Weddings this spring and summer are looking a bit different than normal in some ways. However they are still a wonderful celebration of marriage between two people surrounded by loved ones…or at least as many loved ones that are able to attend. During the engagement session Trish and Dan said the wedding was happening in June no matter what. If they had to cut the list to 10 people then they would, but fortunately they didn’t have to go that far down. They were allowed to have around 125 guests! When we arrived at the church we of course took some detail shots of the flowers, programs, masks and hand sanitizer. Yep that’s right we are documenting this event as it is so those unique 2020 details should definitely be in there. Just like every wedding we attend the pre-wedding photos seem like they fly by because everyone is arriving at different times as well as trying to do the finishing touches on getting ready. Trish and Dan were ready to get things going so we got everything done we needed prior to the ceremony. This worked out perfectly since afterward we had many family photos to do while also wanting to get to the park for photos. Throughout the whole day Trish and Dan didn’t stop smiling, I remember this from the engagement session. They just look at each other and start glowing! At some weddings nerves get the best of the couple while they are on the altar and they forget to smile, but these two were the exact opposite. We know that all couples are happy but to see that joy from the moment we got there until the moment we left is just amazing. Although it may have been a bit warm, it was June after all, the wedding party had a fun time with photos at the park. We captured some great laughs and interactions between everyone, this is going to make photo selection difficult for Trish and Dan. Thanks for a wonderful day and we look forward to working on your wedding album design soon. #ravettaphotography #wedding #stlweddingphotographer #stlwedding #weddingphotography  

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