Perfect spring wedding

Did you envision a perfect spring wedding when you were planning for your event? Lily and Brad were hoping they would get a wonderful day and they did! Not only was the weather wonderful but everything went smoothly from start to finish. This perfect spring wedding started with us meeting them at the hotel to capture those final touches of getting ready. The couple was very relaxed even seeing each other before they got dressed. We planned a first look but they didn’t mind getting all the details sorted out up until the time they got dressed. At that point we set up a grand first look, with their girls watching close by. We couldn’t keep them away from this moment but the photos of them watching through the window are adorable. After the first look we ventured to the park for wedding party photos. We decided due to other events in Forest Park that it was best to stay out of there so we chose Oak Knoll. This is a small little park near the ceremony location that worked out perfectly. The wedding party enjoyed having some fun together before the serious portion of the day. Lily and Brad really embraced the moments they had together throughout the day. We appreciate that they stuck to their plan of making sure to spend time alone together. They had decided to spend the cocktail hour just the two of them. No photos, no guests, just some drinks and time alone. After a very emotional ceremony, where the their daughter had tears of joy flowing, the girls found it hard to stay away from mom but the couple needed those moments together. Having done all the photos before the ceremony the couple was able to relax and enjoy the reception. We enjoyed watching them have fun surrounded by friends and family at their perfect spring wedding. Thanks for letting us capture these moments. #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #springwedding #stlwedding #weddingphotography

Matching milestones

Many photographers have milestone sessions, we are no different, however we call ours the birthday club. When you join the birthday club with your first child you have no idea if you are going to want matching milestones with any other children. Our studio keeps your files on record for years. So if you expand your family and decide you want photos to match we have you covered. This works especially well if you do a studio session, because, of course we have no control over what happens and changes at the park. Mom called for this session and said that she wanted to match a few photos from her oldest’s session when he was the same age. We brought up the photos from that session so we were very prepared when they arrived. The kids have matching frames at home so we wanted to be sure to get the exact photo to put in that frame for the family. Since we had just recently done family photos mom decided to keep this session focused on the kids. We knew that big brother wasn’t going to last too long. But also he was so excited that he needed a bit of time to settle in before we started photos. Since baby girl had a couple outfits we started with her. She looked like a perfect little princess her lace and ruffle dress. She has such a sweet smile and bright eyes that she truly looked like a doll in her photos. Brother was ready to join for some photos with his sister. She patiently waited while he wiggled next to her. However, once we put her in his arms he was a wonderful big brother and held her perfectly. Of course these photos were not matching milestones, but perhaps we are creating new photos to match in the future. We will see you next time!     #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #indoorlocation #birthdayclub #studiosession #birthdayphotos #stlouis #milestones

Family Memories

We often get calls at our office to capture family memories for a variety of reasons, family in town, birthday, just time to update photos or it’s a yearly thing for them. However, even though these are all happy reasons we have gotten some calls to take photos for other reasons too. Perhaps this might be the last time a family member could be in the photos, or someone is moving away. While this is very sad it is no reason to shy away from taking those photos. This family has worked with us before. When they got the news about a very special member of the family they knew a photo might help everyone. They have two senior dogs and one of them might very soon cross the rainbow bridge. With three young children in the family mom knew it might be hard for them to say goodbye. She thought that a photo with the dogs together would help give the children some happy memories that they could look at forever. Of course, when we heard the news we were very sad for them, but glad they decided to come in for a family session. These family memories are a perfect way for the kids to make their beloved pet feel special. While also having the lasting photos of them together. We were sure to let the kids posed themselves a bit with their friends. They each had a photo with him so they could have the opportunity to have a personalized photo with him. Even though it was a sad situation, the family was happy to be creating these last memories all together. We don’t want anyone to feel that they should skip photos because someone in the family or a family pet looks “too sick”. Memories help you heal after a loss. Photos also create nice family memories for everyone involved. #ravettaphotography #overtherainbowbridge #stlphotographer #studiosession #familyphotos #studiofamilysession #family #includethepets #familyphotowithdogs

Fall Photo Fun

Fall photo fun may be over but that is no reason to miss family photos. We have an indoor studio that we can use to create memories. We can also go to your house! When we scheduled this session we really had no idea if there would still be any color left on the trees. The best option was to pick a location that would have other choices for the background. We use so many different areas in St. Louis but some of our favorite are the ones that have more than one option without going too far. The art museum is one of these great locations. We are able to utilize the trees, flower beds, but also the steps, columns and other wonderful stone on the building. The day of this session was very busy in the park. However, we were able to get so many photo options by just using one corner of the building. We were fortunate enough that there was still a group of bright yellow trees in the background. This really gave us so many options for fall photo fun. We wanted to accomplish a few things during this mini session, such as, a family photo and photos of the kids together. But a main goal was 2 year photos of Luca, he hasn’t had photos in awhile so getting some great options of him was a must. Luckily he thought we were just hilarious! Anything we did would make him smile from ear to ear. He is such an easy going little dude. His older siblings were very helpful at keeping him in the area we wanted for photos. However, we did see that Luca loves to tell everyone what to do. He was putting his siblings in spots he wanted, maybe we have a little photographer on our hands posing everyone? Overall we had such a great time during this quick session. We hope to have the opportunity to work with them again. It was such an easy session full of smiles and fall photo fun!   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #familysession #familyfallphotos #familysession #photosoffamily #outdoorsession #outdoorfamilyphotos #minisession

Family is together

This family has been part of our studio for many years. We have photographed them at school, communion events, graduations, parks, in our studio and everything in between. The kids have grown up and are off to college, so when the family is together mom is sure to get a photo. It has been a few years since the last session because schedules are so crazy. However, mom was not going to let this year slide by without a photo. She set up a session around Thanksgiving many months in advance to ensure everyone planned for it while they were in St. Louis. The weather was a bit of a factor when it was time to confirm the session. However, the outdoor session was preferred over moving everyone to our studio. It is a very different look and when the fall colors are perfectly gorgeous you can’t pass that up. We braved the cold, but with the sun out it made the temperature feel better. It was important to get all the combinations of family members during the session. Ryan is the baby of the family and it was too funny when everyone wanted an individual photo of them with Ryan. He was getting a kick out of it until he realized he had to be in all the photos. Although, he did love spending time with his older siblings that he doesn’t often get to see. We know it is hard to get the older children in the same place at the same time, but we suggest really pushing it when it comes to family photos. When family is together that is the best time to capture the moments that won’t last forever. Our studio is happy to help make sure you have these cherished memories for a lifetime. Although, the kids make give you a hard time now, don’t give up and get them together for these photos. #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #familyphotos #fallphotos #familytogether #outdoorphotos #outdoorfamilyphotography #fallfamilyoutsidephotos #dontmissthephotos

Baby Betty

Baby Betty arrived and she just took over the family. We suggest doing a newborn session within the first 2 weeks, but Baby Betty was busy visiting family. She has so many family members that just wanted to snuggle with her. We didn’t our chance until she was almost a month old. The first few days after your baby arrives you are in a whirlwind of emotions. You tell yourself that you are going to cherish every moment when you have a baby, but time just flies by. It is almost impossible to remember the detail when looking back, which is why we are here to help you remember. It doesn’t matter if you miss the “normal” newborn stage when people tell you to take photos. Yes, the baby might be more asleep or moldable but either way you shouldn’t miss this tiny stage in life. We will often take a photo with rings or parents hands to show just how small they are at the first photo session. These are memories you will cherish as they grow. When Baby Betty arrives she was dressed in a sweet little fall outfit. She is so tiny and plaid bow was as big as her head. It was just too cute, go big or go home! A perfect outfit for family photos and another way to show just how small she was at this point. Mom had a couple of outfits and bows. Which we are happy to use because then it makes the session more personal. But if you have mom brain and just show up with a baby we have so many things we can use to wrap or pose with during the session. Baby Betty even had a photo with her great grandmas ring, how special. She looked so fancy all wrapped up with her fluffy headpiece and a gold ring with a pink stone. A cherished photo that the family will enjoy forever. We are so happy that we were able to capture these moments and look forward to working with Baby Betty again. We know we will see her for some spring photos for sure!         #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #newbornphotographer #newborngirl #babygirl #studiosession #babyphotography

Siren of the sea

Sirena and George met one night while she was out with the girls. George didn’t want to go out that night. However, he was glad he did, it was the night he met Sirena. They took their evening far into the night, they didn’t want to say goodbye. He knew that Sirena was his siren of the sea, and they were meant to be together.

A couple of close girlfriends rounded out the wedding party for Sirena. While, George had his two sons stand beside him. Everyone in the wedding party was happy to be there supporting Sirena and George. In this rare occasion the photographer rode with the bride as she drove around St. Louis to take photos. Yes, the bride was driving! There were lots of places where they wanted to take photos around St. Louis. It was easier to drive cars than to navigate a bus downtown. Everyone said Sirena was the best driver and not the best passenger. It only made sense for her to drive! The photographer got to hear all the stories from the girl’s relationship over many years. These three are true friends. While, the boys probably had a great time in their car. Spending some time with their dad was important to them before he got married.

The wedding party finished the photos then went to the ceremony location. Sirena and George knew they wanted to just relax. They didn’t want to think about anything else but the fact they would shortly be husband and wife. They already had hundreds of fun photos around St. Louis along with some family photos. The ceremony is what they had left for the day. Oh yeah, and the party, that was important too. They rented out a whole restaurant for the event because they wanted to let loose after the ceremony. An intimate ceremony with only close friends and family was exactly what they wanted. During the ceremony they shed a few tears, combined the sand, and exchanged rings.  We know these two will have a lifetime of happily ever after with Sirena as George’s siren of the sea. Thanks for letting us share in your moments.

#ravettaphotography #weddingphotography #stlphotographer #fallwedding #weddingphotos #outdoorwedding #photosinthepark #stlwedding

Ready to create memories together

We were very excited the wedding day of Alexis and Brian had arrived. The engagement session we did this summer was magical so we knew the wedding would have equally as much magic. Alexis and Brian are always ready to create memories together. We are happy we were the ones selected to capture these special moments. The day of photography started with Alexis getting ready with her girls. Many weddings we attend have a bunch of girls trying to all get ready in the same place at the same time. However, Alexis opted to only include her children in the wedding party. This made the morning super relaxed since it was a bit more special and intimate. We knew the boys were off getting ready somewhere but we didn’t plan to see them until we arrived at the park. The ceremony was under a gazebo in a park with Alexis and Brian surrounded by close friends and family. She wanted to be sure that Brian didn’t see her before she walked down the isle. She definitely made the right decision because the look on his face when he saw her was magical. They just have that magic chemistry that surrounds them when they are together. We could see it during the engagement session and the wedding day was no different! A quick ceremony led us into the family photos. There were so many family members that wanted to be a part of the photos. The love from all those around them was overflowing. They have so much support in their marriage and also for their family. Alexis and Brian are now a family of 5, the kids enjoyed being a part of the wedding. They even had a small little photo shoot with the second photographer because they had so many poses to do. Once all the family photos were completed, but before we headed to the party, there was a bit of time for just Alexis and Brian to create memories together. Yet again, the photos we got were so wonderful. We only gave them a small amount of direction but they just ran with it. The results were…yep, magical! We hope to have the opportunity to work with them again in the future.   #ravettaphotography #weddingphotography #stlphotographer #fallwedding #weddingphotos #outdoorwedding #photosinthepark #stlwedding

Andrea and Tim are getting married

Andrea and Tim are getting married and we are so happy to caputure the event. Andrea has known Karen and Lou Ravetta, the owners, for a few years now. Her family lives close to them and her parents are often socializing with Karen and Lou. Our studio worked with her for a mom and me session a few years back. It was such a great session because her and her daughter are super photogenic and know how to relax in front of the camera. Karen called the office and told us to hold the date for Andrea and Tim. At that point we didn’t have any information on venue or timing. They are just positive they want us there! Andrea and Tim will have a wedding in June of 2024 so having a fall engagement session was perfect. I had met Andrea many times while out at my parent’s house and during her last photo session with us. However, I had never met Tim and their new little girl. I was looking forward to taking some family photos during the engagement session. The day of the session was beautiful. The lighting was great and the temperature was amazing. We were able to take our time to get those perfect images. Andrea’s oldest daughter was such a big help with her little sister while I took photos of just Andrea and Tim together. We all laughed together when we tried a few “candid” type photos. Andrea and Tim wanted photography in motion but usually, it looks better when the photographer directs the subjects at least a little bit. This way they are facing into the light correctly with an appealing background. It may have taken a few tries to get the directions correct, however the results were magical. The smiles and laughter from Andrea and Tim truly show that they know how to have fun together. It highlighted their love ever moment of the session. Andrea and Tim are getting married and we will create tons of memories for them. We know it will be one to remember! #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #engagementsession #forestpark #familyphotos #shesaidyes #theywillsayido #parkphotos #fallphotography

One year birthday club session

It’s hard to decide which sessions are our favorites during the birthday club. One year birthday club sessions are very exciting. But do we like them more than the newborn session? What about the 2 other sessions in between? There is also the other 13 sessions after one year! The one year birthday club session is definitely up there with our favorite sessions. The kids definitely start to show lots of personality. The session began with some family photos. We knew that we were going to do a smash cake at the end so we wanted to be sure to get all the other photos done first. The family photos went very smoothly, giving them lots to pick from when making selections. We were hoping to get some photos of the brothers but big brother was on the move. He is very fast and since little brother hasn’t quite caught up yet we only got a few of those. No big deal since this session was the one year birthday session and that was the focus anyway. Our big one year old smiled and laughed during all his photos. He even bounced right back after a tumble in the weeds. It was like it didn’t even happen! He is so easy going just like mom and dad. We moved around the park a bit getting different scenery options. He isn’t walking just yet, maybe a step or two. This actually helped because he was fully entertained by use being silly after we gave him a spot to sit or stand. The last thing was the smash cake, or cupcakes. He was definitely more interested in the cake tray than the cupcakes. Big brother wanted to join in this one year birthday club session so we were able to capture a few of them sharing cupcakes – super cute! Even though we didn’t have a smash we still captured this one year session. The kids grow so fast so having these photos will be a great memory. See you in 6 months!     #ravettaphotography #birthdayclub #stlphotographer #portraitphotographer #oneyearsession #oneyearsmashcake #smashcakephotos #happybirthday #outdoorsession