Just keeps moving

We are so lucky to have clients like these. Even though they have a 2 year old that just keeps moving they are on top of everything. They live a bit farther from our studio so we planned to meet about half way for this birthday club session. Mom was looking for some fall color and sadly the park she wanted wasn’t allowing photographers the day of the session. However, she found one lone colorful tree at another park. It actually turned out perfectly because there was plenty of room to roam. This little guy is 2 and he just keeps moving! We needed the room to run, entertain and chase him during the session. Mom and dad thought we were not going to get any photos. They were surprised by the number of great images we were able to get during the session. We often have to let people know that it can be frustrating when your 2 year old is not listening, but we want them to have fun. There is a group of people that think indoor photos are better because the kids are contained. However, that means they must stay in the exact area of the studio lighting. Placing a 2  year old back in the same spot over and over can get frustrating for them. When we can go outside for a birthday club session we love it. We can let them roam a bit more and that helps them have more fun with us. We would like for each session with our studio to be fun for the kids. They should enjoy seeing us and want to “play” while we take photos. This way they trust us and truly act themselves, giving us the opportunity to capture the perfect smile. Now this little guy was giving us a few smiles while we played together but the big belly laughs didn’t come until mom got out his favorite video. We think she timed it perfectly, because if you give the video too soon then they don’t want to do anything else. They have so many wonderful fall images that they will cherish forever. We are very excited for the next session!   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #birthdayclub #fallphotos #outdoorsession #familyphotos #thisistwo #havingfun #onthemove

Allie and John get married

Allie and John were smiling their entire wedding day from the moment we arrived to the end of the evening. They were lucky enought to have a beautiful day in September. We started off with Allie at her parent’s house while she got ready with the Bridesmaids. The house was familiar since we photographed her sister’s wedding. But even with the familiarity, everything was very different because it was Allie’s big day this time. Although weddings are very similar in structure each one is very unique. What stood out to us right away at the church was the excitement of the guests gathered together. Normally when a guest enters a church they find their seat and wait for the ceremony to start. Allie and John have way more social people in their families! They were wandering around greeting each other, hugging and enjoying the moments since it has been so long since they have been together. The coordinator had to make an announcement for everyone to sit down so Allie could walk down the aisle to John. We spent a good amount of time at the park taking photos of the couple with the wedding party. But first, we had to make a stop at their first home together. This photo is so sweet because this is the location they will begin their married life together. Many years from now when family is talking about Allie and John this is they type of photo that they will bring out. After a quick stop downtown to grab a few photos with the arch we headed to the reception. The theme of mingling, hugging, and greeting continued even here during cocktail hour. It was great to see that at a wedding and this carried on the whole evening. How very special to see so many people together in one place after such a long time. It has taken 2 years for the family to get together. At the same time, everyone was brought together at their event, Allie and John were brought together in marriage. We enjoyed spending time with them. Love and support will surround them throughout their whole marriage.   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #weddingphotos #fallwedding #stlwedding

Anthony and Kim get married

The wedding day started off very relaxed and that feeling continued all day long. It is hard for a couple to relax on their wedding day but Anthony and Kim accomplished the task. Were there a few hiccups? Of course, there is always something that doesn’t go quite right at a wedding. However, they both handled those hiccups in stride by continuing their day. They were going to get married today and that is all that matters. The winery location was perfect because it was everything all in one place. They had rooms to get ready, photo locations, lakeside ceremony and a covered area for the reception. This lucky couple had friends and family around them willing to help in any way possible. Each wedding party member had a task prior to the ceremony so Anthony and Kim could relax. From decorating the arbor and placing centerpieces, to applying make-up and sewing pants (yes there is a story there that you will have ask them) the wedding party really stepped up to help. We were able to get all the photos of Anthony and Kim separately prior to the ceremony. They wanted to keep that moment he sees her walking down the isle special. But we also didn’t want to spend the full cocktail hour taking photos. By doing as many photos prior to the ceremony it allowed the day to run smoothly and add to the relaxation of the couple. After a sweet but also hilarious ceremony where the couple wrote their own vows we spent some time taking photos of them together. We could have done this for hours because they were so happy to be married which showed in each and every photo. Not to mention the wedding party was having such a great time together too. They were just a great group of people that we were lucky enough to spend the day with at the wedding of Anthony and Kim. We hope to have the opportunity to work with them again sometime soon. Thanks for allowing us to capture these memories  you will enjoy forever! #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #weddingphotos #fallwedding #winerywedding

Sarah and Chris

We photographed a family photo for Chris a few years ago and he was happy with the results so when he got engaged he called us to photograph some engagement photos. Sarah also enjoyed working with us and so we received the honor of photographing their wedding. The day began at the hotel with the girls and guys getting ready. Of course, they were in two different rooms so we hopped back and forth until they were ready to meet the families in the lobby. Chris and Sarah wanted to keep with tradition and not see each other before the ceremony so we started with photos of Chris before he headed to the ceremony. Once we finished up with the girls we followed along to the church as well. Chris seemed a bit nervous, yet he was so happy all morning, and having his friends around helped calm him. Sarah was ready to walk down the aisle as soon as she was dressed. She was so elegant with her hair down and a sleek gown, Chris was surely going to grin from ear to ear when he saw her. Yes, he did! The priest at the church mentioned that he was just introduced to the couple shortly before the wedding. He said that they were so welcoming to him and easygoing about him doing the service instead of the original plan. That exactly explains this couple, they are very relaxed and well-balanced. In the fall you really don’t know what type of weather you will get but these two were super lucky. We enjoyed the wonderful day taking photos around Forest Park after the ceremony. Being close to the reception, which was at the zoo, helped us to capture every moment with this couple and wedding party. We headed to the zoo, which was also having the boo at the zoo event, and I think some of the little kids thought they were just dressed up for Halloween. With so many out-of-town wedding guests, it was truly a special event seeing this couple surrounded by so many people. Literally, the DJ had the whole room circle the couple for a song, it was perfect to get some photos of everyone around them. We hope they had a wonderful day and enjoyed the honeymoon!   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #fallwedding #weddingphotos #sayidostlzoo

Kate and Adam got married

Katie and Adam did not know what to expect when planning their wedding over a year ago. As we talked about the possible changes in number of guest or what would be allowed during their wedding they did not seem concerned as long as they were able to have some family members there and go ahead with the ceremony. As it approached they were very lucky that restrictions had been lifted a bit and they were able to continue their wedding as planned. We spoke a few weeks before the wedding about the locations that we would go on the wedding day. Katie and Adam had a list of places they wanted to go and it was unclear if we would be able to get it all in during the time we had. We knew that moving from location to location takes time but all you have to do is be aware of what time it is and make the decisions on where you will go in each location. When we arrived at the house to grab some photos of Katie getting dressed she was ready to get it started as soon as we arrived. We captured a few images of the details and then we got the show on the road by getting dressed and quickly leaving for the first look. As we prepared the first look location Katie was expecting it to be that Adam would cry when he saw her. Of course Adam was overjoyed and grinning from ear to ear but Katie was the one that shed a few tears when she saw him. We were able to get in many photos at our first location and then luckily found some great parking down by the arch and grabbed a few photos there as well. Theater was important to Adam so a photo in front of the Fox was a perfect addition to their wedding images. Finishing up at Tower Grove Park with the family photos and some impromptu images where Adam got down on one knee completed all of what the couple had envisioned for their wedding day. Except of course the ceremony! We arrived at the ceremony location Royal Orleans and had a little bit of time to relax and prepare before the guest arrived to witness their nuptials. Yet again Katie got a little teary-eyed as she walked down the aisle with her dad and afterward stated that she wishes she would’ve had a videographer to show that she was the one that shed some tears instead of what she thought would be Adam. A short cocktail time while they greeted some guests afterward was a nice moment for the couple to spend time with their guest. Once the dance floor opens we could not believe all of the dance moves that Adam had. He was really excited to get out there and have a great time. It was fun for us to see these family members relaxing a bit and having fun together not worrying about the fact that there was a chance they wouldn’t have even been able to get together. We congratulate Adam and Katie and we look for forward to working with them again #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #towergrovepark #familyphotos #lafayettepark #thearch #weddingimages #springwedding