It never gets old when a wedding couple of ours calls to say they have a newborn and want us to take photos. To start our photography with any family just as they are getting started is an amazing experience and we hope these families join our birthday club so they can continue to come back over and over again. We love how the kids know us when we arrive for sessions, it really makes them happy and relaxed. Hannah was happy that we could come to her house to take photos, we love the personal touches that are around the room we can add into the newborn photos. Baby Hank was born a bit early but you wouldn’t know that unless someone told you. He seemed like every other 11 day old baby we have encountered, except for a few things. Since he was early he has an adjusted age which means that he was still super sleepy and moldable during the entire session. We were able to wrap, rewrap, pose and position him in any way we wanted. Usually right around that 10 day point the babies decide they don’t want to be posed as much. Another thing we noticed was his unique hair, we have seen blonde babies or babies with brown or black hair. However, Hank had a salt and pepper look to his hair only it was gold and brown. It is so unique looking! Hannah said he is a really great baby and she wasn’t kidding. He was very relaxed the whole session which allowed us to capture all the special wrap and hats that family members gave him. We of course made sure to include the knit set that Hannah made, she said it was her first time knitting, but the outfit look flawless! Since baby Hank was doing so well we had to make sure to include the first baby of the family, their four legged baby. Who was also super well behaved in the photos. This couple is so lucky and we really hope we have a new birthday club member because we want to see them again soon. #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #newbornsession #inhomephotos #babyboy

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