Fast paced lives, make time for photos

We know sometimes the days seem long but even though we are living fast paced lives, make time for photos. It can be hard to find a time to get everyone together between school and extra activities. As our birthday club members get older the sessions are easier. Putting it together at home with the outfits, timing and maybe a bit of bribing might be the harder part. We were able to squeeze this session in on a perfect fall day. It is always a gamble with the weather and the leaves but they got a perfect weekend. The park was covered with colorful trees and even some leaves on the ground to play in. This family took a moment from their fast paced lives to make time for photos. When we met in the park the kids seems a bit sleepy. I guess we disturbed their normal weekend relaxing. Who are we kidding, these kids are up and going to all sorts of games on the weekends. Perhaps photos are boring to them and put them to sleep. Either way we woke them up with some silly stuff and got going on the session. We had to pack in lots of different things since all three kids are in the birthday club. The plan was to get individual photos, family photos and also the siblings together. We did all those photos with some silly stuff mixed in. Photos with mom and the kids and dad with the kids even made the list since they were doing so well. They had so many photos this time, the sessions are getting easier as the kids get older. They almost pose themselves sometimes, or at least they think they do which makes some great personality photos of the kids. We enjoy working with them each time we meet and look forward to many more birthday club sessions. Of course, we will get them squeezed into the schedule because even though we are fast paces, we need to make time for photos.     #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #birthdayclub #fallphotos #outdoorsession #familyphotos #famiysessionoutside #havingfun #onthemove

Brooke and Harold had a wonderful wedding

Brooke and Harold had a wonderful wedding and we were honored to be a part of such a perfect event. The day started of simply with us meeting everyone at the church about an hour before the wedding. It is not unusual to start photography at the church, but what is unusual is having everyone there exactly on time. Girls were putting on the finishing touches when we arrived. The boys arrived shortly after, also exactly the time expected, this gave us the perfect opportunity to take photos of Harold with his family. The church didn’t have a place to sneak out back with Brooke to take photos so we thought it would be best to save those until after the ceremony. This way she wasn’t outside as the guests started to arrive. A traditional ceremony started this couple off on the right foot in marriage. They are not the type to want to be the center of attention. However, during these moments they were just smiling and took time to enjoy the words of the priest. Brooke and Harold looked relaxed, ready to become husband and wife, and start the next chapter of their story. But before that next chapter begins they celebrated with an elegant reception at the Sheraton Westport. We had a bit of time before we headed to the reception for photos in Forest Park. The day was beautiful and we found the perfect spots to take some fall photos. The park may have been crowded with other couples or families enjoying the fall weather, but that didn’t stop us from capturing those beautiful memories. Brooke and Harold decided that their kids were going to have a break while they took photos at Forest Park. We wanted to make sure they were in plenty of photos during the day so we planned to arrive to the reception early to give the children time to take photos outside. They were excited to have time to take photos with Brooke and Harold, these are photos they will enjoy forever. The kids packed the dance floor the entire night. They had so much fun celebrating the evening. We enjoyed watching everyone have fun all night long dancing along to the live band. We look forward to working with Brooke and Harold again in the future after such a wonderful wedding. #ravettaphotography #fallwedding #stlphotographer #weddingphotography #weddingphotos #stlwedding #fallphotography

Family photos for the holidays

 Some people may not know but we do all types of photography including school portraits. This year we added another school to the many that we have been working with over the years. There was a little girl who was absent for school picture day that came into our office for a retake. Mom and dad enjoyed the very short experience they had with us. They made the decision it was time for a family portrait. Of course, they then contacted us to get on the schedule as soon as possible to take the holiday photos.

It had been a very long time since they had had a portrait taken together. Brynn was such a sweet little girl, she made the entire session a breeze smiling and posing the whole session. We were able to take some holiday photos on our yearly set, as well as, some other backgrounds. Having a plain background means the photos could be hung in the house all year.

Brynn was very inquisitive about all of the things we have in our office during the photo session. The way that the lights moved around the different background options, our prop room, and what was inside of our wrapped presents. We will give you a hint – they’re empty boxes. Originally mom had thought she just wanted a few photos but after the full session before they were getting ready to leave she was considering the option of purchasing the download to all the photos.

It is wonderful to see after a session with a great family the opinion of “only a few photos to thinking I’m going to need all of these” is just wonderful. We then discussed perhaps an outdoor session the next time that they do family photos or even just photos of Brynn. Surely, they will continue to use our services. It would be an honor to work with them again in the future.

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Three boys and all smiles

We started with the wedding to firstborn, to second-born, and now the third baby in the family. We are overjoyed we get to work with this wonderful family over and over. During the last newborn session, mom and dad thought their family was complete, but baby Owen really wanted to be a part of this family. Now with three boys, this mom has her hands full since they are all under the age of three. The grandmas get together and purchase a birthday club membership for each child. Which of course, we think is the absolute best gift that can be given to anybody. The gift of photographs! We were recently at their home doing one-year photos and discussed how soon the new baby would be arriving. So when they came into the office it had felt like we just saw them a few weeks ago because we did!

Oldest brother Jonah did a really great job of listening and following directions. This gave us the opportunity to get some great photos of the whole family together. Then some of the brothers together, of course, one-year-old Miles was just on the go the whole time. We think that mom and dad are going to be very pleased with all of the options that they have from this newborn session. Despite having to continually put Miles back in the photo! Baby Owen was easy to work the whole time. We finished up the session using blankets and props that were meaningful to the family. A hat that has been used on both of the other boys was also incorporated into the photos. Then a few things from his room, which is farm-themed. We know there is a lot going on when you have three children but are also very honored that we will get to watch them all grow since they are part of our birthday club. See you in a few months for the four-month session!

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Pick a theme and stick to it

We have been working with this family since the children were very, very, young. They do annual photos typically some sort of theme. One we remember from years ago was the Wizard of Oz. We did the photos in the park and it was so much fun with each family member dressed up as a character. All of the children have gotten older some are out of school while others are still in college, but this annual tradition is really wonderful. They continue getting together to make these photos happen is just very special. Sometimes it is a simple type of a theme, like a sports jersey or it can get a little more elaborate like steampunk or this year the day of the dead theme. The family started the process of getting ready about 8:45 in the morning doing hair and getting the Day of the dead makeup painted on their face. That is commitment!  Everyone always arrives to the studio prepared with costumes props and even make sure to include something for their dog to wear that is in line with the theme. These photos have  decorated their Christmas card each year and I will bet when people open them they are excited to see what theme was chosen this year. We sometimes try to get the photos taken outside but since the best time of year tends to be around Thanksgiving, when all the kids are in town from school, it is chilly outside so we work with the background options we have in our studio. We know that the costumes and props will really bring any background choice to life. We thank them for continually contacting us each year so that we can create these memories for their family. We will see you next year and we can’t wait to hear what the theme is.

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Happy Birthday

  Sometimes there are sessions that we must schedule during days that we have an assistant, which includes more than one small child, big groups, newborn babies, etc. Sessions that are helpful to have an extra person but they are often times when it is just myself in the office and it works out better for the family to be scheduled on that day. That’s what happened for this one-year-old session. But with such a well-behaved little boy this session worked out perfectly. Except for when dad may have gotten his foot stuck in a hole at the park, sorry about that dad. He suffered in silence for a minute because he knew we were getting some great smiles, such a dad sacrifice! We were able to get some family photos first with laughter and smiles. We threw on some holiday hats to make them really look cheerful and winter-like. Then we decided to focus on baby Matthew who is growing so fast, not sure he can really be called a baby anymore. He is doing very well with standing up not yet walking any steps but to be honest that’s kind of helpful because if he doesn’t get away as fast when you’re trying to take photos. We did use a chair that was made by a family member and Matthews’s dad had his photo taken in it as well. Those traditions are always very heartwarming because we are the ones that get to create those memories. I will say we met in a unique location but you would never be able to tell from the photos and it shows that mom has a great eye when it comes to some cute little spots to do photos. Near their home is a cemetery that had a small pond, some nice trees so we were able to utilize this area. Of course, making sure do not to get any of the headstones in the photo. It’s actually probably going to be a funny story when told where these photos were taken but really you can’t tell. It was a location close to home and worked out perfectly, great eye mom! We look forward to the next session at 18 months where we are sure that Matthew is going to be running around and keeping us on our toes the entire time! #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #birthdayclub #oneyearphotos #outdoorsession

Baby Nate

Baby Nathaniel decided that he wanted to arrive earlier than expected. We did a maternity session a few months ago and knew Nathaniel was going to arrive towards the end of November. But he decided early November was better for him! When they arrived for the newborn session and we were getting started Amie said that he would probably sleep the entire time because that’s what he does at home. Except of course for sleeping at night when he is supposed to be sleeping he is wide awake. They brought with him a few important props to include in their session. We always encourage our families to bring anything that is important to them because we love making the images unique to each baby. Nathaniel is only about 5 pounds, he is such a tiny little newborn that some of the hats could cover his whole head. Dad said he’s been growing quickly and he just wants to know why at 10 days old he isn’t talking yet. We think dad has some very high expectations and also know the Nathaniel will probably meet and exceed all of them – except for talking at 10 day old. A few holiday photos followed by images with the army gear and police badges create a perfect way to honor the service of mom and dad as they take this much needed break to enjoy some time together with the new baby. Each time we moved Nathaniel from one post to another he almost was in perfect position just sitting in our hands and then we sent him down and he stayed exactly as we put, him such a perfect baby model! He even had a big grin in a few photos, some smirks, the sweetness of a sleepy baby and a few with his eyes wide open. There are so many options for mom and dad to pick from when they see the photos. When we concluded they had decided they needed to be a part of our birthday club which is very exciting because we would love to work with Nathaniel again and next time get mom and dad in a couple photos too. These newborn photos are going to make some amazing Christmas gifts for this family.   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #newbornsession #babyboy #birthdayclub

Welcome Hank

It never gets old when a wedding couple of ours calls to say they have a newborn and want us to take photos. To start our photography with any family just as they are getting started is an amazing experience and we hope these families join our birthday club so they can continue to come back over and over again. We love how the kids know us when we arrive for sessions, it really makes them happy and relaxed. Hannah was happy that we could come to her house to take photos, we love the personal touches that are around the room we can add into the newborn photos. Baby Hank was born a bit early but you wouldn’t know that unless someone told you. He seemed like every other 11 day old baby we have encountered, except for a few things. Since he was early he has an adjusted age which means that he was still super sleepy and moldable during the entire session. We were able to wrap, rewrap, pose and position him in any way we wanted. Usually right around that 10 day point the babies decide they don’t want to be posed as much. Another thing we noticed was his unique hair, we have seen blonde babies or babies with brown or black hair. However, Hank had a salt and pepper look to his hair only it was gold and brown. It is so unique looking! Hannah said he is a really great baby and she wasn’t kidding. He was very relaxed the whole session which allowed us to capture all the special wrap and hats that family members gave him. We of course made sure to include the knit set that Hannah made, she said it was her first time knitting, but the outfit look flawless! Since baby Hank was doing so well we had to make sure to include the first baby of the family, their four legged baby. Who was also super well behaved in the photos. This couple is so lucky and we really hope we have a new birthday club member because we want to see them again soon. #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #newbornsession #inhomephotos #babyboy

Sarah and Chris

We photographed a family photo for Chris a few years ago and he was happy with the results so when he got engaged he called us to photograph some engagement photos. Sarah also enjoyed working with us and so we received the honor of photographing their wedding. The day began at the hotel with the girls and guys getting ready. Of course, they were in two different rooms so we hopped back and forth until they were ready to meet the families in the lobby. Chris and Sarah wanted to keep with tradition and not see each other before the ceremony so we started with photos of Chris before he headed to the ceremony. Once we finished up with the girls we followed along to the church as well. Chris seemed a bit nervous, yet he was so happy all morning, and having his friends around helped calm him. Sarah was ready to walk down the aisle as soon as she was dressed. She was so elegant with her hair down and a sleek gown, Chris was surely going to grin from ear to ear when he saw her. Yes, he did! The priest at the church mentioned that he was just introduced to the couple shortly before the wedding. He said that they were so welcoming to him and easygoing about him doing the service instead of the original plan. That exactly explains this couple, they are very relaxed and well-balanced. In the fall you really don’t know what type of weather you will get but these two were super lucky. We enjoyed the wonderful day taking photos around Forest Park after the ceremony. Being close to the reception, which was at the zoo, helped us to capture every moment with this couple and wedding party. We headed to the zoo, which was also having the boo at the zoo event, and I think some of the little kids thought they were just dressed up for Halloween. With so many out-of-town wedding guests, it was truly a special event seeing this couple surrounded by so many people. Literally, the DJ had the whole room circle the couple for a song, it was perfect to get some photos of everyone around them. We hope they had a wonderful day and enjoyed the honeymoon!   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #fallwedding #weddingphotos #sayidostlzoo

Hey what do you say – There is a baby on the way!

What would be a good gift for a mother? What about a mother that is expecting her second child? We think any mother would like photos! They can be photos of dad and the kids, just the kids but better yet include mom in those photos. She is probably often behind the camera so let her have a moment to in front of the lens. We got a call from Steve because he wanted to give Valerie a maternity session for mother’s day. Way to go dad!! We were not only excited about this wonderful gift but also that this great family was expecting another baby. We met at Forest park and talked to mom about what she wanted to do. Knowing her son’s short attention span she was hoping to get a few family photos and a few of him with her belly. Phillip did need a bit to warm up to taking photos but then he kept trying to get so close to the camera that I could only see one eye. We couldn’t stop laughing! He started getting very silly, wanting to just run and play. Mom talked to him about how important these photos were to her so it would make her happy if he stood and smiled for some photos. Well, that is exactly what Phillip did next. Such a great listener! We got some perfect images of him listening to his baby sibling, well he may have been told to listen to the flower on moms dress but hey whatever works, right. We know Phillip is going to be a nice big brother, we are looking forward to seeing everyone again in a couple months for a newborn session. A new birthday club member is always very exciting for us. Thanks for letting us capture these moments for your family.

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