Birthday Club member is one!

We set up the appointment months ago since the fall dates and times book up so quickly. Leo, one of our birthday club members, just turned one! This family got super lucky with the weather for their family session. Those little noses don’t last long in the cold weather, but we had tons of sun. And the temperatures were not terribly cold for November. When they arrived Lisa said she never thought she would be one of those people that did matching outfits. But when she decided she wanted plaid it just worked out better for them to all have shirts that matched. It looked great in the photos, and we think either is good for sessions – matching or not. It really doesn’t matter, as long as, the clothing coordinates with each other. The buffalo plaid that she decided was actually great for the location that we picked. They really popped on any green backgrounds we did and then the fall foliage made the family photos look very seasonal. Leo took a minute to warm up to us, however once he got going he just kept smiling. He enjoyed taking photos with mom and dad but also liked to show off his standing and climbing skills. He will be walking very soon. Mom brought a chair for him but he really just wanted to show us that he could walk around it. Then when we tried some photos on a blanket he preferred rolling around. We did get some cute photos of him kneeling and showing off his balancing skills. Throughout all the options Leo was just happy. Then the cupcakes came out! He was not interested in moving around once those cupcakes were in front of him. He just wanted to stay right there and “eat” them. He destroyed all the cupcakes but really didn’t eat much, he would put it up to his mouth and then just play with the other ones. We never know what to expect when we do the cake smash photos. Leo gave us something new – play with but not eat. It was just a great one year session, we are so happy that Leo is part of our birthday club so we can watch him grow. #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #oneyear #birthdayclub

New mom and dad are in love

We often do photographs for multiple family members and this past December we were at the home of one of our clients doing some Christmas photos of the family. We noticed an announcement for a baby on the refrigerator. We have also done this family members wedding! We were very excited to hear that they were expecting. We knew that when the baby arrived we would hear from them to set up a newborn session. The moment they got home from the hospital they did just that – they called the office and decided to have us come out the following week to take the newborn photos at their home. It’s always a personal touch to do the sessions in the nursery because we are then able to incorporate some of the blankets and decorations that are present in the home. We often come with multiple items posing pillows, blankets, wraps, baskets, and all sorts of things that we can use for the photos but we do like using personal items to make the photos unique. These items also make baby feel comfortable. When I arrived I had all of my usual items and settled in the nursery. Baby Jacob was wide awake which gave us some great family photos with mom and dad. We typically start with mom and dad photos so that they can then relax while we finish up with the individual photos a baby. Jacob got in his mind that he was not going to go to sleep for his photo shoot. He stayed awake most of the time and when we tried images of him unwrapped mom mentioned that he really doesn’t like to be naked and he told us that right away! We were able to get many photos of him dozing in and out of sleep as well as wide awake, as long as, he was wrapped or had clothes on. We did joke a little bit that as much as those naked photos are cute it might be a good thing that he wants to keep his clothes on. During the session we chatted about how well Jacob is doing with his sleep and feeding he is such a great little baby. Mom and dad are very lucky to have such an easy-going little guy. This being the first baby for mom and dad they were overjoyed by all of the wonderful images that I captured. We look forward to capturing more memories of baby Jacob in the future and at some point maybe even a photo of all the cousins together #ravettaphotography #newbornsession #stlphotographer #nurseryphotos #babyboy

Family Photos before the rain

Finally! It happened we were able to take a family photo. Sadly we had to reschedule due to rain more than once. It seems that it is always raining on the weekends recently so we set up an evening appointment. It actually turned out to be a wonderful night, clouds in the sky and a nice breeze. When this family found me in the park they said they were up for anything or any area in the park. Kristy said she liked the look of barns so we chose Faust Park giving us plenty to work with. To get started I had dad sit down and then said “now pose, this is it. Didn’t you know this was a photo shoot of just you?” The whole family played along laughing at dad’s reaction. This joke put everyone at ease knowing that we were just going to have some fun during the session. With three older children we were able to get in lots of combinations of photos. The whole family of course, just the girls and then the boys, even individual photos. I wanted a photo of mom and sister giving one of the boys a kiss on the cheek. We got the shot but not before I got lots of photos of them laughing since she probably hasn’t given him a kiss on the cheek ever. We did photos of them walking, jumping and showing off some sassy faces. They were really up for anything so did just that. Working with such a relaxed family all the expressions came through in all the photos. Great smiles, interaction and fun! They said they are hoping to do photos more often and will definitely call for something in the fall leaves. I can just imagine them tossing leaves at each other. I’m so excited!

Mom and dad very soon

We were contacted by Rob many months ago because we previously did a session for him and his wife. A few years back they were celebrating 10 years of marriage! They enjoyed the session with us so much that they knew they wanted to work with us again. This time they needed a maternity session since Laura is expecting. The baby is due in May so an April session with the beautiful spring blooms was going to be perfect. They selected the botanical gardens for this session, which was an excellent choice to get all the different types of spring colors in the flowers. Laura had a few things in mind when it came to the locations of the photos, it worked out perfectly because all of the areas she like had wonderful colors matching what they had chosen to wear. As we walked around the garden we talked about how excited they were to welcome their first child. They have nieces and nephews that are looking forward to another addition to the family. They done with the nursery – after a few snags with the furniture. Who knew that getting dresser right now could possibly take 6 months! Laura had to change the original idea on the wood color but actually loves how everything has come together. They have chosen a few names for their little one and have decided to wait until they see that sweet face to officially decide which name to use. How exciting! I will be wonderful for the family to finally hear who has joined them. We are looking forward to the opportunity to work with Rob and Laura again when we do a newborn session. We are hoping to have a new birthday club member soon! These photos are amazing and any others we take with this new family will be wall worthy for sure. Let us know when little one arrives.

Family photos in the park

 We have said it multiple times and I will continue to appreciate the referrals that we get from our clients. There was a family photo that we did back in the fall and because they enjoyed their experience so much they referred other family members to also have a session with us. The fall session that we did ended up being photographed in a bit of a rain drizzle because that was the best day that worked. We got some great images that the family now hangs on their wall. Oddly enough when we scheduled a time for the sisters family we did not realize it was also going to be a gloomy and a bit rainy day. However, because yet again it was the best day for the family we opted to have the studio as a backup location if the rain was too much. Luckily we were able to meet outdoors we just had to avoid some muddy spots in the park to capture the best images. This family consisted of a couple teenage girls who clearly have had their photo taken before because they posed perfectly and enjoyed the entire session. We also added in some full family photos because everyone was able to get together at the park including grandparents siblings and nieces and nephews. Don’t ever miss the opportunity to take as many family poses possible when you are able to get everyone together. With the chilly weather and all of the different options that the family wanted photographed we worked quickly and were able to get everything in, as well as, even some candid images of grandma underneath a blanket keeping warm with the kids and the little ones playing with aunts and uncles. It was a pleasure to work with this family again and we hope to have the opportunity to continue our relationship with them into the future.

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Happy Half Year sweet girl

Oriana is such a sweet little girl with a big smile. She really does make us work for it during her sessions. She isn’t showing off that smile without seeing us doing some tricks. Good thing we have lots of tricks up our sleeves. When the family arrived we talked about the plan for her half birthday session. We wanted to make sure to save time for pictures of Oriana along in her cute little outfit. Mom also brought a cupcake for her to eat. However first, some mom and me photos in simple black outfits. Oriana loves looking at mom so when we were working to get the smiles for us she wasn’t too excited. We did more candid photos of mom interacting with her so that we could capture that toothless grin. Another idea mom had was to take some intimate breastfeeding photos. These were just glamorous as well as special to the two girls. Capturing these moments between mom and baby are priceless. After a quick snack Oriana was more willing to give us those grins! While she got changed into her half birthday outfit we set up the scene with some a pink background, a banner and her cupcake. We were excited to see what she would do when she saw it. Mom said she didn’t really eat the practice one at home, but still just having the whole thing set up is very cute. Oriana is learning to sit up so we made sure dad stayed close by during her single photos. Mom then realized that she cracks a smile for her favorite song and dance that mom does for her. Yes! That gave us the biggest smiles in the whole session, way to go mom for dancing up a storm for your little girl. It was time to get some cupcake photos. Just as expected Oriana didn’t really eat any of the cupcake but did an amazing job of sitting up on her own next to it. We got so many images this session that we expect mom will have a hard time picking her favorites. See you next time Oriana. Here is some information about our birthday club. #ravettaphotography #birthdayclub #stlphotographer #stlouis #studiosession

I am one

One year sessions with our birthday club members are so much fun because we have seen them 4 times at this point giving us a chance to watch them grow. Some of the kids come in and are walking like crazy while others are still crawling. We see some that are “talking” up a storm or perhaps only saying a few things. Catching up with mom and dad on the new milestones is an exciting way for us to add unique poses into the session. For instance, if they are standing but not walking we need to show that off for sure by having them hold on to a box or chair. If they have gotten a few teeth in we need to make sure to get a great close up of that smile! Caeden arrived with a grin on his face ready to go – we got some wonderful photos within the first few minutes. Lots more perfect photos during the session but he didn’t need any time to warm up to us when he arrived. The more we see our birthday club members the better because they get to know us. The especially remember the toys we have for them to play with while they are in the office! We got the update on Caeden at 1 year, he is doing an army crawl most of the time but quickly getting ready to walk. He likes to stand, always on the move around his furniture while slowly adventuring off of it with a few steps. He loves to clap his hands, smile and imitate mom’s silly noises. He is not a huge fan of changing clothes but we decided since we had some great photos in the first outfit that we should give it a shot to mix up the options. He needed a minute to chill after the change but got right back into giving us some smiles. Even a sweet profile of his little face without a smile is just perfect at this age! Caeden is going to keep mom and dad on their toes after he gets the hang of walking. Perhaps an outside session next time so we can walk with him – looking forward to seeing him again soon. #ravettaphotography #birthdayclub #stlphotographer #stlouis #studiosession

Kelly and Adam

Kelly wasn’t exactly sure she wanted to make the phone call to us about changes for her wedding. However the changes we have encountered in 2020 are starting to not even phase us anymore. We have been very flexible with everyone, which we hope makes the stress a bit easier on them. During the summer engagement photos Kelly and Adam said that no matter what they were going to get married in December. They knew that the guest list might change or the day might look a bit different but it was just important to them to get married. Kelly called to sadly tell me that the decision was made to move the reception part of the celebration. They were just going to have a small ceremony with close family and friends. Maybe about 20 people there to see them share their vows – officiated by Adam’s dad made it even more special. We came up with the plan to use 1 of the packages 8 hours this year and then complete the package next year. Kelly couldn’t have been happier! She really had no idea what we were going to say but this option was absolutely perfect for them. Upon our arrival the guests were mingling a bit and we could tell they were very happy to be there to celebrate Kelly and Adam. A bit chilly outside of course but that didn’t stop us from getting photos of the family, wedding party and excited couple. The ceremony was perfect for the day doing exactly what they wanted to do on the wedding day – they got married! Despite the changes they were both all smiles, having fun during all aspects of the day together. They are looking forward to the party next year but for now they can relax a bit and enjoy being a married couple. #ravettaphotography #weddingphotos #stlphotographer #winterwedding  

Liz and Chris

Liz contacted us for her wedding because we photographed her while she was in high school at Notre Dame. We love to see our Notre Dame girls come back so we always offer them a little extra something special with our wedding packages. When she scheduled her wedding I’m sure she had no idea that she would be dealing with anything like we are dealing with right now. Luckily her wedding was scheduled for outdoors so there wasn’t a lot of changes to her guest list because social distancing was easy. The wonderful wedding day started off at a friend’s house where the girls were getting ready, unfortunately it was a little bit of a chilly day but that didn’t stop us from meeting the boys at a nearby park to do a first look. Chris was very excited to see Liz for the first time and as they pose for the first photos together the wind took the veil up in a very beautiful way making both of them laugh. This gave us some great moments to capture as they saw each other for the first time on their wedding day. We spent a little time at the park getting some of the great fall color but they needed to get to their appointment at Busch Stadium. The couple had secured a spot to go inside the stadium and take photos on their wedding day. This is always a special moment for brides and grooms who are real Cardinals fans! When we arrived there was a slight mist of rain coming down however by the time we got on the field it was perfect. We got lots of images that they will cherish forever. Chris even decided to take a photo standing where the manager watches the game, making it a truly fun experience for them to be inside the stadium and the dugout. The ceremony and reception were at the wonderful Lemp Mansion which had a tent for everyone to get underneath because it was a little windy and chilly. Friends and family of Liz and Chris we’re happy to be there to support them as they did their vows followed by an amazing reception with everyone. Despite all of the unknowns while planning this wedding everything came together perfectly. It was such a great experience to be with them on their wedding day we look forward to having the opportunity to work with them again. #ravettaphotography #wedding #stlphotographer #fallwedding

Candid Family

We’ve all had our struggles throughout this crazy year and we are thankful for each of our clients, especially loyal clients, like this little family, who return to us for family photos time and time again! Having the opportunity to watch your children grow, makes us feel like part of the family – even if it’s just one day out of the year. It reminds us that photography is such a rewarding career path and we appreciate working with each of you to create priceless memories like these! Our excitement grew once we booked this session! We always have such a blast when we gather to capture the contagious smiles of Grace & Bruce. They just want to play and explore – there’s nothing wrong with that! We love photographing the true emotions that come along with wandering through the park and turning our session into an adventure. From climbing over bridges to throwing rocks in the creek, and playing peek-a-boo within a willow tree to tossing around our green monkey, these two know how to keep all of us on our toes. You would never be able to tell anyone was a bit upset during this beautiful day at the park, but everyone gets a little over stimulated at times, and photoshoots often become overwhelming for the little ones. We fought through some tears with help from Mr. Green Monkey and all enjoyed taking a stroll throughout the outskirts of the Grand Basin at Forest Park! (Maybe we should plan on a picnic next time! How fun would that be?) We are so glad we were able to reconnect and can’t wait to go on yet another adventure with your sweet family. Slow down Grace & Bruce – you’re growing up way to fast! Until next time…   #familytime #walkinthepark #ravettaphotography #forestpark #stlouis