A location for your family photos can be a stressful thing to decide upon. Park locations are always great giving you the trees, benches and various structures to use. But perhaps you want something different in your photos, not the same park that everyone uses. Luckily we have a long list of outdoor park locations so we can help give you some ideas. Of course Forest park is big and one of the first that our clients think of, however do you know about the smaller parks? What about a pained wall downtown or in the Grove neighborhood? We only need a small area for photos so why not pick a place that you may have seen on a walk or bike ride. In St. Louis we have so many different areas that are easy to access as well as unique. When Matt and Sarah scheduled a family portrait they were originally thinking something around The Hill area. Using areas like the church, new Piazza and a street scene. This was a great idea because these spots were special to them and the neighborhood. However one day Matt was taking a bike ride and a brick building caught his eye. When I arrived to take the photos he asked if we could switch locations (they were only 2 blocks away from each other). They love the neighborhood but something about this building with the color, loading dock to sit on and doorways really stood out – that’s exactly what we mean when any location can work for family photos. We couldn’t leave out the new family pet so we did a couple at the house and then headed outside. They had a few things in mind that they wanted to accomplish during the session, we are more than happy to get in those photos you saw online that you wanted to recreate. Or let’s just get creative together and have fun during the session! We all had so much fun together that we used every second of the mini session taking photos. Thanks for keeping an eye out for a location that was perfect for your family. #ravettaphotography #familyphotography #stlphotos #minisession

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