schedule perfect for their event. You never know what type of weather to expect when you plan your big day down to a T, especially here in St. Louis. You can experience every season within a week, no matter the time of year! While we can’t control the weather our job, as your professional wedding photographer, is to guarantee your entire day runs smoothly. We can help you come up with a schedule, make a backup plan, pivot on a whim, and go with the flow of the ever-changing wedding day. Erin and Jeremy discussed multiple options with us about the timeline of the day. We started at the church with a few photos of the family arriving. Due to church entry limitations, we had told the couple we may need to add a few extra photos after the wedding. Everyone was prompt and ready to go so all the photos needed were accomplished before the ceremony. This couple smiled from ear to ear as they got married. The perfect ceremony at their parish had pews packed with family and friends. We quickly got to work afterward on the family photos as we planned in the wedding schedule. We knew from the start there would be a limit on sunlight for photos outdoors with Erin and Jeremy. But with the great schedule, we provided we ended up with more than enough time to capture hundreds of timeless photos. Late November typically brings freezing cold temperatures, and sometimes snow. Not this time around! There was even some fall color still peeking through! Jeremy, Erin, and their wedding party had a wonderful time relaxing together before the sunset! We even stuck around to take a few sunset photos. The evening was complete with Erin and Jeremy spending hours on the dance floor without a care in the world as they danced the night away together. The whole crowd was right there with them celebrating, laughing, and enjoying every moment. Congratulations!   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #weddingphotography #fallwedding

A one year construction photo session

This is the 5 session we have done for Tyson and Sarah. We started with maternity and then they joined Steel in the birthday club. Of course, his newborn session was sweet and memorable. Each session between also gave us some things to remember, Steel just not giving us any smiles. Maybe one or two but he was really holding out during each session. Sarah said he smiles all the time but when he got the office he just froze. We were determined to break that streak during his one year photo! Steel’s one year session was amazing. He started off with his usual “I’m not interested” face. However, once we found out he loved those fake sneezes we were golden. He just laughed and smiled the rest of the time he was at our office. Sarah was so excited for him to show off his dimples and bright blue eyes. This time he even had a few teeth to show off too. The theme of his birthday was construction because he loves all things trucks. We encouraged Sarah to bring anything she wanted that he would enjoy having in his photos. Some decorations from his party and a few trucks did the trick. He may have knocked them over a few times but he loved having his toys during the session. They had purchased a wall photo from Steel’s newborn session to hang on the wall. They have been enjoying that for a year! Now it was time to replace it with a new family photo and Tyson wanted something bigger on the wall. They love the photos so much that they needed to prominently display it in their home. Since Steel was already taking steps we know that his 18 month session is going to be one to remember as well. We will be chasing him all over, an outdoor session might be best! We are excited to see you again soon Steel, keep smiling for mom and dad.   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #familyphotos #oneyearsession #birthdayclub

Luella and her pumpkins

Are we allowed to have favorites? Of course we love all of our clients and enjoy spending time with them during the session. But after year and years of working with some we find the sessions are more like friends catching up. Rather than clients we work with for just a short time. It all started when we took photos of Alexis because her mom brought her to our studio. We photographed their wedding. Alexis and Dillon started a family and thought that our birthday club would be a perfect fit. We have been working with them regularly for the past few years as the children are growing. We sometimes take too much time talking that it’s more like friends catching up at a picnic together in the park than a family session. This birthday club session was for Luella’s 8 month. Alexis and Dillon decided to theme the photos with some pumpkins. They had all the right colors and sizes to put around Luella in the photos. She was doing such a great job of sitting, not great at standing just yet. Though dad let her try her best before she took a bit of a tumble, he had so much faith she could do it. Dad will always be her greatest supporter! My favorite part of the session was when we took a few photos of big brother pulling his sister in a wagon. For fun mom and dad jumped in pretending to struggle pulling the wagon. Just a fun moment and a cute family photo! Of course, we enjoy taking the regular family photos but throwing in a few fun ones is a nice change to the session. It also helps to keep the attention of the younger kids. After taking too many photos the kids didn’t want to sit still so yet again we took some time to chat. We really should schedule extra time for us to just have a picnic next time!   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #birthdayclub #familyphotos #parkphotos

Alexis and Jack had a perfect day

Hopeful but unknowingly Alexis and Jack picked the perfect day in October to get married. The weather was amazing and the colors were at their peak. After working with them during the engagement session we were excited to capture more images of this couple. Alexis arrived in style with her girls and parents in a limo while Jack was having a friend go pick him up an undershirt from Target. Honestly, that was the only thing that they needed to adjust the whole day. Everything else ran perfectly smooth for them from start to finish. Alexis and Jack are so lucky to have a team of people around them to help in any way possible. They will be supported in anything they pursue together because the support was shown today at their wedding. A traditional ceremony started off the day with the right tone. It wouldn’t be a traditional St. Louis wedding without heading to the park for some amazing wedding party photos. As we mentioned before the colors were perfect so it was hard to narrow down to just a few locations. Each direction we turned there was another colorful tree to utilize in the photos. They have a great mix of the typical wedding photos sandwiched in between the laughing moments they shared all day. They had enough time between the ceremony and reception to even take time to relax in the hotel room before greeting everyone at the reception. We attended cocktail hour to capture those family members that haven’t seen each other in a while. They were not shy about taking photos which makes our job very easy! Alexis and Jack are going to have a hard time deciding what images to include in the wedding album. After working with this couple twice this year we hope to have the opportunity to continue our relationship into the future. Perhaps an anniversary session or when they decide to start a family we will be lucky enough to capture those moments too! #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #fallwedding #weddingphotography

Marie and Tim

It has been such a pleasure working with Tim and Marie the past year. We first met when Tim contacted us to photograph a surprise engagement. They made the decision to also have us as the wedding photographer. Our packages include an engagement session. We did photos in the fall which gave us more opportunity to get to know them. Now wedding day has come and gone, we had such a great time with them again! We also enjoyed meeting their friends and family. The day started at the hotel with the girls. They were on time and about ready to go when we arrived. It was perfect for us to get the final touches of getting ready before heading out to do a first look with dad. We met dad on the rooftop of the hotel to get him settle to see Marie. His reaction was just amazing! He was so happy to see is little girl on her wedding day! Everyone quickly headed off to the church since it was an early 11am ceremony. The grand Cathedral Basilica was the perfect place for this grand couple to get married. They may have not met in the most grand way possible, on bumble. But when they did it was a grand romance leading to this perfect day. The entire week prior to the wedding had temperatures in the upper 90’s and even over 100 a few days. However, it was much nicer on their wedding day. Of course, still a warm June day but they got really lucky with the low humidity and breeze. This made taking photos in the park much nicer. The family and wedding party stopped by the Boathouse for lunch and relaxed a bit before we headed out to do photos. It was nice to see a couple have time to relax with everyone instead of just running from one thing to the next all day long. The photos we captured together are exactly what we expected. We got lots of laughs, smiles, kisses and interacting with friends. They are going to cherish these photos forever! Marie and Tim were able to arrive early to the reception so they had time to greet guest during the cocktail hour. It is always a good idea to plan time to talk with the people that are there to celebrate with you. We are happy that we also had the opportunity to celebrate with this grand couple. Of course, since we have worked with them a few times we are hoping to continue our relationship into the future. Congratulations, Tim and Marie.   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #weddingphotos #summerwedding #forestpark