Mandy and Jonathan came into our office to talk about wedding photography. We photographed Mandy’s brothers’ wedding and she knew that she wanted to talk with us about her winter wedding. Jonathan and Many were planning a wedding in December at the Ritz Carlton. They wanted to be sure that we could handle the venue, as well as, the tight time schedule. No problem at all! When we arrived everything seemed to be running perfectly on time. Everyone there seemed surprised and mentioned that nothing with Mandy is ever on time. She was excited to get married to Jonathan. As the guests trickled in we took photos of Mandy with her family and then did the same with Jonathan. Family photos with Mandy wouldn’t be complete without her dog, how exciting for the hotel to let her have the opportunity to take those photos. Besides he comes first to Mandy and had to approve Jonathan to take his place. We could see that they were both a bit nervous. Not about getting married, more nervous that everyone around them had what they needed and comfortable. They finally each took a few moments to themselves before the ceremony started. Separately of course, since Jonathan wanted to wait for the big moment of Mandy walking down the isle to see her. It was a special moment not only for Jonathan but also his son Jude, who was gaining a bonus mom. Following he absolutely beautiful ceremony Mandy and Jonathan snuck away to take memorable photos. After all the planning and worry on the timing of the event we ended up with extra time! It just ran so smoothly all night long. The night wouldn’t have been complete without the surprise dance the Mandy and Jude had planned. They had so much fun dancing together and the look on Jonathan’s face was priceless. They have really started a wonderful family bond! We wish them many more travels, after all that is how they met, so they should continue to travel together. Thank you for letting us capture these memories from your winter wedding and congratulations. #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #weddingphotographer #winterwedding

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