Alexis and Brian are getting married in October so they wanted to do a summer engagement photo. They had a unique engagement photo idea! First of all they wanted to take some more traditional photos in a simple white dress for her and a white polo for him. They have 3 children, which we encourage be included in the session. An engagement session is time to spend together but it can also be a special time for the whole family. Including the children in a few photos and then having a friend or family member take them for the rest of the session is a perfect idea. The kids actually did a great job of posing while we quickly worked through the family photos. The kids were able to have fun on the playground when they completed the photos. The session continued with us taking a walk to get some great angles at the top off the bluffs. It was great idea for Alexis to bring her tennis shoes with her because walking up the hill in heels would have been very difficult. These two have a very romantic chemistry which radiated during the entire session. They had no problem pretending we were not there taking photos. They just enjoyed the moments together. After spending some time on the bluffs getting amazing views and images we got ready for the fun. The unique engagement photo idea was to get in the creek because the family spends so much time together there. They knew the exact spots with lower water, trees and large rocks. They are often at this location so that made it extra special to them. It was a perfect day because it was warm enough for the water to feel great, but not so hot that we couldn’t walk down the creek a bit. It was fun to work with this couple and create these photos that mean something special to them. We look forward to working with them again in October.     #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #summerengagementphotos #creeksession #engagement

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