When we do someone’s wedding we are excited to see them again. For the most part that is when they start a family, so we provide each of our clients with a gift certificate for their first born baby. Kate and Kevin were no exception and we were thrilled to hear that they were expecting when they picked up their wedding album. Time has flown by and we got an email saying the baby had arrived and they wanted to set up their newborn session at home. These at home sessions make it a little easier for parents to relax because we show up and take care of everything when it comes to setting up and posing baby. When I arrived I looked around the house for the best area to do some photos. They had recently moved into this home so luckily there were some clear areas that were not yet filled with furniture that we would have to move out of the way. The front room worked perfectly, the wall color was great for the family photos and the lighting was nice coming in from the windows when I did baby Lincoln all by himself. When we started off Lincoln was awake, I figured at some point he would probably fall asleep but the eye contact he was giving the camera during the family photos was just amazing. As we worked from pose to pose, of course just like any other baby Lincoln was a bit fussy however he settled quickly but yet never fell asleep. We finished the entire session and he had only dozed off for maybe a few seconds. Mom and dad have so many pictures with his eyes open looking right at the camera which is super rare for a newborn session. We made sure to include some special blankets and props making this session unique to Lincoln. Time went quickly and soon Lincoln was definitely ready to eat again so we finished up and I’m sure that once I left he spent some quality time with mom and dad as he has been doing these first 12 days of his life. Hopefully Lincoln becomes a part of our birthday club because we would greatly enjoy watching him grow and photograph many more sessions with his family. #newbornsession #babyathome #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #newborn #babyboy

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