Tim emailed our studio looking for a photographer to capture the moment he proposed to his girlfriend. We were very excited to help him with this loving and special moment. We set up all the details to make the day work as smoothly as possible. As I waited in the park for him to arrive I noticed that it really was a beautiful day for an engagement. When I saw them coming over the bridge I looked at him to make sure that he knew I was there and ready to go. He walked to the designated area that has been discussed prior to their arrival. I started capturing photos the moment I could see Tim reach in to his pocket. Marie was shocked to see him on his knee when she turned around and very excited to say yes. You could see the happiness on her face during the special moment. After the engagement we walked around the park for a little while taking photos of the newly engaged couple. We talked about how they met, if Marie had any indication that a proposal was coming, as well as, the special significance of engagement ring. She said she knew at some point he was going to propose because the ring had one diamond from each side of the family plus a third that Tim picked himself. It was a gorgeous setting. Marie kept asking questions about who knew it was happening today, how long it took Tim to plan and if he chose October because he knew it was her favorite month. Tim had really considered all of the details. The original plan for the day was to go to the zoo but after this moment they decided to just spend some time together walking around Forest Park.  They are hoping to plan a wedding for next year and we know it will be amazing when the two of them are surrounded by their friends and family celebrating their love.   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #engagement #forestpark
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