What is better than twice the fun? We can’t think of anything more exciting than kids with birthdays about a month apart. Of course, this is going to be challenging for mom and dad as they grow but perfect for those birthday club sessions. Baby sister arrived about 6 weeks before Matthew turned 3. When she arrived mom called to set up her first birthday club session in studio. She knew she wanted some family photos but at the same time wanted the first session to be all about her. Matthew sat this one out because mom and dad only brought baby girl into the studio. We started off the session with a few photos of mom and baby, dad and baby and then just a quick photo of the three of them. Knowingly, we don’t want to leave big brother out and were expecting to take photos with him during his birthday club session. Baby girl was a perfect angel the entire session. She slept, smiled and let us change her from wrap to wrap with ease. Mom did have a bit of vitamin D drops on hand to hold her over between feedings. Such a great trick if you want to stay on a feeding schedule. As always mom and dad were surprised by the number of images that we were able to get of baby girl. We were looking forward to seeing her again shortly. Only a few weeks later it was time for Matthew’ 3 year session. Since the family has a bit of a flexible schedule right now they were able to throw everything together on one of these warm December days. When they arrive mom handed us some spot remover because baby girl made a mess on one of our blanket. Oh my, she is too funny and just the sweetest! It was an easy wash but we appreciate the gesture. It was an unusually warm day, so we took full advantage. We walked around the park capturing smile after smile of Matthew. He was having so much fun playing with us. We added in those family photos now that everyone was together, even managed some sibling photos. We love when mom brings in those toys that the kids enjoy because it creates a photo that shows exactly how they were at this age. Matthew loves cars so we made a giant 3 and he had so much fun. Two birthday club members are twice the fun and we are excited to create unique memories for this perfect family. #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #newbornphotos #familyphotos #babygirl #parksession #photographynewborn #photographernewborn #newbaby #growingfamily  #birthdayclub #warmindecember

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