A new family has been born

It seems like only a few weeks ago we were working with this couple in the park for their maternity session. Now here we are doing newborn photos. Baby Bobby had decided he was going to come just a little bit earlier than expected. Mom said it almost seems like he was kicking his way out of there because he was ready to greet the world. We didn’t doubt that for one moment because Bobby is surely strong. Throughout the session he was awake and kicking his legs the whole time. We had asked mom if he ever stayed still throughout her pregnancy and the answer was “not very much.” We do say having newborn photos within the first two weeks is the best because after that the babies are more active and alert. Bobby was already both of those at only eight days! Mom and dad said they totally understand the parents that don’t realize how quickly the first weeks go by and trying to get in before the two weeks is a challenge. But they wanted to try to get in as soon as they could so that they could get these precious newborn photos as he is already changing from day one. The images we captured of the family, mom and Bobby, as well as, dad and Bobby are ones that they will cherish forever. Everyone looks so happy! There even a few photos of body giving us a little smile, which will be great to show family and friends. With many out-of-town family the new mom and dad have had a bit of a chance to relax with just the three of them before some people come in town to meet the new addition. At that point we’re sure that they will welcome some additional hands on deck. Babies change and grow so fast, as mom stated during the session, having these newborn photos and various sessions throughout the first year are really great way to capture all of the little faces. We hope to work with Bobby again in the future and perhaps have a new birthday club member

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