Why does time go so quickly when you have kids? I saw Amy while she was at work one day and she mentioned that Nate was already 4 months so she needed to set up his next birthday club session. Seriously, how has it already been 4 months! We were able to quickly find a session time because Steve was going to be leaving town for work and the hope was to do a few family photos, as well as, the 4 month photos of Nate. The second session is always a bit more simple than the newborn session in our birthday club. These sessions between newborn and 1 year are part of the club in order to show how quickly the children change. Family photos were accomplished first and tons of options of Nate as well, hopefully selecting photos isn’t too hard for Amy and Steve. Nate is already lifting his head up and has pretty good balance when propped up, amazing for a little guy that arrived early. He was just too excited to be born to wait for his due date. Of course, each baby prefers sitting in a different position than another. Some love tummy time while others can’t stand it for even a moment. Nate was actually pretty relaxed for all of the posed we did during the session. He only got a bit fussy when he had a wet diaper, but after it was changed he was back to his relaxed mood. He did make us work pretty hard to get a few smiles but even his sweet wide eyed look is just precious. I loved the fox hat and diaper cover that mom brought with her, Nate wasn’t as much of a fan but he looked super cute so that’s all that matters. The next 4 months are going to fly by and if Nate is steady sitting up he will be ready for an outdoor session. So many options for our birthday club members.   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #birthdayclub #studiosession

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