Surprise mom with a family photo

I have known Heather since high school and along with many other people as we have gotten married and had children our lives have become very busy and it seems like Facebook is the only way that we are able to keep in touch. Heather had put online that she wanted to do a family session as a gift to her mom for her 70th birthday. Of course, I responded right away and to say let me know what you have in mind so we can make it happen. She had decided an outdoor session was a great option and really could not have gotten any luckier with the weather on the day that she selected. The plan was to move the photos inside if the weather was not cooperating but outside worked perfectly.  We met at Tower Grove Park to take photos of her husband children and parents all together to celebrate the birthday. Her oldest daughter had a headache when she arrived but really powered through it for grandma and mom. Making these photos special! We were able to get all types of photos for them to cherish forever. The generations of the girls, everyone together, the grandkids, and even mom and dad alone. I was honored that I got to capture these memories for them and it gave us a little bit of time to do some catching up on what has been going on recently. Sadly with busy schedules and everyone going some many different directions, we will probably turn into some Facebook updates for a while. But hopefully the next time they need a family photo we can get together and catch up again! #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #familyphotos #parksession

New mom and dad are in love

We often do photographs for multiple family members and this past December we were at the home of one of our clients doing some Christmas photos of the family. We noticed an announcement for a baby on the refrigerator. We have also done this family members wedding! We were very excited to hear that they were expecting. We knew that when the baby arrived we would hear from them to set up a newborn session. The moment they got home from the hospital they did just that – they called the office and decided to have us come out the following week to take the newborn photos at their home. It’s always a personal touch to do the sessions in the nursery because we are then able to incorporate some of the blankets and decorations that are present in the home. We often come with multiple items posing pillows, blankets, wraps, baskets, and all sorts of things that we can use for the photos but we do like using personal items to make the photos unique. These items also make baby feel comfortable. When I arrived I had all of my usual items and settled in the nursery. Baby Jacob was wide awake which gave us some great family photos with mom and dad. We typically start with mom and dad photos so that they can then relax while we finish up with the individual photos a baby. Jacob got in his mind that he was not going to go to sleep for his photo shoot. He stayed awake most of the time and when we tried images of him unwrapped mom mentioned that he really doesn’t like to be naked and he told us that right away! We were able to get many photos of him dozing in and out of sleep as well as wide awake, as long as, he was wrapped or had clothes on. We did joke a little bit that as much as those naked photos are cute it might be a good thing that he wants to keep his clothes on. During the session we chatted about how well Jacob is doing with his sleep and feeding he is such a great little baby. Mom and dad are very lucky to have such an easy-going little guy. This being the first baby for mom and dad they were overjoyed by all of the wonderful images that I captured. We look forward to capturing more memories of baby Jacob in the future and at some point maybe even a photo of all the cousins together #ravettaphotography #newbornsession #stlphotographer #nurseryphotos #babyboy

Family Photos before the rain

Finally! It happened we were able to take a family photo. Sadly we had to reschedule due to rain more than once. It seems that it is always raining on the weekends recently so we set up an evening appointment. It actually turned out to be a wonderful night, clouds in the sky and a nice breeze. When this family found me in the park they said they were up for anything or any area in the park. Kristy said she liked the look of barns so we chose Faust Park giving us plenty to work with. To get started I had dad sit down and then said “now pose, this is it. Didn’t you know this was a photo shoot of just you?” The whole family played along laughing at dad’s reaction. This joke put everyone at ease knowing that we were just going to have some fun during the session. With three older children we were able to get in lots of combinations of photos. The whole family of course, just the girls and then the boys, even individual photos. I wanted a photo of mom and sister giving one of the boys a kiss on the cheek. We got the shot but not before I got lots of photos of them laughing since she probably hasn’t given him a kiss on the cheek ever. We did photos of them walking, jumping and showing off some sassy faces. They were really up for anything so did just that. Working with such a relaxed family all the expressions came through in all the photos. Great smiles, interaction and fun! They said they are hoping to do photos more often and will definitely call for something in the fall leaves. I can just imagine them tossing leaves at each other. I’m so excited!

Mom and dad very soon

We were contacted by Rob many months ago because we previously did a session for him and his wife. A few years back they were celebrating 10 years of marriage! They enjoyed the session with us so much that they knew they wanted to work with us again. This time they needed a maternity session since Laura is expecting. The baby is due in May so an April session with the beautiful spring blooms was going to be perfect. They selected the botanical gardens for this session, which was an excellent choice to get all the different types of spring colors in the flowers. Laura had a few things in mind when it came to the locations of the photos, it worked out perfectly because all of the areas she like had wonderful colors matching what they had chosen to wear. As we walked around the garden we talked about how excited they were to welcome their first child. They have nieces and nephews that are looking forward to another addition to the family. They done with the nursery – after a few snags with the furniture. Who knew that getting dresser right now could possibly take 6 months! Laura had to change the original idea on the wood color but actually loves how everything has come together. They have chosen a few names for their little one and have decided to wait until they see that sweet face to officially decide which name to use. How exciting! I will be wonderful for the family to finally hear who has joined them. We are looking forward to the opportunity to work with Rob and Laura again when we do a newborn session. We are hoping to have a new birthday club member soon! These photos are amazing and any others we take with this new family will be wall worthy for sure. Let us know when little one arrives.

The gift of photos is Amazing

The gift of photos, what is better than that…nothing! When you are looking for that perfect gift you should get a gift certificate from Ravetta Photography. Our studio is more than happy to find the package that you think would work best for the person you are buying for or perhaps just a dollar value that they can use as they wish. When we got the call for Harrison’s session we were excited to meet him. It is always exciting to meet new clients and even better when our other clients refer them to us. Admittedly mom said that she thought about doing newborn photos then the world shut down shortly after Harrison was born. Then she toyed with the idea of 6 month photos, but wanted him to be able to do a bit more during the session. A one year session was the winner! Of course we suggest doing photos at all stages but if you HAD to choose then one year is a good pick. Mom and dad didn’t have too much in mind for the session leaving it totally up to us. Our creative minds went wild during the session in order to capture those cute little faces. We always play it safe and have a parent (or our assistant) stay near the children when they are posed up on a chair. We leave it up to mom and dad who they think the child would smile at for the photos. Harrison loves to see daddy’s silly faces so he got the job of being near the camera. His eyes lit up and those teeth came out as soon as dad got into action. We were able to get so many different looks in the backgrounds, props and he even had time to change clothes. Harrison spoiled us today, making our job super easy! We hope to work with this family again before they move from St. Louis, or perhaps they can just visit us when they are in town! Our session pricing can be viewed here. #ravettaphotography #oneyear #giftcertificate #stlphotographer #stlouis #studiosession

Happy Half Year sweet girl

Oriana is such a sweet little girl with a big smile. She really does make us work for it during her sessions. She isn’t showing off that smile without seeing us doing some tricks. Good thing we have lots of tricks up our sleeves. When the family arrived we talked about the plan for her half birthday session. We wanted to make sure to save time for pictures of Oriana along in her cute little outfit. Mom also brought a cupcake for her to eat. However first, some mom and me photos in simple black outfits. Oriana loves looking at mom so when we were working to get the smiles for us she wasn’t too excited. We did more candid photos of mom interacting with her so that we could capture that toothless grin. Another idea mom had was to take some intimate breastfeeding photos. These were just glamorous as well as special to the two girls. Capturing these moments between mom and baby are priceless. After a quick snack Oriana was more willing to give us those grins! While she got changed into her half birthday outfit we set up the scene with some a pink background, a banner and her cupcake. We were excited to see what she would do when she saw it. Mom said she didn’t really eat the practice one at home, but still just having the whole thing set up is very cute. Oriana is learning to sit up so we made sure dad stayed close by during her single photos. Mom then realized that she cracks a smile for her favorite song and dance that mom does for her. Yes! That gave us the biggest smiles in the whole session, way to go mom for dancing up a storm for your little girl. It was time to get some cupcake photos. Just as expected Oriana didn’t really eat any of the cupcake but did an amazing job of sitting up on her own next to it. We got so many images this session that we expect mom will have a hard time picking her favorites. See you next time Oriana. Here is some information about our birthday club. #ravettaphotography #birthdayclub #stlphotographer #stlouis #studiosession

Newborn Jacob

Jennifer contacted us about a month before her due date to let us know she was expecting her second little boy. We have done a few sessions for them since their wedding – newborn, family, 1 year. It was wonderful to hear that we would get to see them again while also getting a chance to meet the new baby. She knew the delivery date so we talked about setting up a time after she knew when she would be going home. It’s a good thing we waited because baby Jacob had different plans! He decided to come a few days early and then needed a simple procedure keeping him at the hospital for a bit longer. This pushed back his session a bit however he was still in that newborn baby window giving us lots to work with while they were at the office. The studio is prepared with many props, wraps, baskets, etc but we get super excited when families bring in their own unique props. It really makes the session more personal to them while getting our creative juices flowing! They are big sports fans so we did Cardinals photos and Bengals football. It was so cute how little he was compared to the football! A family member created some cute hat sets that we used – Jacob became a sweet little baby puppy. It was adorable! Now mom admits she doesn’t know much about Harry Potter but dad does bringing us a scarf, golden snitch and sorting hat. Jacob looked like he was ready to head off to school with his suitcases. Throughout the session we knew we wanted to get family photo which is why we started with those getting a few good images. Jackson was constantly on the move while not being super interested in sitting down with his brother. We just let that go which ended with him playing in the suitcases near his brother. Hey when you have a newborn combined with a 3 year old – whatever work, right!! I’m sure we will get to see this great family again soon and we thank them for always thinking of us to capture these memories. #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #newbornphotography #stlouis #studiosession

Get it done!

The Birthday Club allows us to see this beautiful family multiple times a year! We enjoy catching up and getting the opportunity to capture the important milestones of each of their children’s lives. This year we’ve seen them even more as we’ve been celebrating the youngest of the three’s first year! Not this time though – our focus was all on Aiden & Noah! After their busy morning of soccer, we met at Forest Park where the weather was perfect. (Sunny, but otherwise perfect!) The boys took their turns being photographed in between outfit changes, then we updated some family photos and got some shots of the big brothers with their baby sister! Mom even came prepared with a quilted blanket, which made for a cozy sibling photo. Sometimes it takes a few bribes for those non-fake smiles. In this instance, “Bakugan” did the trick! Little did we know, Bakugans are small transforming toys that become various creatures after you throw them down or hit them on something metal. We got to check them out after the shoot! How fun! It’s always helpful to bring some extra hands to your session. Dad kept Adelynn busy while it wasn’t her time to shine, but the boys are pros at this point, so he didn’t have to keep her busy for long! We ventured around the Jewel Box and ended our session at a giant structure the boys enjoyed climbing onto. The number of times we have been to Forest Park is unbelievable, but we always find a way to make each session unique! Aside from all the location possibilities within the park, they are constantly changing up the horticulture. Birthday Club sessions are a constant reminder of how valuable photographs are. These kids grow so much in a years’ time! We love capturing these milestones – from newborn to twelve years old. This family is never too busy to squeeze in a session at a nearby park! #brothers #forestparkforever #ravettaphotography #birthdayclub

Family at home

Birthday club sessions are fun and we enjoy catching up with our families. With everything gone on we got a bit behind on scheduling this wonderful little girls one year session, she is actually 14 months. But that’s alright we were still happy to see her and how much she has grown over the past months. We have never done a session at home with this family despite the fact that we have been doing photos with them for over 4 years. It was a great time to get this done while at the same time having a session that is more personal to them at home. Being August of course it was warm but since we have all be working together for so long we knew exactly what we wanted so we could work quickly. Of course a nice family photo was how we got started. First of all this helps the kids warm up to photos without mom and dad just putting them down and walking away. With mom and dad in the photos it puts them at ease about us being at their house. After we got some amazing family images it was time to focus on the girls. We sat them down for a photo together and the lovingly looked at each other. Oh my, that image had to be captured! They just looked so sweet and who knows how long that will last. Since we were there for a one year photo shoot we finished up with single images of the birthday girl. She was walking so we had to be careful where we placed her and at the same time she was very smart about where she wanted to stand. Of course we worked with that and didn’t force the issue on any pose because we know that would just make a for sad little girl. The funny part was as much as she walks mom wasn’t sure she had ever walked barefoot in grass so when we put her down she just stood still, very unsure of what was touching her feet. Helpful to keep her in one spot but the smiles were harder to get because she was concerned about the tickles on her toes. Overall we got great images yet again and we will see you in the fall for another birthday club session. #birthdayclub #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #oneyear #familyoutside

Jenna and Joe

Jenna and I started an email thread about setting up an engagement session and little did we know how many times we would be emailing back and forth. We traded dates a couple times, then had to move because we were not able to operate and Jenna couldn’t find anyone to do her hair and makeup. Then we were on the fence depending on if Joe could get a haircut. Finally we were able to meet and get the session done! I’m glad everything worked out in the end because they really got a wonderful evening to do the photos. We met at the park and I could tell Jenna was excited to get the photos done. I went over some thoughts on where we would be doing photos, types of photos and asked if they had any questions. The only thing they mentioned is they just wanted some nice photos of the two of them together, no need to get crazy with jumping around or silly stuff. That sounded good to me, really Jenna and Joe made the session super easy because they interacted well with each other. Of course all couples need a bit of direction on how to stand or pose but once it was set they handled the rest. They were so happy with the results, but really that was all them making my job easy! A relaxed couple that enjoys spending time together helps make the photos perfect, it captures all the emotions. I knew I had to get the photos ready quickly so they could select images for the save the date cards. I’m sure everyone that gets a card will love the results too since these two are just a great pair. I look forward to photographing the wedding later this year. #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #engagementphotos #stlfaces #outdoorsession